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  1. orionite

    The grass seems always greener on the other side. So, of course, I tried to play as TR and NC as well as my beloved Vanu. I'm actually starting to like some of the other empire's weapons.

    However, no matter what I'm playing, it always seems I'm outgunned. My most recent ragequit was after emptying half a carbine at a crouching enemy point blank, only to see him get up, turn around and mow me down. WTF? This happens to me all the time. I get hit sounds and markers and most of my bullets seem to hit. Yet, I die, because apparently it only takes a handful of bullets to take me down. It constantly feels like the game is stacked against me regardless of which side I'm playing.

    Am I the only one? I'm beginning to think it might be my computer, internet connection, etc.
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  2. ManualReplica

    Hi, welcome to Planetside 2.

    Our servers double as toaster machines.
    It's great. Tastes really good. ...doesn't play as well however.
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  3. Trollfeed

    Sadly I'm getting this very often too. At least I feel like a god when my guns start working normally again and people finally die to my bullets. It's really annoying when you ambush some infiltrator crouching behind console, empty half of your magazine on his back and he turns around and kills you with his pistol.

    Best way to notice when this is happening is to look out for flash indicating your targets shield is down. After you get killmessage and it shows his shields are full or just missing few bars, you'll at least know that you're not dead just because you suck :).
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  4. Chowley

    Nice to see an articulate post on the subject that sums up my suspicions, im not going nuts. I thought the discrepancy between the shield and the death screen was just me. seesm like a fairly recent thing too, unless my memory is failing me. Drives me nuts.
  5. Goretzu

    Sounds like some sort of desync bug, over and above clientside hit detection.
  6. Caserion

    ...Or, rather than blaming your computer, blame yourself.
  7. Goretzu

    If they empty a clip into someone and then they turn around and kill you how is that their fault? :confused:

    For not emptying 2 clips into them?
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  8. Caserion

    Sometimes i also emty a whole clip into someone who doesn't die, but that's usually because they ADAD all of the sudden. It feels like i hit him 30 times, but in fact only 5 times. It's normal for people to try shifting the blame.
  9. Goretzu

    Simply missing isn't what is being discussed here, though.

    Much like dying after you reach cover (because you still show as still out of cover on a laggy persons client and hit dectection is client based) isn't your fault (there's absolutely nothing you can do about it), it's the games.

    It's likely a desynch issue.
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  10. Trollfeed

    Here's a vid from last month showing pretty well what we are talking about.
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  11. Linedan

    I get this a LOT. And it's frustrating because I can walk into VR and gun down targets at 50m all day without any significant issues...I go into the "real world" and try the same thing at medium or short range, with burst firing as appropriate, even if the enemy isn't moving very much, and my Gauss Compact S turns into a shotgun and everything seems to miss while his Solstice (it's ALWAYS a Solstice) kills me with what sounds like one or two hits. (I know the game just didn't make sounds for the other 5 or 6 rounds that hit me, but still, it's always a shocker for it to sound like I literally just got one-shotted by a carbine at 30m range.)

    I know NC carbines are not exactly, shall we say, accurate compared to others, but still, even as bad as I am, I should be winning at least 3 or 4 percent of my 1v1 fights instead of my current zero. Something's a little off.
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  12. IamDH

    Yeah this happens to me 2
  13. Steveru

    Every once in awhile my weapons will seem to stop working correctly. Now, mind you, they don't shut down completely, they will simply go into some sort of less-than-lethal mode. My ESF will start shooting rubber bullets, my flak cannons start using altitude sensitive popcorn, and my knife is suspiciously replaced with the "broadway" retractable style prop.

    I have no idea what this is, I can't recreate it, there isn't much of a pattern to it, but does seem vaguely tied to latency issues. If it does happen, it usually only happens well into my second hour of play, so it generally just serves as a reminder that I should stop playing anyways.

    It's not just you, but it's only an occasional issue for me. If it's really plaguing your game, then I'd suggest you head over to the Gameplay Bug subforum.
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  14. Scorponok

    yea i have felt that one as well not often but its shown itself a few times.a relog seems to fix it for the time being.
  15. Kirbs

    I think we have all had bad sessions at times where the game feels like its against us but its more then likely other factors.

    Its very easy to forget there are many different ways of equipping your character, sometimes if feels like you gun is weaker but the truth is the player your fighting against is likely well equipped. Think like nanoweave amour 5, med packs, head shots, personnel shields, unrecognized health damage you sustained earlier and perhaps didn't notice, all these things can come together sometimes and make you think you're lagging etc. It doesn't help if your facing an outfit platoon who are all equally powered up and in close proximity.

    The game isn't out to get you guys, or the developers.
  16. Trollfeed

    The video I posted earlier would like to disagree with you. There some vanu guy shoots afk NC player twice in face and thrice on torso point blank with SHOTGUN. You can see all the pellets hitting and his shield dropping after every hit. This happens to me pretty much every time I have been playing infantry long enough, makes me usually retire for that day.
  17. simmi1717

    I think the death screen is pretty bugged. For example, sometimes I have hit the other guy's ESF where he's smoking but the death screen shows full health. Sometimes the death screen will show the person that killed me the 2nd last time not the last time. It's pretty rare though.
  18. EtharionTurambar

    Aye -.- story of my life. Happens all to often.
    AHAH! Unsuspecting enemy.. dakka dakka dakka...wha..no don't turn around..you should be DEA....ok yea he killed me.. Yup. Look at that, barely took his shields off (or not even that sometimes) after unloading twice as much that usually kills but..i'm the dead one..
  19. llPendragon

    This is probably a lag issue, but it may not be yours. The other player's lag could be just as important.

    Side note:
    The GD-7F, Lynx, and VX6-7 have a TTK on par with shotguns. Any other carbine will kill slower.
  20. Jaxxx

    Weird things have been happening a lot lately, emptying a clip into someone and they don't die, or I'll hit an enemy heavy with only 2 shots (carbine not a shotgun) and he will drop.
    I will bail out of a fight and run around a corner for cover only to still get hit and die when I am way beyond the enemy I was just fighting, line of sight.
    I am also still loving being taken out in 2-3 shots from shotgun snipers... slugs or not, there is no way they should have as much range as a carbine or LMG