Higby's post on the Vulcan

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueSkies, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. Titan6

    I disagree. They may not discuss it with us, but they undoubtedly discuss it amongst themselves. They may take what they balance next into consideration based on what the community wants.

    Also, you can't have knee-jerk after month long discussion. That's a contradiction. They may balance with a heavy hand (or hammer) but they don't just change the stats on a whim or at random (usually) but never on a whim. Or at least, as far back as I can remember.

    Just because they don't balance things the way we think they should, or in a way that pleases us, doesn't mean it was a knee-jerk reaction. They take their time, and that's far better than rapidly. At least, in my opinion and how other competitive games handle balance as well.
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  2. MasonSTL

    lol what? How?
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  3. BobSanders123

    I do agree it is childish for a professional to do such a thing, but game development is an extremely stressful job, and it just keeps grinding you down, down, down, and down. Some developers take a year off before they start a new project! If I had to read complaints for two years straight I'd probably respond to every thread, post, and comment with that one picture of a grenade that has the pin with the #1 tag on it on a stand labeled: Complaint department, please take a number.
  4. Thesweet

    Balance makes a boring game. Working better game mechanics to fix the problem makes a more exciting game for all.
  5. Sabreno Carvaroni

    Enforcer can.
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  6. K2k4

    making a point here, but in actual combat you're not going to hit with every round like you can easily do in VR. This should be fine.

    Of course my totally biased opinion is due to the fact that I play TR, but nobody's opinion is totally unbiased.
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  7. Edelhonk

    Higby told on reddit that the target of the buff on PTS was to give the Vulcan some range.

    The problem is...the whole buff they gave to the Vulcan is pointless because (and many ppl told him that via reddit and twitter '(incl. me)) for medium ranges...no..it is completly opposite.
    the Problem why no one uses the Vulcan aside from hit and (hopefully) run is that the gun sucks big time over range that is normal for tank battle, especially with the Prowler where more range between you and your target means bigger chance to win the fight.

    the 30 bullet more doesnt help the Vulcan over range...it only means you can waste more bullets without hitting anything over range. No..it is the complete opposite. More bullets for the weapon in the current state means it will be even stronger in CQC where the horrible CoF doesnt matter...and i think even the a total TR fanboi like me will agree that the only area where the Vulcan dont need a buff is CQC.

    this is what i had done to make the Vulcan a valid AV weapon with some range

    let the clipsize at 60

    reduce base damage to 125 (or 100 if they see the weapon is still to strong in CQC during test)
    no damage falloff over range (like Mercys or BlueShifts on MAXes)
    buff bullet travel speed by 50 -100m/sec
    bullet drop reduce
    fixed CoF with the size of the current life minimum CoF or a little bit bigger

    This way you would reduce effectivness in CQC but the weapon would gain a serius buff over medium and even long range
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  8. FieldMarshall

    No wonder it took them so long to do something about Vulcan, they dont understand why the Vulcan needs a look at in the first place.
    It doesent need to oneclip a vanguard or magrider. It just needs range. Thats it.

    Why does everything have to be overbuffed and overnerfed.
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  9. Flag

    Ooooor keep it at 300m/s so it's the same as the Saron and Enforcer.
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  10. Sulsa

    Scary weapon is scary. News at 11.
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  11. \m/SLAYER\m/

    OMG, those Harassers will back :eek::eek::eek:
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  12. Clay

    Do you want to know what makes me go wtf? The Banshee is like it is since 2 years now, and suddenly it is OP.
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  13. Nody

    PPA was unchanged for a long time as well before it was nerfed; it's simply that there were better / perceived to be better alternatives available (i.e. ESF rockets, Lib bombing etc.) that were used instead and/or the better options were nerfed meaning people went for the new best thing(tm).
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  14. Clay

    You are right and I think the PPA is a bit overnerfed. The only issue with the Banshee in my opinion is the damage against maxes. In a 1vs1 a Max should win against a Banshee Mossie. Everything else is fine. And my Main isnt even TR.
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  15. RykerStruvian

    I can't really blame Higby nor can I really judge the guy. I don't know him in person and I don't think anything is wrong with him. If he wants to act or say things in a particular way, then good for him, I think everyone has the right to express themselves. At least he's being honest.
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  16. toast2250

  17. Haquim

    Pretty much exactly that. Banshee was the first thing I ever auraxiumed. I did it because I could take burster MAXes down with it, although it wasn't as good at farming as lolpods. (Can you believe that I auraxiumed those about half a year ago, AFTER they got nerfed hard)
    I never really noticed PPA until it became so abundant that it was amazing to fight VS without a Magrider sitting atop of a mountain spamming PPA into a base that was designed to keep tanks out.
    Or maybe I didnt notice because earlier other tanks also had access to the base, so a tank killing you was normal.
    I rarely equip it anymore, but I know its as good as ever (although hitdetection takes its toll on it too).

    But I serously don't get all that A2G whining. The last couple of days I had several situations where I could deter/kill 3+ ESFs and the occasional Liberator tell me that there is absolutely no problem taking them down.
    People are simply not WILLING to do so. That and they are propably too stupid to realize that for a MAX "charge" is a good way to get out of an AH ESFs crosshair instead of facetanking it -.-.
    I'm assuming that works for the banshee just as well.
  18. Xasapis

    Depends on both cases. I've been killed by both weapons faster than charge could move away to safety. I've also been saved by charge numerous more times.

    From my experience, both the Banshee and AH ESF can facetank an AA MAX and win the encounter (Banshee is a lot easier to do so). The L-PPA can't really facetank an AA MAX.
  19. Rayden78

    Wasnt the vulcan like that in the beginning, then got nerfed and now gets buffed again?
  20. WTSherman

    The Vulcan, once it has ramped up (which takes what, 4-5 shots?), deals 1314 DPS (after resistance, it's 2227 raw damage) until it empties its magazine. If it can one-clip the tank, then it does 1314 DPS until the tank dies. Once the Vulcan reloads, its sustained DPS drops to 844 for the 60-round magazine and 959 for the proposed 90-round magazine.

    The Enforcer deals 750 DPS until it reloads (it deals 750 damage after accounting for damage type, fires once per second). Once it reloads, its sustained DPS drops to 545.

    Note that a Vulcan that has to reload would still out-DPS the Enforcer even if the Enforcer had an infinite magazine.

    These are before armor values (armor and resistance are two different things) so multiply as appropriate for the relevant facing: 0.37/0.42/0.7 Magrider/Prowler front/side rear, 0.32/0.35/0.7 Vanguard front/side/rear.

    While the Enforcer *can* one-clip an MBT from the rear, it will take 8 seconds to do it (it must fire all 8 shots). The PTS Vulcan will do it in about 5. The current live Vulcan would take about 7-8 seconds, specifically because it has to reload.

    The Saron cannot one-clip anything from the rear. It deals 2556 damage in one magazine after resistance but before armor. To kill a tank from the rear with the Saron alone would take 2 magazines and one extra shot, which would take about 7-8 seconds. Because the Saron only takes one second to empty its magazine, it deals 2556 DPS until it reloads. At that point the reload dominates its firing cycle, dropping its DPS to 639. Because the reload occupies so much of its firing cycle, the Saron benefits more from reload speed than other ESAV. Max reload speed raises its DPS to 730.

    Since you're TR, I'm pretty sure you don't want me to include an initial main cannon volley in this. Since then the Prowler would get an additional 3,000 damage boost to its opening strike (2500 for two shells, times the 1.2 AP multiplier against tanks).

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