Higby's disconnect with reality

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ps2x518, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. ps2x518

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  2. Harbinger

    I use it all the time. I fear for Higby's sanity.
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  3. ps2x518

    Does he even play the same game as us?
  4. Cleaver

    Discussion sparked by this: https://twitter.com/mhigby/status/304050247099891713

    He didn't say he's removing it, just asking whether or not people use it. Some responses he got on twitter (including Clegger) said that they use it often, so hopefully he'll listen to that.
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  5. Bankrotas

    Why are you attacking one person?
  6. Bigpapasquatch

    I like Higby, but I really question the motivation of this move...removing this will seriously cripple leaders ability to strategically plan attacks and maneuvers. Very strange this.
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    Im not sure i agree with this decision.

    that being said, OP are you a 14yr old girl? your calling for a man to get fired, because he asked a question on twitter. they haven't gotten rid of it, and since we are apparently getting a deployment map re-vamp, its possible this feature would get replaced with an even better one (like number of enemies in an area or something). how about we wait for actions, before we give re-actions. maybe we could wait for ALL the information before calling for heads to roll?
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  8. ps2x518

    Because he's the creative director of PlanetSide 2...
  9. Bigpapasquatch

    That's good to know. Maybe this isn't a removal, but the first steps in enhancing it.
  10. SpcFarlen

    Does anyon e actually use the enemy activity filter? That is not the hot spot markers (flashing lights) or flashing hex. But the filter that makes the hexes go from green to red based on enemy players traveling/fighting through it. To be very honest, it doesnt really tell you much about the area. Just that player on the enemy factions have been there.

    I dont know why they want to remove it, but i dont see why removing it is that big of an issue. The map still tells you if squads/platoons are in the area, if it is a heated battle it makes it a hot zone, and if its under attack the whole hex pulsates. So whats the issue here?
  11. Hosp

    FFS people:
    He's asking a question and wants to know what you think. He's NOT saying they are going to do it. insulting him like this is insulting to the people who know what's going and what he really intends. Show some repect and learn to comprehend what you're reading before slandering Higby or anyone with SOE for that matter.

    This is part of communication with the community. WHISKEY-TANGO-FOXTROT is wrong with you guys that you need to twist his words.
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  12. MarlboroMan-E

    God forbid the man ask a question. OP's sense of entitlement makes me want to kick a puppy.
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  13. Compass

    You mean we'll actually have to resort to people collecting tactical intelligence rather than summing up undefended and heavily defended areas on the fly?
  14. Mastachief

    All i know is the maps are crap for telling you whats going only. Why cant i just glance at the map and know that allatum has enemy on point A and C or the outer footholds have gone.
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  15. Harbinger

    >tactical intelligence
    >planetside 2
  16. Dusty Lens

    Shhhh. You're compromising their sense of entitlement.

    Something something metagame.
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  17. Dr.Destro229

    no matter what you or anyone says they will still attack him
  18. Bankrotas

    And yet, he's not yet only one in creative staff. I was probably something someone offered and then he tried to get feedback on that idea. And you, being a judgemental ******* (yes I will use ad hominem, or what ever it's called), start to accuse him and propose threats to him. So calm the **** down and read that QUESTION of his again.
    Furthermore, do you think he has enough time to play as some dedicated players do? Casuals don't need enemy activity, leaders very much rely on it. However, information gathering is not that used at the moment, not really much scouting. This change would change a lot in planning and strategy. There's a lot of thing you can do to make information more valuable.
  19. fish998

    The more I read this forum, the more convinced I become that the average PS2 players age is <16.
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  20. Bigpapasquatch

    Haha, oh internet, you got me again.
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