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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueSkies, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. WTSherman

    The gap in secondaries is small enough and the Prowler's lead in primaries is large enough that when you add them together, the Prowler still comes out on top. The nature of the Prowler's primary does make it easy for it to last-hit/killsteal its gunner, but the Prowler as a platform is still ahead overall.
  2. Bortasz

    I tested new Vulcan.

    Our result: 2 people repairing Prowler/Magrider. Firing from front. Vulcan win on 4 magazine. If you add Repair sundy Vulcan will do no damage.

    People will cry. Especial NC, since TR will get something that will be able to take IWinSHield in time quick enough so prowler could win 1v1 in CQC.

    Does it will be OP?
    I think little yes. Not because it will be OP it self but this will give Prowler more option.
    Want stay ad range and bombard stuff? Anchor + helberd.
    Want go up close? Fire suppressor + Vulcan.

    This are 2 playstyles, and CQC is domaine of thee Vanguard. and TR will gladly kill as many vanguard as they can.

    I think that:
    - better option will be go to Changing vulcan to AI weapon, and Marauder to AV weapons.
    - Separating completely Harasser weapons from MBT weapons. In stats, in names, in balance.
    - Higby act unprofessional.
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  3. Titan6

    I've obviously played the game for more than a few hours. The point is, balance is subjective. You also don't have all the information that they have so complaining that they didn't do it right is sort of silly.
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  4. Bortasz

    Yes we all should stop speaking about problem that our game face, and simple accept that developers know more about the game and know better how balance it.
    Like they do with ZOE, Vulcan, Harraser...
    Like they do with Liberator that could land before the anchored prowler, laugh ad all his AV rounds, fire tank buster and fly away...

    Yes clearly the Developers and Designers prove that they deserve our faith in them.
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  5. Frostiken

    There's a lot of issues with the Banshee, but the biggest one is that these weapons shouldn't be on ESFs to begin with. Since they aren't going to go away, that leaves the other issues - the Banshee has insane, consistent DPS (the light PPA is effective, sure, but it is very slow) that makes it impossible to avoid, and it is absurdly easy to use. Its large splash, high damage, fast ROF, high accuracy, and large magazine means that you just find a wad of players, hold M1 and spray around a bit, and you've gotten like thirty kills with zero effort.
  6. Sabreno Carvaroni

    Walker cannot afford alot of misses in order to kill an ESF, without extended mags it's almost a full mag depending on a distance. And it is an accurate weapon, if you look for a similar gun from AI that would be cobalt which also can kill ESFs fairly effective and really good AI but requires accuracy to use. For example ranger can aim less precisely due to flak explosives and it has bigger CoF, not too far from vulcan\canister but ranger is a bit different from them beside a relatively bad CoF.

    And even if it is easier to land bullets on air target then a single shots it doesn mean that it's more efficient at it. Halberd\Enforcer\Saron as well can hit air targets and deal some damage and MBTs cannon can even insta kill ESFs. The real limitation for AVs anti-aircraft capability is maximum angle that they have and how good the shooter is. However it's true that vulcan does have alot of damage to spew out, a little higher resistances for ESF\Libs\Valc wouldn't heart.

    And they shoot completely differently. I can say that basilisk is very similar to canister because they have somewhat similar bullet velocities, similar drop, large cones of fire and they both drop a few damage tiers. You miss a distinctive differance how do they apply said stats. Like I mentioned earlier, it's like MCG and jackhammer, one is a semi-auto\burst shotgun other is full auto, their damage is spread out over time differently.

    In range of ~75m it's pretty true. I don't really have anything to object here and I have no idea how to lessen such AI capabilities. Maybe change how it fires to more like tank-buster (few bullets per shot) or make it burst fire with higher damage\lower mag, or something else.
  7. Titan6

    Holy hyperbole batman! Not even remotely what I said, but thanks for the reply.

    Also, it's not "our" game. It's quite literally theirs. Second, you can comment on how you dislike the changes and even submit your own. However, yelling and throwing a tantrum simply because they didn't balance certain things in the way you thought they should is childish and unproductive.

    It has nothing to do with faith or respect or whatever other emotional response you wish to apply to it. The fact remains that they have far more information than we do, they have a design philosophy that they want to keep and it's their game.

    If people had reasonable and thoughtful comments on balance, I'd agree with you. Fourmside however is anything but thoughtful and reasonable and resembles more of a temper tantrum than honest discourse.
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  8. RykerStruvian

    ZOE was OP as hell. Maybe it didn't deserve as big as a nerf it got, but ZOE was OP. Anyone who disagrees is pretty much invalidating any opinion they may have about anything because they surely don't know what they're talking about if they defend something so blatantly OP.
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  9. Bortasz

    They did not balance stuff "in the way you thought they should". ZOE is not balanced. Vulcan is not Balanced. IWInShield is not Balanced. There are many stuff that is not balanced. And this is problem. People that think that they are balance are minority, and most people consider them trolls. I'm reasonable and thoughtful about my comment. I always try explain why I think stuff should be like I say. Sadly Devs do not listen. They listen only to ****storms. So people overact to everything and try create ****storms so they will be listen.

