Higby, unlimited ammo is about as useful as no bullet drop....

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by battlegoose, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Crayv

    I remember when people complained about how TR had an extra mags worth of ammo in reserve for their guns.
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  2. FocusLight

    I can only aspire to gather more praise for it from true masters of the craft after all.

    Thank you for noticing me Senpai <3
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  3. battlegoose

    Really? What's your average lifespan in this game? 1m30s? It's not the advantage to the top elite players, it's the utility to the AVERAGE player. The average player doesn't live long enough to ever find it useful.

    I'm absolutely fine with the HEAT mechanic, just not unlimited ammo. The HEAT mechanic should replace the reloading, but instead of individual mags, we just get one large ammo pool that gets drained. Having an ammo pool instead, would mean we get to keep the gun stats the way they are, but we get a new continuous reload instead of a discrete reload. Would give VS a new gunplay strategy of switching to your pistol and back to your main, never having to reload. You'd still need ammo, and therefore engies still get lots of XP.
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  4. SP00F

    Lol right, let's just hand out advantages then. Along with accurate weapons (even though VS weapons are using plasma which technically is not a laser IE not photons, thus has weight, and thus actually has bullet-drop but the devs seem to ignore the laws of physics) let's give the Vanu high capacity magazines too huh, oh might as well let their bullets do 200 damage as well, after all, we don't want any disadvantages right?
  5. WTSherman

    You do realize that there will still be tradeoffs for the heat mechanic, right?

    Also it's lower case heat, as in thermal energy. HEAT is High Explosive Anti-Tank, and let me tell you, if every single VS gun was classed as HEAT that would be OP as hell. ;)

    At any rate, the heat mechanic has the inherent advantage that as long as you don't max out your capacity, you can never be caught with your pants down. You always have a round in the chamber, ready to go as soon as you press M1. That's huge, especially in a CQC-heavy game like Planetside 2.

    It means that as long as you're not just holding down M1 until your gun goes click, your magazine size isn't 25... it's unlimited.

    That said, it is true that this game doesn't need more things with unlimited ammo. Just think of the poor engies. But don't go thinking that you can go having NC alpha strike and TR mag size/RoF at the same time, AND get the heat mechanic, AND get no drop on top of that.

    They are advantages even if you can't think creatively enough to see them.
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  6. nightbird

    What WTSherman said, heat mechanic isn't only unlimited ammo reserves, it's also unlimited clip size when you practice trigger discipline and aim for the head i.e. unlimited clip size if you have the skill.
  7. ShineOut

    Idk about you, but i enjoy never having to find an engineer now for more ammo. I can just go full spray and not care one bit at all. It felt a bit weird at first the gun its self and the ammo part, now it's just grown on me. Probably a bad habit but I don't even care anymore. I just play for fun, and this makes it even better.
  8. zaspacer

    Adding a profile pic or sig is purely up to each person. It doesn't bolster or detract from the quality or credibility of the words written.

    As to his post speaking on behalf of the others on his Faction. I would agree that it's bad form. I think that's fairly common practice on these forums to write that way, but it's (typically) reaching and makes the post sound politically worded, rather than objectively focused.
  9. sindz

    Just give up your VS char. I did it, and my main char is now NC, and i gotta admit, im not missing the 3 good weapons VS have and the rest is garbage. And with this change its gonna make even more VS gone worse. NC infantry guns are far superior in every aspect.

    Just listen to wrel's latest video:

    The only faction that has access to 167/600 and 200 dmg model weapons also get the best CQC carbine by far. Great balance overall, its not exactly hard to see what the creative director plays as his main faction.
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  10. Reclaimer77

    Is that like sarcasm? No really, I can't tell.
  11. AlterEgo

    If you think everyone wants to be limited by an ammo pool, then you're wrong. Why have ammo when you can just have UNLIMITED ammo? As for the Engie's ammo box, you know what a crazy solution would be?

    Make the box replenish heat AND ammo. WOW, that's far too crazy, isn't it?
  12. St NickelStew

    I just hope that Engineers with ammo resupply still have a job to do for the VS, when all is said and done.
  13. zombielores

    Unless your some kind of elected official or spokes person for the VS, it's generally better off using I or me, especially when you have no idea what the majority thinks because then your just being politically incorrect [is this a thing] or spreading lies around.

    Do you have numbers or statistics about the change, you can go on and on and on about heat mechanic or charge mechanic being bad but until you have numbers to prove how it'll work all your doing is going on about a pointless rant.
  14. LIKE A BOSS!

    Made a good point. Thats what a people always revert to with the VS in arguments "ZOMG U GOT TE ORIONZZ AND SERPANTZ" I don't see how 2 weapons magicially make the other 50 decent.
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  15. sindz

    Exactly. People often forget this as they cry about the orion. What about the ****** flare, ursa, polaris, cme, corvus, solstice, pulsar etc. its all about the 1 gun VS have. Completely breaks the game, you move at lightning speed, no one will ever hit you with this crazy OP ADS speed, its so broken!!11.
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  16. AlterEgo

    No matter how truthful and righteous you are...
    NO ONE, NOT EVEN His Wrelness (please don't hunt for me:(), CAN TALK TRASH ABOUT MY FLARE/POLARIS.
  17. sindz

    Both inferior to what NC and TR have in almost every single regard.
  18. AlterEgo

    Polaris is pretty accurate and controllable, man. I like it better than the Orion. Flare ties with the Polaris as my two favorite VS LMGs, alongside the SAW and the T9. I will admit, EVERY SINGLE other weapon sucks. Lasher especially. I mean, this spoiled jewel is my FAVORITE weapon in the game, only because it is the only alien weapon in the game. Compared to the other ESHAWs, however, it isn't exactly... well... sufficient.
  19. Posse

    I don't remember seeing a Saron run out of ammo actually, so giving it unlimited ammo in exchange of nerfing something else would be a straight nerf without any advantages.
  20. Syphers

    VS got the serpent which is the same thing in CQ my you're one strange complainer. I play all the 3 factions and everything VS has is great, they've got the best lmgs hand down, 2 167 lmgs, 0.75 goodness on 3 incredible guns and the op class. More solid carbine diversity than both factions: pulsar C better Cougar, VX6 close-med range goodness, Zenith 27RPM away from the Jaguar, Solstice better all-rounder than the AMC... and the Serpent. Medics guns seem on par but I never play that class unless needed.

    No drop silenced weapons, infinite ammo heat mechanic long survival potential whenever you are, best scout rifles, lowest ttk semi auto pistols. Sleekest esf, sleekest MAX, sneakier mines than NC, lancers, ppa bombardment mobile tank.. cmon now