Higby says we're getting some love.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Tork, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Moor

    1 C4 default makes the most sense.

    if no go, perhaps 1 smoke grenade or default grenade pack that enables you to carry two grenades at once.
  2. Maeludir

  3. Elbryan

    Nice. I haven't really ****** out my LA but I tried it a little yesterday and fell in love.
  4. 12987

  5. Longman

    Magnetism would be great. What about landing on a tank, actiovate magnestism and place a c4 with a casttime like the infi does it with hacking? 10 seconds duration placing a c4 will definatly blow up the vehicle (at least make them burn) or kill any crew instead.

    Sitting on top of an enemy tank for a 10 seconds timer to place a c4 would put the risk to an extreme level. But the price would be worthy it, when the vehicle explodes.
  6. ozziewolf

    As a secondary ability being able to pick up some ammo off of people we kill would be a nice balanced ability for light assault.
  7. Terminatusomega


    I don't have a screen shot but i actually drop podded ontop of a bio lab, manage to land on the edge. went around to where the airpad was, saw a galaxy with quarter health or less being repaired, 5 dudes where inside.
    i slowly made my way closer and than used my jump jets to get ontop, gunned down' the engineer, dropped the c4 and *****'d myself and everyone in that plane.

    MUAHAAHAHahahahahahaah i love the LA, i get the drop on soooo many people. and i will be grinding the 500 certs for the 2nd brick...although i do run out of infantry points a lot.
  8. BlackWolf

    Back in beta, a reaver was hovering over a cap point.
    I gave him a gift :D

    No, all my favoritest of classes needs is one item, and one item only:
    • Up x 3
  9. FluffyM

    I always get really scared when my favourite class is about to "get some dev-loving", hardly ever ends up a good thing.
    Hope it's different this time.

    +1 to innate C4 (and sticking to vehicles xD)
  10. Purple

    you can resupply at any ammo box regardless of what empire dropped it.
  11. Achmed20

    oh boy this realy wants me to have emotes ingame.
    right before the takes of, land in front of him
    *detonate c4*
  12. Blitzer

    If the rumored buff is going to be C4 based, it should be that LA can carry a crapload more of C4 bricks compared to other classes (C4 should also cost way less than 100 infantry resources btw). Just reducing/removing C4 certification costs for LA changes absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of class balance.
  13. St0mpy

    give him a spawn beacon and call it good
  14. Iceuhk

    Sorry to break it to you, but LA,Engi,Medic, and HA all have the same Armor HP. ( Except for the HA, has the Shield) but their BASE armor are all the same. If you arent surviving, its because of your skill, your weapon, or both.

  15. InducedApathy

    I'll be honest I figured c4 would be relegated as a default ability for light assault or infiltrators to be honest. Most games the infiltrators have a c4 option which is why I initially thought why these two would have it. LA does seem to be generic besides the jetpack. Reminds me of the medic class where I'm trying to find ways to be useful.
  16. Boroming

    from yesterday stream higby tease us.

    3) What classes need the most love and have the most features coming? All of them, but especially the Light Assault and close second the MAX.
    4) Sticky grenades for Light Assault? Probably not. We are thinking of designing the Light Assault to be more of a lone wolf player/1v1 assassin. We are thinking of making them have ammo scavenging tools. Like gaining ammo after each kill.
    5) Will the Light Assault get recon tools like real light infantry? We've thought about that a lot, but right now, all the new recon tools are going to go to the infiltrator, like spotting for artillery (he might be referring to orbital strike).

    a bit disappointed... no icarus, no 3rd c4 :(
  17. psifist

    Eww...that is the opposite of what I was hoping for. We don't need more lone wolf players in PS2. If they head in that direction it will be even less incentive to play a LA with my outfit. If anything they need to boost their helpfulness to the rest of your squad.
  18. Purple

    i dont like the ammo after every kill idea. right now if you get into a good spot as LA you have to conserve your ammo and it makes it so you cant stay there forever. and you can already get ammo from the other empires it just takes some skill and luck just take out an engineer who dropped an ammo pack and resupply from him! anyway i kinda view running out of ammo as a mark of pride knowing that most of it went into the body's of people.
  19. Sharmanti

    I am fine with what we got. I'd like to see c4 as our thingy. Got seriously disappointed when almost every class has it... and rifles... that would be nice too
  20. Velron

    While being able to pick up ammo sounds awesome (I was planning on going for ammo belt bc I use VX6-7 and going out of ammo is definitely not unheard of)...this isn't what I was hoping to hear.

    I'd love the suggestions about sticking to tanks and planes, would be awesome!

    Oh well I love my LA already and free ammo won't hurt! (Seriously only hop on HA for rocket spam at tanks and Engi when I'm piloting a Tank/ESF). LA's secondary mechanic is being more fun than the others ;p

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