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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Springjack, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Springjack

    This may be because I just moved, and my computer now has a wireless connection to the internet rather than by ether cord. Anyway my ping has been really high on Connery. It'll be 120 (which is normal), and then out of nowhere shoot up to 2000, 14000 and highest I saw I think was like 150000.

    Also I've been using a program called XFast LAN, which came from my ASrock mobo, could that be affecting anything ?
  2. Typez

    I'm getting high ping during primetime.
    I'm on a fiber connection and if I ping the server I end up with 22ms, in-game it shoots up to 7500ms.
    The ping is fine in the mornings and nights but come prime, I just cant play.
    I play on Miller.

    Just to add, these spikes during primetime came with the latest patch or something because I didnt have any problems with high ms before that patch.
  3. Vava31

    Same problem, I have this, only a few days.
    With some others games with connection, I have a normal ping... so the problem is with the SoE. °°
  4. Typez

    Just did 4 tracerts and ended up with 22ms at primetime but as I log in I get up to 9500ms now...

    Edit: Just made a character on Cobalt to see if I had high ms there aswell, I didnt. Everything worked fine on that server so it seems like it's something going on with the Miller server, atleast for me..
  5. VikingKong

    Just ragequit from Miller with pings in the thousands. Gameplay wasn't at it's best...
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  6. player16

    Miller is far worst than cobalt i have a char in each if you play for a while it also has ping spikes and bad ping, but on prime-time on miller more than 5 a second sometimes 200 ms and ranging from half a second two 1,5 seconds up most of the time except during the morning.
  7. Danath

    Even when there are no huge spikes, at least my minimum ping is what my maximum used to be
  8. player16

    me too my high ping used to 160 now is my minimum except when checking obsessively than it reads 108 for some few seconds during game play.
  9. zant91

    350 ping :/
  10. Azarga

    Not going to be a drama queen and say "imma cancel muh subscription nao" but with pings like that (280ms AT BEST where it used to be 60-80ms) on Miller I can't call the game playable. To be more accurate, sure, I can play it but don't really enjoy it. And I see no point in paying for something I don't enjoy (luckily for SOE muh subscription expires only in April,
    so they have 4 months to fix their s:eek::eek:t ).

    And no, holidays can not be an excuse here. On my work when the system had critical performance issues (what happens to Miller I call critical issues) staff (myself included) were called off their vacations to resolve the issue. And it's not like someone would have died if it was not fixed, but crap service quality is unacceptable, so we worked. I expect nothing less from any company in solving critical issues with their services.