Higby says we're getting some love.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Tork, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Quiiliitiila

    Being new to the Planetside Universe and having come from the Tribes Universe, I have to say that I like the idea of the LA gaining ammo from those they kill. Perhaps bump it up to a small mount of ammo and small hp recharge? That would help define the LA as skirmishers who can jet in, wreak a small amount of havoc (as the main squad attacks) and retreat. This would increase their survivability and allow for sustained periods behind enemy lines.

    Think of it as perhaps their weaponry having some sort of energy siphon that replenishes the LA's own reserves?

    Or give them the ability to ski (like in Tribes :D)

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  2. Dankshasta

    ??? LAs seem fine. They've got a great choice of guns, and the mobility is already OP. I don't understand what love they need.
  3. xpsyclosarinx

    Honestly I love that idea, you kind of already can on certain angles but the issue with that it that they become impossible to hit due to lag. There's already a lot of rubberbanding and warping that goes in in PS2, this would just be begging for abuse.
  4. Nehlis

    I will gut them like a sacrificial lamb and feed their innards to my rats!
    C4 EVER!
  5. Jimmy DeSouza

    Why are we even using C4? PS2 is set, what, 800 years in the future?

    Why are we using a thousand year old "recipe" for our explosive compounds? Surely something better has been discovered...
  6. Nehlis

    C4 does not care if it is old. C4 will C4 you until you cry tears of pure rage.
    Also, in real life it has great practicality. Maybe not so much in this game (LA bombing) but it's still ridiculously freaking useful. How do you suggest we improve it, without sacrificing chemical stability, explosion control, adhesive ability or malleability?
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  7. Jimmy DeSouza

    We already have improvements over C4 now. Such as Semtex or plasticised HMX. Semtex for instance is just as cheap, safe, stable and versatile, it is also (very slightly) more powerful and hugely more difficult to detect (so much so that international law demands companies that make it add detection compounds).

    HMX is far more powerful and just as safe when used in a plasticised or gellified form. It is relatively expensive however. (As an aside, in WW2 they used to mix flour and HMX together and bake them into various things (ie pancakes) in order to conceal it.
  8. OneShadowWarrior

    At the cost of carrying a med pack or explosives. I'll take the med packs everytime.
  9. Nehlis

    Realistically and with accordance to the lore, its probably just a different recipe that can be easily constructed by Auraxian nanites. Instead of coming up with a name for a new plasticized explosive, it's just faster to say C4.
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  10. Jimmy DeSouza

    True, but it seems really rather out of place to me.

    Like if one of the NC ARs was an AKM for no apparent reason.

    Since it is a pre-made charge, just calling it "Satchel Charge" would be accurate and fitting.
  11. ddp

    They should have named it C-4000.
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  12. Nehlis

    See four or See four thousand.
    Saves speech.
  13. Blitzer

    Resource system could use some work, that's for sure. But like I said before, if you actively try to get use out of your 2 blocks of C4, it will drain your stash of 40 fast and when you're empty you are going to be doing quite a bit of waiting actually.

    For 100 resources a MAX can do a lot of stuff. For 200 resources, C4 can usually net you one kill. See any disparity here?
    As for C4 one shotting MAX, seriously show me how a LA who actively goes after MAXes with C4 and lives to tell the tale.

    Again, resource types are not equal, the destruction you can bring by investing 250 into magrider is like orders of magnitudes above what your 2x C4 can do, yet they cost almost the same (and over time C4 is infinitely more expensive since it gets expended faster). As for certs, for magrider you get the perfomance you'd expect for the cost, whereas with the 700 certs spent into C4 you do not.

    Have you actually used the C4 in this game? C4 is slow to use zero range weapon you need detonate separately. It is not spammable no matter how much of it you have. It seems to me you just see the damage numbers and completely ignore all the hoops one has to go over before getting to see the said damage. All this for what, one paltry kill, good work Johnson there are only 1336 tanks left in the area and you are out of tricks. Having more C4 would just allow LAs to get few more opportunistic kills vs greedy tank nubs (who forgot to watch their back because they were busy spamming HE shells with half mile instakill radius at the enemy infantry) while on their way to next waypoint.

    And if you really want talk about balance, we can just look at this game called BF3, which provides an excellent reference because PS2 is highly similar to battlefield, only potentially more players per area. However in BF3 C4 is faster to use, map design is more C4 ambush friendly and the class that has the C4 (Support) has infinite portable supply of the stuff. Yet C4 doesn't break anything, because it's not the worldshattering superweapon you make it out to be. Not in BF3 and certainly not in PS2.

    FYI C4 can already go off it is hit by fire, nothing more rewarding than taking the risks associated with C4'ing enemy vehicle and getting it blown by random fire killing you in the process. 200 resources well spent.
  14. Appleheart

    I can't wait for some LA <3. Its a great class, but it just doesn't quite measure up to the other ones at the moment.

    The things I'd like to see added/changed are something like this:
    • Ammo per kill, as mentioned by Higby already.
    • Ability to use C4 and medkits at the same time.
    • Reduced resource cost for C4 (just make a new item called C4-2 or such which only LA can use, takes up a different slot, and is cheaper).
    • And finally, fix the jetpack upgrades to have a more noticeable difference. Currently Rank 1 and Rank 5 seems largely identical. Some are saying that its bugged and they are, and others that there IS a difference but that its just tiny. Regardless, it'd be nice to make it more noticeable.
    I would also love to see the sprint suit upgrade not be a suit slot thing, as nanoweave just feels too good to pass up, but at this point I am just being greedy really. ;)
  15. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    I know im gonna get flamed but i would love a "Last man standing tool" Something like the Predator were once you have depleted all your ammo and grenades and all, you simply activate a suicide bomb on yourself on a 5 second timer and it has slight more powerful blast than 1 block of C4, i know everyone is gonna say its like having C4 already you can do that, but with this even if you get shot straight away it still goes off in 5 seconds, your not always gonna make it to the enemy so its not gonna be spammed and also not many of us want to give up your kill streak to do this, most LA will seek ammo packs to keep going! I dont know im guessing it will be terrorist tactics or so were you happy to take one for the team!
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  16. ytman

    Underbarrel attachments
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  17. Moor

    Scavenge ammo/health from dead ppl ...
  18. Velron

    I dunno...it sounds fun, which means I'd do it every ****** time. lol
  19. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    hahaha yeah me too! i just want to see more panic! ;p
  20. Nehlis

    I love that idea. I'm willing to bet that every other class will say "NO" screw them. WE ARE THE LIGHT ASSAULT! You WILL fear us!
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