    SOE do not have any valve that allow people give them feedback. They responce with the speed of government that must pay you money. So people are getting more and more extreme in there behavior. This is normal. If SOE wish to change it they must create such channels and start discussing with players on the official forum, and not post on twitters like some celebrities. Twitter is good only to insult people. You cannot have discussion in 140 letters.
  10. Bortasz

    And ?
    Pleas explain to me what the fact that it was OP have to do that it is now completely useless? You tell me that they balance in time? You have 6 months of being OP, not you being useless for 6 months? Dam this actually have a sense.

    I'm mainly TR. I hate the ZOE when it was OP. I hate current Ravens. I hate Iwinshield. BUT i do not want them to be useless. I do not want stuff be hammer down. I want Balance. The fact that stuff was OP DOES NOT allow it to be useless after Higby and rest take it on the workbench. This is not how you balance stuff.
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  11. Titan6

    I agree, they definitely swing their hammer too hard for my taste. I also agree that they do only seem to listen to large public outcry. However, that outcry could be far more productive and reasonable if people were interested in discourse.

    Most people are just spewing hatred and nonsense without even giving productive ideas to the community.
  12. Flag

    Enforcer accelerates to 300 after leaving the barrel. It was a nerf to the thing because it was too easy to 2-tap infantry with it.
    Saron by comparison was pushed to having to hit 3 times for the infantry kill.
    Halberd was always slower/275m/s to make up for the consistency it has over the other two.
    Next question?
  13. Bortasz

    Vicious circle.
    The Devs do not have, zero, null, nic, ways to discuss with player base.
    Players can discuss only with each others.
    Players see that ****storms get attention from the devs.
    Players try create ****storm to get attention to devs.

    SOE is guilty of this. Not Players. They react in only way they can.
    If there was other way, the community will hit the trolls in the head and tell them how to speak to devs and get respond. Since there is no other way then create ****storm....
  14. Shockwave44

    Prove it.
  15. NoctD

    Many of his comments on balance have taken on very condescending "I'm right, you're all wrong" tone to them. Many of his comments overall on the game is that way. I've seen him on some of their videos even, and he comes across as someone quite full of himself literally. No other dev in this game has come across as badly as Higby has, though I still am less than impressed by RadarX. At least I'd have to say RadarX is trying... Higby just doesn't care.

    Looking at the exodus of talent/devs from PS2, when people see a sinking ship, the good ones jump off before its too late. Higby is beyond useless - he's not contributed anything to PS2 beyond his nonsense public drivel.

    Creative director? More like uncreative dictator.
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  16. Flag

    Go use it yourself and compare the Halberd and Enforcer shot. Have someone else fire it across your screen if need be.
  17. TheRunDown

    2 Steps foward in the wrong direction, 5 steps backwards.. That's how the G30 was before GU08.. and before that, it couldn't hit a barn. They can't seem to make up their minds with our weapons :D

    As Shakespeare once said, but probably meant this..
    "To Break or not to Break, That is the Question.
    Weather 'tis loyal in mind to suffer
    The Rate of fire of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take foot zerg against a MBT of troubles
    and by opposing end them"
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  18. Titan6

    That's factually false. They've taken our wants into consideration. Hence the banshee/raven nerf that are in bound. They're always listening, they just (rightfully) ignore most of the suggestions because they're silly and/or unreasonable.

    Saying SOE doesn't discuss things with the player base is dishonest. They definitely do. Forumside wouldn't be a thing if they didn't.
  19. RykerStruvian

    They should just remove something from the game if it's OP so everyone shuts up about it.
  20. david06

    I don't think it's too effective versus infantry because if it was then it would be a scourge right now instead of barely used. It's actually getting worse for infantry engagements because you won't get a few accurate shots while it's spinning up.

    The new vulcan's CoF begins around the current maximum size, you won't have to worry about it blooming because it will always be large.

    This is some of the worst theorycrafting I've seen on this forum and that's saying something. A canister will lay waste to a group of infantry while a vulcan will merely get the job done against a vulnerable or dumb opponent and this is how it should be considering that the canister does double the DPS to infantry as the vulcan with no spinup.

    It's not a big deal if you had the wrong impression of the vulcan but there's no need to keep parsing data to try and support your earlier incorrect point.

    Yeah, like a basilisk. It's going to be versatile because it will allow a player to do some damage without too much skill but it's going be

    The vulcan is keeping it's same rate of fire, starting damage, and damage type I don't see where all this sudden concern came from. The biggest impact will be on prowlers because a MBT is strong enough usually to survive for seven seconds and empty the entire magazine while a harasser is going to get nuked in most situations if it hangs around so close for that long.
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