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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Tork, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. ThoughtfulBee

    I still find the Light Assault incredibly useful to a squad if you are spamming 'Q' from a high point. Constantly marking enemy locations makes for dominance. It works especially great in Bio Labs.
  2. Purple

    agreed i still play LA alot when running with my outfit.
  3. Hoki

    You get special nades don't you?
  4. Vortok

    The issue with having vehicle magnets is that galaxy drops would now look like this.


    Then again, I'm not sure if that's a bad thing considering how entertaining it'd look. Nah, the novelty would wear off.
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  5. Nehlis

    Smoke grenades work as intended but flash grenades have around the same range as a normal grenade, as well as only working if the target is looking in the direction of the grenade, in which case, why not use a frag? HAs get conc and av grenades (tell me how good they are), medics get revive and heal nades, engies get sticky grenades, and infiltrators get emp and decoy grenades. Everyone gets special grenades.
    We want a secondary defining function.
    HA have LMG's and rockets, they are good against vehicles and due to their shields, they are the most obvious frontline soldier.
    Infiltrators can snipe or use the cloak to get close stealth kills, as well as hack terminals, which in itself is a second ability.
    Engies are the only class that can repair mechanical units and can resupply soldiers aswell as set up turrets.
    medics can heal and revive.
    LA can fly.

    Everyone else has at least two functions, we want something unique to our class that defines us other than just an extra mobile scout.
  6. Sifer2

    Well the only thing that would make them really useful from a teamplay perspective would be the ability they had in the trailer. That is deploying a spawn beacon. But it would also be pretty OP I imagine. Still if your a squad leader you probably can already make use of it.

    As for ammo scavenging I think that will make them too good at camping in places like Biolabs. I already feel like a cheater there but at least I have to stop adding to my killstreak to go get some ammo every once in a while.

    One thing I would like is if the hacking ability was tool based instead of only for Infiltrator. So LA could carry the tool, and also hack stuff as they are just as good if not better at sneaking into places. Right now all they are good for is sabotaging the tech plants generator.
  7. Achmed20

    i was joking ...
    but thx for the info captain serious
  8. Purple

    lol introducing the new LA gal armor!
  9. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    LMFAO!!!!!! This is the best reply ever! I love my LA and i would love to have magnetised stuff but this absolutely killed me! Top stuff Vortok!
  10. Predator

    We already got some serious booties. But DD's are nice too.
  11. Amouris

    I'd be in total agreement if it only launched non damaging grenades. Smoke, Concussion, flash bangs etc. Would make a light assault great for laying down cover for a teams advance or retreat.
  12. ritual

    Smoke grenade launcher wouldn't be that great, hoenstly.

    LA needs Icarus jump jets and slightly improved accuracy at range imo. Or maybe default C4 that can one shot generators so they'd actually have a clear and defined role other than "Run around and kill people who aren't looking at you"
  13. Purple

    during beta you could down gens that way but it was incredably hard to defend against. they ended battles quickly which sucked because base battles can get really fun.
  14. Nehlis

    They could probably rebalance it. I just want to do the stuff in the trailer really, jumping from galaxy to galaxy, and C4 ing the one on top.
    EDIT: Sorry, replied to the wrong person, lol
  15. XANi

    Smoke grenades are awesome when used right, the problem is that giving them just as "class perk" (instead of tradeoff in form of either grenade or underbarrel slot) would reduce battlefields to "gigantic field of smoke".

    What I would like is something similiar to infiltrator dart but "sticks" to target and marks it for everyone in ~1km range so LA could run around marking tanks and sundies so air can easily find and eliminate them

    Also grenade launcher feels more like something HA should have as an option for 3rd slot
  16. Perk-i

    I'd like to see an IFF jammer that would make the enemy base resources (but not players) think we're friendly. This would let us walk through enemy shields and use enemy terminals and turrets. Not hack them like an Inf, but just personally use them to our advantage. This would give us resupply options when behind enemy lines, and increase our ability to cause havoc (our specialty). It'd also give us a better chance of cracking the Amp Station and Tech Plant clusterfsks. You'd have to put a cooldown on it so it's not overpowered - ie you could only walk through a sheild once every couple of minutes, and then have to wait to use a terminal. Or could only use a turret for sixty seconds before it reverts and kicks you out etc.
  17. dakadakadarky

    Maybe we are getting a small speed boost?
  18. Dbars

    LA need a on use SPRINT to make them run extremely fast on ground. They already have a cert to increase run speed but this should be a core ability but faster.
  19. Marinealver

    Light assault JEt pack and the ability to go to places where you cannot get hurt.
  20. Mr Gold Chains

    Light assault needs flame thrower and rocket rifle load-out. I dont want that trac-5 crap.. I dont want that pistol nonsense. I don't give a damn about c4 either. I'd settle for Flame thrower with under slung devices too, like a shotgun or smg

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