HIGH graphics vs LOW (thermal, sunburst, fog, etc.)

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  1. Chiraen

    I'm going to point out something that many of you have known since release, but I don't really think it gets the fuss it deserves. It's a bout the setting called "graphic quality" in the option, and how it affects the visibility ingame.

    As shown below, the infrared/thermal works best on high



    Now that in itself is just ridiculous, why should someone able to run on high settings be able to get a better view than someone with a low spec?
    For me it doesn't really matter, because I don't get much change in the FPS, but I've always liked to play games on low quality.
    This wouldn't really be any problem. But it is, because it also works the other way around when you're not using the infrared, as shown below. ( Very bad example)



    The sunburst during dusk/dawn or the moonlight or fog during night that occurs with high quality, may in some cases make it completly impossible to see players with some distance. This makes me as a prowler driver, constantly change the settings from low to high when I'm going to use infrared at a close range, and from high to low when I have to be ablo to see over a longer distance, which is not the way the game should be played, but I still do it because it gives me some advantage. This is for me very frustrating, because I know that they never did this on purpose when making the game, and I think they should split the "graphic quality" into tabs like "sunburst", "fog" etc.
    Btw. is there any way to bind the "graphic quality" to a key? Like "bind F GraphicsQuality=1" So you don't have to open the settings? Because I know that this is something that I have to live with..
    Now please tell me if there another option
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  2. Blue4tw

    If you have GFX on high, but turn off the shadows (set to 0 in useroption file) and then turn on fog shadows, all the fog disappear (especially good on Esamir)
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    You sir are much appreciated.
  4. Ronin Oni

    All I got out of your post is you trying to abuse graphic settings to give you the best advantage. Even your "I like to play on low" settings comment is obviously pointing out how you like to minimize flora and graphical effects.

    So because High works better for IRNV and low works better without... you're in a pickle cause there's no easy advantage for you?

    yah... and not a single **** was given that day.
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  5. Chiraen

    Yeah, thanks to blue4tw!
    Going to try that out
  6. Lampenfieber

    Well what i can say, my notebook can play all high and i think ultra, one day i test low and i can see everything o_O so... why i change to high if my pleasure is kill xD :)

    Low are much more easier to see, and the graphics are not so bad... so...
  7. Paperlamp

    So...how should I be adjusting my settings and .ini(where is my .ini?) for the biggest advantage in non-thermal situations?

    I've got a GTX 670 but hell, indar is butt ugly anyway might as well get a visibility advantage.
  8. Being@RT

    The IRNV aspect of high graphics was particularly important before this update bringing us cyan crosshairs for the IRNV scope. It was practically unusable on medium/low with the old black crosshairs. It still has an advantage with high setting, but at least the crosshairs are easier to see now on all settings.
  9. Chiraen

    That's right, I want to play the game more the way I want and get more kills, instead of getting flanked by anti vehicle turrets that I can't see, so I have to wait for resources and the prowler timer.
  10. Ronin Oni

    Sorry, I have no compassion at all for people trying to maximize graphic settings for advantage.

    You should be trying to maximize settings for... I dunno... graphics?

    I'm not surprised, I know there's tons of people like you....

    I just don't care for any of you is all.... and I won't shed a tear for any difficulty you encounter....

    In fact, I think I'll have a good lil chuckle over it... right now.
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  11. Jac70

    where possible the graphics settings should not give any player an advantage. i know this is easier said than done. personally i would enforce things like shadows and only have options like texture quality, shadow qality etc as options - along with renderqality. if it's too taxing for your card then turn down the resolution.
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  12. Crysander

    Clearly you have the ability to run this game on high settings, as you use it to get the most out of your scopes - So let me get this straight, your complaining about losing 10-30 meters or something while using your scope on low compared to gaining hundreds of meters when running it on low without said scope? Could care less, pick a setting and stick with it, I intensely dislike players like you.
  13. Paperlamp

    Well I managed shadows, fog, foliage all off.

    This is pretty absurd.
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  14. FateJH

    I don't mean to nitpick the OP this far into the thread but I think his infrared/thermal comparison is poor. The LOW settings image only loses distancefrom the HIGH settings but closer objects are more easily discerned from the terrain (e.g., the ground from the tanks). Moreover, that third tank on the left, on the rocks, in the LOW=BAD image is virtually invisible in the HIGH=GOOD image (at least, I can't see it).
  15. Ganelon

    I play on Ultra, it's a disadvantage but I don't really care.
  16. TintaBux

    To true, can't see jack 8**$**$ sometimes.
  17. CaligoIllioneus

    Ultra + Night + Against Vanu = :(
  18. Ganelon

    But it's sooo pretty.


    That's just a headache, VS need more neon lights like they put on the back of the ******* Prowler.

  19. LibertyRevolution

    But I can see...
    ShadowQuality=0 With FogShadowsEnable=1
    All shadows Settings compared:

    ShadowQuality=0 fog shadows On VS Off:
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  20. Aquilae

    they really need to fix the "NV/thermal gets to see further on higher graphics" bs. it's in no way attached to the quality of the effect (medium graphics actually sees even less than low), just completely arbitrary
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