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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueSkies, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. Haquim

    I can confirm your experience, but I have to add: The Banshee and AH must already aproach the position of the MAX, they can't just realign themselves after getting shot and wipe the MAX out.

    The LPPA does not have the DPS to do kill a burster MAX in a duel, but thanks to high splash and huge (extended) magazine it is even more dangerous to normal infantery, although the TTK is significantly higher.
  2. DatVanuMan

    Oh really? Don't you worry, the Prowler coupled with this "viable" (COUGH OP) Vulcan will shred even a Vanguard at close ranges.
  3. Mastermind

    Bro they are working really hard cut them a break, all that station cash you buy funds higbys redbull chugging addiction.
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  4. FieldMarshall

    What happens to the DPS at 100m? Most encounters dont take place within the Vulcan's optimal 10m range.
    Afaik the Enforcer doesent loose damage over range and doesent have accuracy issues, so its sustained DPS should be 545 at all ranges.
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  5. Get2dachoppa

    Still unprofessional. If I took to social media and said something similar about my customers, I'd likely be in serious trouble or even fired.
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  6. Flag

    "Oh no muh vulcan isn't an IWIN weapon at any range".
    If the Vulcan kept it's current damage, didn't have accuracy issues AND/OR lost damage over distance it'd be ******edly over-powered.
  7. WTSherman

    At 100m it's a little tricky because it doesn't fully drop off until 130. At 130, its sustain drops to 623 for the 60-round mag and 704 for the new 90-round mag. So at 100, it should be in the 650-ish range for the former and 750-ish range for the latter. Still higher than the Enforcer's sustain, but at least at that point it is no longer out-DPSing the Enforcer's burst.

    The Vulcan's burst (opening DPS before the first reload) is 962 at 130 for both versions (because the only thing magazine size changes is how long they can keep that going before they have to reload). So at 100 it should be somewhere in the 1000 range.

    Do you have any idea how ludicrously OP it would be if you could put the full 1314 point-blank DPS downrange with no cone of fire though? Besides the fact that it would become a godly anti-infantry AND anti-air weapon?

    (edit: fixed because I accidentally gave it the Saron's 3 second reload instead of the 2.5 second reload it actually has)
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  8. Flag

    No worries. Thanks to Anchor TR are perpetually bad at learning how to use their tank outside of the "anchor and bombard".
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  9. MasonSTL

    Um, that wasn't about costumers... or the game. Ever thought he might have a life other than his job?
  10. ronjahn

    What happened to the whole make the Vulcan AI and Marauder AV thing?
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  11. Get2dachoppa

    Right...a "general observation" that sounds an awful lot like dealing with workplace complaints. Sounds like a CYA excuse to me. And to expand that, yes, a "general observation" would include dealing with the game and its customers.
  12. TriumphantJelly

    Sorry, what were you smoking when a single Saron one-clipped a Vanguard from the back? And if I remember correctly, it doesn't set a Lightning to nearly burning from the front, either.

    Yeah, I'm genuinely sorry but I can no longeer take you seriously after the second paragraph.

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  13. \m/SLAYER\m/

    then why there no Fury and Bulldog for MBT?
  14. Bonom Denej

    Damn you're bitter ! Was I whining ? Seriously, did you get whining from my comment ? I just made the comment that the Vulcan was going to get scary (which means it's not quite the cas right now, at least for MBTs). I'm all for a change honestly, just calm the **** down.
  15. Foxirus

    There is a difference between taking your time, And breaking something completely and just shelving it. I could believe your post if they took time on everyones buffs and nerfs. Look at the ZOE. Its been over a year now that thing has been a complete piece of **** with not even a word from the devs if they are even CONSIDERING reworking it. They are not just "taking their time", They are blatantly ignoring certain aspects of the game. Something else, The fact I have to go to other websites to get information not posted on the forums... That really burns me up inside.
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  16. ArcKnight

    oh no! Vulcan Harassers are back to harass us yet again

    seriously give the harasser Vulcan different stats and we'll all be happy..................... at least till it gets nerfed/buffed yet again
  17. Gazatron

    It's comments like these that make me ignore this forum. Screaming OP from like not even tested it beyond its max damage range which is still far too close to be effective for any prowler driver worth his salt. It would be used for a comical purpose because the halberd is still the best option for prowler drivers.
    I reckon you sat behind the tank in VR let loose the clip and watch as they explode *** within 10m. If in actually practise this happened 1) vanguard pops shield and 2) only a poor magrider driver would allow you to shoot long enough to be killed by you in the rear.

    The only use I've found for the Vulcan is stealth harasser and ramming it up a lightning's backside at point blank so they can't reverse. That's risk vs reward which is a GOOD thing. The vulcan is not OP in the slightest even in its current form on PTS, for it to be a viable mid range option its cone of fire could use a slight decrease - SLIGHT. Remember it does the same damage as an Anchor -WITHIN 10m! The anchor has better range than that. Heck if bullets damaged tanks you would be better off using an anchor than the Vulcan cos, accuracy and 15m range with soft point instead of 10m (or 12m I can't remember) and the anchor reloads faster.
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  18. ronjahn

    I'll take 2 of each please. battle sundy with dual fury/bulldog can do everything a tank can plus more anyway, so just go with that if you want to use those weapons on a "tank"
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  19. asmodraxus

    I wonder if the Prowlers main gun will be balanced to compensate for the improved secondaries? Or whether the Magriders and Vanguards will be buffed?
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  20. Titan6

    There's no evidence that they're blatantly ignoring anything. You have no idea what they're discussing or debating. It's nothing personal, so I don't know why people get so upset. There's a lot of things not up to par at the moment, so it's obvious things are going to get left out or forgotten or lowered in priority.

    I totally agree on the forum thing. That fact that I need to check reddit/twitter just for information is infuriating.
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