Higby's post on the Vulcan

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueSkies, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. ronjahn

    IMO revert the Prowler Vulcan back to where it was before the nerf. Then buff infantry resistances to the Vulcan so it is not the all around choice for both AV and AI work like it once was. Before the Vulcan got butchered, it was never terribly OP on the Prowler and it seemed that a lot of people were using it. Why not bring that back and just nerf its anti infantry and anti air capabilities which were essentially it's only problems before the nerf.

    The harasser version can't be returned to its former glory IMO, but that doesn't mean it should be left as is. It also needs a bit of love.
  2. Foxirus

    Oh god this is so true. At my job, We HAVE fired people over what they have posted on social sites.
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  3. LordTankT9

    Aww.... How nice of him to rant on us, you know... the people why he have his salary, the ones who can't enjoy the game for over 2 years but are still here.


    We are the ones who should feel really guilty about ourselves.
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  4. Foxirus

    The ZOE has been broken for over a year now despite the outcry on the forums for it to be fixed. Thats pretty much ignoring it right there. They have not even acknowledged that they have noted the complaint, Not once.
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  5. Targanwolf

    I think the SOE staff dev staff is minimal.So the "half full glass of water " people say SOE is taking measured action. The "glass half empty" crouw says SOE is neglecting the game for other things.

    I'm in the "glass half empty" camp.
    This game is just laying on the ground....twitching as life ebbs away.
  6. Frostiken

    Except they're still balancing items in this game like they just implemented the weapon last week. I can't think of a single game that two years on still has such wildly extreme balance issues.
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  7. NoctD

    He should take a break - by kindly resigning and passing on the hat to someone more capable.

    He lacks the professionalism to hold that position he has. Things get personal, he lashes out/back in public, and his behavior is just quite disgraceful really.
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  8. Titan6

    Balancing doesn't end. It's a constant.
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  9. Taemien

    I don't understand the hate behind Banshees. Is it because it is better than the other ES options for the NC and VS? If so buff the NC/VS versions.

    I seriously looked at my last 100 deaths and found no deaths caused by Banshees. But I had 2 renegade flash deaths (didn't know anyone used this thing) and 3 Marauder deaths. And I'm primarily an infantry player.

    But to get back on topic.. no Vulcan deaths.. but then again, not in vehicles too often.
  10. Dualice

    Isn't his initial tweet about the Vulcan the kind of thing that should have been displayed on the official Planetside 2 community pages? I'm scouring the various places it might have been placed here on the forums... can't see it. Not all of us use or watch Twitter, and the official PS2 site is going to be the first place most logical people will go for news on the game.

    As for the subsequent ones, I sincerely hope they're not referring to the PS2 community's reactions. It's hardly good professional practice to have work and personal goings-on in the same space like that. If, on the other hand, they are pertaining to the player base...

    Couldn't have said it better.
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  11. david06

    He's got to be frustrated because it's obvious that people moaning on this forum and on reddit haven't even tested it against each other. I had some fun with some other people with it in VR on the PTS yesterday but not really that much controlled testing. The PTS is empty right now but the forums are still blazing with hysterics.

    "One clip a MBT"? Yeah sit still behind a tank for seven seconds in a harasser at short range and hope he doesn't pop his shield or magburn away. The weapon sees almost no use and making it in to a MCG for vehicles might be enough to get some people to roll with it and have fun instead of everything being the halberd.
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  12. Dualice

    Oh of course. I'm sure it's a very demanding position to be in. However he is one of the prominent faces to the community, and becoming compromised in such a way, making snide remarks to the fan base of the product you represent, moreover your customers... it's just really bad practice. There aren't many positions in which you could do so and get away with it (i.e. keep your job).
  13. Sabreno Carvaroni

    Should've been in test server announcements like patch notes, but they are kinda lazy with making test server patch notes. I dont quite remember what was the reason that they stopped making 'em as often, something like making PTS more of a test ground hence less effort put on documenting every change. It's good that at least Higby said anything at all on twitter that there was something new on test server, I might of missed it otherwise. And this is not new, there is even unofficial patch notes on reddit being made by data miners (or whatever are they called) after new updates via launcher. So yeah, test server is kinda uncouth in that department.
  14. LT_Latency

    WoW who cares, I like that he will just spill his guts and talk about stuff in the game and his thought process.

    I don't want neat little PR memos from corporate
  15. LT_Latency

    They already talk about that.

    They said they were trying to scale ZoE down slowly because people complained about massive swings in power of weapons so they were down baby steps instead of throwing the book at it.

    Then there was a build freeze where nothing could change for a while so it took longer to get ZoE back inline.
  16. minhalexus

    They add black, and gold NS weapons for quick money.

    They need money to keep the game running.
  17. Dualice

  18. ShadowViper

    I'd like to see the numbers on the game, I can't imagine it's looking to healthy. With people leaving, and end game content still not poised to be released for some time - i can imagine it would be stressful. I don't really see the future landscape looking very positive for Planetside 2, but I hope i'm wrong. I wouldn't be surprised to see Higby switch projects of leave the company after Christmas.
  19. BobSanders123

    Wish they would give it more range, reduce the damage drop and increase the muzzle velocity to around 500 or so.
  20. LT_Latency

    There are around the same, You can just watch how many continents unlock. They all still unlock quite often at primtime
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