Higby says we're getting some love.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Tork, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Trenyt

    I think most places that I can fly to also come with the ability for me to die on. Ive been sniped by all manner of weapons from nooks and crannies I've gone into. Plus most high places usually offer our weapons degraded potential anyway.
  2. Nehlis

    How could you call yourself LA and not love the c4 blocks? HOW?!
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  3. Katana

    I like Light Assault the way it is, I overplay it, and get a good K/D, those Jetpacks give you a ridiculously unfair advantage - why would I need more love than that?!!!????
  4. Valhalas

    Only love you should get is the total removal of this epic fail class as a start in going back to the original planetside in term's of mechanics where I can safely sit behind my Wall without having to worry about 50000000 light assault wankers jumping off the wall and killing me from behind so ..... you and SoE tooo
  5. MrMchale

    Actually infiltrators are meant to infiltrate ..... Light Assault are for assaults not scouting. Now as we play them is not very much like that, LA's are treated as recon troops instead of fast skirmishers and Inf's tend to act as snipers...maybe the LA's are getting sniper rifles so they can be more effective or how about the option to carry a second main weapon (though with reduced ammo capacity)...
  6. Kon

    ive stated this forever, take the sensor dart tool off the infiltrator give it some cool enhancements and place it on the LA i think it suits LA better due to LA abiality to get above the enemy and call out targets you cant see from ground level, then bring back the REK for infil and let them use that for hacking atm infils have

    Cloak + Hacking + SensorDart(adv. spotting basically )
  7. Nehlis

    LoL umad?
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  8. Soylent

    I don't know. Right now I'm already spending most of my time on a LA mainly thanks to the jetpack. It's just too awesome to pass on.
  9. Corway

    Also Engineers have tank mines too.
  10. TheArchetype

    I used to play light assault all the time in the beta as I had 2 c4 almost instantly. I was able to flank and take out large groups or vehicles. It was exhilarating and loads of fun.. The price is so high now though that I haven't even bothered certing into it, because that would sacrifice my ability to upgrade other things. I really wish my light assault trooper could do everything that he could in the trailer, but SoE just hasn't delivered on that front. I would love to have cheap c4 and mag boots so I can enjoy this class as much as I did during beta. Please bring back this class devs. I will probably rage if they don't do something about this in the first major update.
  11. Rowsd0w3r

    How about decreased point cap times?
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  12. Metallideth

    I was jokingly thinking this would be the "love" that is shown to the LA, funny thing is I can actually see them doing this.
  13. SixVoltSamurai

    Why do people keep saying this? It should cost less than the vehicle you can one shot? Why exactly? Otherwise it's just derp C4 spamming LA's flying overhead pooping out bricks on everything they see. 200 resources to blow up a 250 resource MBT? It's already cheap enough, it needs to be more expensive to be honest. All these AV explosives defeat the purpose of having HA with launchers. Make them cheaper and easier to spam? Well no sense being HA anymore. Balance is not achieved this way, as it is, too many players don't just realize that by breaking out launchers they can remove an armor or air zerg quite effectively.. instead they run around and get farmed by rofflepods and HE tanks whining about not being able to use more C4.
  14. Blitzer

    C4 should cost less because the resource types are not remotely equal in terms of what they get for you (air > mechanized >> infantry), therefore to balance it out the lower impact stuff has to be noticeably more cost efficient. Also, you can't spam C4 because it has deploy interval of approximately half eternity (not to mention, trying to C4 vehicle nubs who have a clue is super risky business and gets yourself killed more often than not). Heavy assault rocket launchers can engage both ground and air targets, have huge range (!), and are easily replenished almost anywhere since ammo boxes are plentiful (compare to C4, which you need friendly terminal for), I really fail to see how you can even begin to think more useful C4 would obsolete HA (especially when HAs can even further enhance their anti-vehicle abilities by getting the said C4 themselves).

    As it stands, C4 is cool novelty trick but ultimately fairly pointless. It costs a lot of certs to get, is way too draining on your infantry resources if you really try to use it and two bricks don't really get you anywhere (can potentially kill one vehicle using risky tactic, whoopdeedoo) because there's no reasonable way to restock.
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  15. Jimmy DeSouza

    In my mind more and more powerful explosives is the buff LA needs. Our only strength is our mobility, which synergises very well with grenades and placed explosives. We can get to a good position to pop them from easily.

    Now before you say "Well why not shoot", as I am sure you have experienced, the mobility leaves us exposed. Because this is a game where our characters are rigidly stuck in 2 positions, rather than actually taking advantage of the positions you can get to. Because of this, what is an advantageous position for you is generally not much of an issue for thier return fire. And our mobility in and of itself isnt much of a strength with the spotting system the way it is.

    Right now, the explosives arent truley powerful or economical enough to make this viable.

    As a further, the ability to carry both frag grenades and our class specific grenades would be good. I dont know if we can do this (I assume we cant so just havent put points into the class nades). It would also give us some "teamworking utility" as our flashes would make roomclearing much safer for our allies.
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  16. SixVoltSamurai

    Well, first off.. resources are a joke, they come and go fast, and it's not even an issue to stock up on anything you want with a little bit of waiting. Secondly, 1 c4 brick is enough to 1 shot a MAX, a MAX costs 100 infantry, why should the C4 be cheaper? 2 bricks on the *** of a tank = dead MBT, 200 resources for 250 with a larger cert cost for the tank? Go buy a saron cannon with certs and come back and complain about C4 being too cert heavy. The prime reason c4 even costs resources in the first place is to attempt to limit the spam of it, remove that limit and the spam becomes incredible. Who needs guns when you can just poop c4 everywhere and blow everything up? Let's be real, and think about actual balance, and less about LA's killing tanks with impunity and little risk/resource investment. You're an infantry, infantry doesn't just to get to go around blowing everything up because they have 200 bricks of c4 strapped to their ***.

    Tell you what, let's do this. Go ahead and half the cost of C4, but give people a 35% chance on bullet hit to blow your C4 charges up, killing you and everyone around you, giving you grief for any TK's that happen. Let's up the chance to 75% on explosion damage as well to make sure it's plausible for tanks too. Doesn't make sense, does it? Neither does cheap C4.
  17. Jimmy DeSouza

    You are guaranteed to get the MAX, and if something happens to go partially wrong your buddies can shoot thier healbeams onto you, negating whatever happened and bringing your investment completely back. You are not guaranteed to get anything with the C4. It might **** out in any number of ways, you might get unlucky with traffic over the placement or you may get popped after planting it.

    If you are going to follow this line of logic, why do HA get a rocket launcher and infinate ammo for free when it can take out a MAX/tank? Surely he should have to put 250 inf in to get access to his launcher.
  18. Ronin Oni

    ???? o_O

    it's 600 cert points to carry 2 C4.

    You don't need ANY certs to pull a tank.
  19. Whiteagle

    ...While my hindbrain is elated at this prospect, my cerebellum is questioning the logic behind this...

    ...Wouldn't a larger chest reduce aerodynamic?
    Hell, anything to help our fellow troops get around would be good.

    I think I had a Beta suggestion for a Zipline Launcher somewhere...
    ...ALL OF MY YES!!!

    ...Though seriously, this would be a better option for Heavy Assault...
    As a member of The Mobile Infantry, who are supposedly suppose to specialise in Light Assault drops from Galaxies, I want to see this.

    Hmmm... could work...
    Like if it was an Sub-machine gun or shotgun...

    ...Or DUEL PISTOLS!!!
    Can't be a Jango Fett wannabe without the duel pistols...
  20. Yalk

    The entire reason I play LA

    First to the objective "on the bounce"