High Velocity Ammo (on Gauss SAW)

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by lilleAllan, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. lilleAllan

    So I love to use the Gauss Saw at range and I've been thinking of investing in HVA for it.
    But how much difference does it make? Can't seem to find the number - some say 30 m/sec, but is this true?

    Something like 30 would be pretty insignificant and not worth the added recoil methinks.
  2. ChaosRender

    I have it cant say it helps, but I also have no problem sniping with the stock Saw.
  3. Flashtirade

    If you plan on using it like a high-powered rifle, then there's no downsides to getting the HVA since you'll be firing single shots anyways. Faster bullets means less leading targets (if you have to) and less drop over the same ranges, meaning more headshots.

    However, if you mean you mean burstfiring it from mid to long-range, then HVA isn't really necessary. The SAW already has pretty good bullet velocity. The added recoil is something you can account for, but in my opinion, the less recoil the better.
  4. mindbomb

    it's great on the em6, I don't recall what it was like on the saw.
  5. lilleAllan

    I used HVA a bit on em6, was ok i think.
    But I want to engage on longer ranges with the SAW, shooting in bursts, so the velocity gain has to be noticable to offset the recoil increase. I know I can test it in VR on still standing targets, but I would love an actual number or some concrete info on the speed gain.
  6. RHINO_Mk.II

    I honestly find it to be fairly significant. In addition to reducing the amount you need to lead moving targets, it also makes it easier to line up those single shot headshots at long range.
  7. Armchair

    It is mandatory on the AC-X11 because it has the slowest NC carbine bullet velocity for some ungodly reason.

    The gauss saw's bullets are adequately fast, and the extra recoil makes it more challenging to place tight bursts.

    IMO, keep standard ammo on your SAW.
  8. TheBloodEagle


    ^ Damage per bullet @ range. Yes, HVA increases damage at range because it increases the max range for min damage, so the damage slope changes. Try the tool below for TTK, DPM.

    Personal preference if the damage is worth the recoil (6%-12%) for you. You can equip & unequipped easily based on the situations as well.
  9. Mekhazzio

    The damage and velocity improvement from high-velocity ammo is minor, but there's no reason not to get it, because the added recoil is inconsequential. On weapons with lower vertical recoil, it's barely even measurable with a full magazine. Even when it -is- noticeable, like with the Gauss SAW, it's of no particular concern, because vertical recoil is still 100% predictable and thus compensated just by developing the muscle memory to counteract it.

    It's the lowest priority upgrade by far, but it's still a direct upgrade.
  10. YesNoMaybe

    If you are someone who aims mainly at the body and have decent vertical recoil control, then I see no reason to not equip it.

    Even compensating for recoil, you will not be moving the mouse down at the precise times that the SAW moves up which makes for easy misses of small targets (eg. The head of enemies). I don't equip it mainly because I'm aiming at peoples head most of the time with a 1x scope. And with such a small target you will want the lowest recoil possible.
  11. KnightCole

    HVA seems like a waste to me. It increases recoil and only marginally increases Velocity. Shot velocity seems fine on most guns without HVA. Just learn the bullet travel with out HVA and play with it normally.