Higby's post on the Vulcan

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueSkies, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. BlueSkies


    I wonder if these are related...
  2. Xasapis

    He needs a break. He's taking it too personal.
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  3. Bonom Denej

    Apparently, the new Vulcain on the PTS can one-clip a magrider from the back. Add the Prowler main canon to that and you get one scary weapon.
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  4. sindz

    Balance in this game is so slow its not even funny. Maybe thats why people get mad, how can balance 1 thing in this game take 1 year? Its beyond ********.
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  5. BobSanders123

    I actually tested it today on PTS and made a video, it can one clip a vanguard from the back and nearly one clip a lightning from the front and leave it in a burning state, at which point it would already be dead because of AP cannons.
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  6. Titan6

    Balancing is much like a Government. You don't want it to be quick. There's a lot of variables that come into play, and a lot of discussion to be had. If they merely started changing numbers and whatnot, the game would be in a much worse state.

    Look at games such as Starcraft 2. Blizzard has tons of discussion and debate on what needs to be changed, and how it should be changed.

    At least they eventually get to it. Slow and steady.

    I really feel for Higgles. This community is fairly toxic by nature, and it's pretty upsetting to watch. I realize there's a lot of legitimate reasons to be upset, but that shouldn't trump good discussion and discourse.
    Nothing gets done with screaming and yelling.
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  7. Jachim


    But seriously, if you want to objectively look at something, compare it to the other faction AV's on TTK from the rear/front/whatever. Stop ******** until then.

    Also who in their right mind as a Prowler tanker uses a close to mid-range secondary anyway? We're only safe at extremely long ranges from being cert-farmed.
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  8. Cest7

    Seeing this before a banshee nerf makes me go wtf
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  9. sindz

    Its really not. Look at other games, they continuously balance and re-visit items - especially items they completely revamp, they make sure they are viable and not left in the utter trash gutter for 1 year. 1 year is longer than most games even last. And im tired of people defending them, because its simply too slow. And I know the community etc is toxic, but guess why this is? People are frustrated and tired of waiting, whether its balance, new content, optimization, etc. everything is moving at _abysmal_ slow pace - and people have had it. Add to this that PS4 is getting more optimized than the PC version which have been out for almost 3 years!

    A few quick things: ZoE, been useless for 12 months, not a single word. Hossin was delayed 12 months - again, 12 months. Battle islands are no where to be seen, core mechanics in the game arent getting fixed but they are adding a ton of NS weapons in different black, gold and what not colors and weapons left right and center. And lastly the roadmap is completely gutted and not even updated anymore.

    It just ends in alot of frustration and rage, and tbh at this point I can't blame anyone.
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  10. sindz

    Try doing a TTK comparison with a prowler using main cannon + secondary compared to the other factions. You might be quite surprised.
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  11. BobSanders123

    Jesus **** man calm down. I just stated a fact. I didn't say it was good or bad compared to anything else. I merely stated information so others wouldn't have to go on PTS to try it themselves.
  12. Titan6

    It almost certainly is. Again, Starcraft 2 is a prime example of this. Games that want to be considered competitive can't just adjust things on a whim. Discourse and debate are needed to find the optimal way of doing things.

    Now, I'm not suggesting that SOE is doing it perfectly, heavens no. I'm merely pointing out that knee-jerk balancing is far worse than drawn out discussion on the matter. I think SOE swings their hammer a little too hard, personally.

    Lets also take into consideration that Planetside 2s management has been in flux for quite sometime, and has been down sides numerous times. Planetside 2 is a big game, and with such a small team, knee-jerk is definitely not the way to handle it.
  13. Nody

    It's a well known fact that all TR main gunners miss 90% of their shots due to the dual nature of the gun because it's so hard to compensate for. Personally if that goes live in it's current form I'm simply walking away because there are a ton of glaring issues to solve that rank far above the Prowler secondary gun with the best for all faction is NS already...
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  14. vsae

    Of course he does take it personal. I am surprised it took so long for him to burst these notes.
    Sadly tho, they aint making any progress with these vulcan changes. They're about to make this weapon OP again and nerf it sometime afterwards.
    Harasser and MBT variants should be completely different even if synthetically.
    Like MBT variant with half the max COF of 0.6 120 ammo, current ROF, 200-400 meters max-min damage range.
    Harasser variant should be this: max COF of 1.1, 80 ammo, current ROF, 85-140 meters max-min damage range.
    This way it makes sense and they're both not terrible or overpowered.
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  15. Xasapis

    That edit you did there is the most biased thing I've read this whole week.

    No, there isn't anything in this game that can one clip a MBT from the rear, bar the Liberator tank buster.
  16. BobSanders123

    90%! I'm not that bad!
  17. Flag

    Eh TR players seem to be perpetually unable to maintain proper accuracy anyway.
    Not worried yet.

    It was the most hilarious thing. When the Prowler and Vanguard got their partial stabilization the Vanguard gained some accuracy %s, the prowler lost some.

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  18. Prudentia

    SOE does not do kneejerk balance after a very short time.
    SOE does not do carefull rebalance after long discussion
    SOE does do Kneejerk balance after monthlong discussions.
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  19. CNR4806

    No matter what the hell he's referring to, it is almost comically childish for a game's creative director to post that kind of thing on his public Twitter that everyone and their dogs are watching.

    Even if he's referring to things completely unrelated to PS2, it still leaves a really bad impression for whoever looking at his Twitter.
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  20. MasonSTL

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