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  1. Archlyte

    I would put in those flying aircraft carrier things. Defeating hackers is going to be like the War on Terror, unending. I would rather have new features rather than let the cheaters impact my game experience that much.
  2. Kunavi

    Cert Reset.
    New Resources.
    More ES traits, more defined, more ES equipment. Different mechanics, not different numbers.
    Population issues solved.

    Pick any, SOE. ANY of those. It's important to deal with cheaters but for now I can just not play on Saturdays during Alerts ;P
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  3. sauna

    Said this in similar threads, but can't hurt to restate it as most people here doesn't seem to think this is a problem;

    Balancing population imbalance using throttling and queue systems. Disallow players to ruin gameplay for themselves, basically. I see absolutely no reason whatsoever that people can:

    1) Have characters from different empires on the same server with NO downside to switching between them, no timer, nothing. These players - who are often in large outfits - can tip the balance to whatever empire they want in a second (happens mostly during alerts or at double exp weekends).

    2) Flood a continent thus making that continent unplayable for anyone but the flooders due to their massive overpopulation. It's an extremely common sight to see continents with 50-60% population for one empire which ultimately forces people that want to have fun to play on the only continent your empire is not an underdog.

    You already have a queue system, why not use it with more sense and forcibly create more even and balanced gameplay (which is what MOST people think makes a fun FPS game)? People can still play other continents while waiting to go to their friends. More people will probably sub due to queue priority also.
    If this doesn't get implemented, nothing will save PS2 in the long run, there will only be leaderboard ********* left that enjoy farming kills and does not care about gameplay/objectives/fair fights.
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  4. cruczi

    The Missions System should be coming in February. What I really want for the next 6 months is for SOE to keep developing and refining the Missions System in order to make the game feel as purposeful as possible. As of now, the game is too much like a sandbox for random people to mess around in while wearing similar looking clothes. Nothing in real war happens without purpose and determination behind it, this results from both the chain of command and the fact that in war, there's something real at stake. I want PS2 to feel like you're fighting for something, and I want it to feel like completing an objective brings your squad closer together and is a real step forward in making your faction stronger.
  5. Hiding in VR

    Except of course you SHOULD be allowed to switch to the low population faction.
  6. Hiding in VR

    Ugh, awful idea imo.

    As a (quite frankly rubbish) ESF pilot and HA player, I think pilots constantly over exaggerate the effectiveness of Heavies and underestimate the risk Heavies take using G2A lock-ons.
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  7. sauna

    Yes, that's the obvious point, not allowing players to skew population balance however and whenever they want. With SOME system from SOE, there wouldn't be such huge imbalances in population. They can try different thresholds themselves, like no more than 5% overpop for any empire e.g. Then people have to queue if they really want in. This to make sure everyone is having the most fun and fair gameplay experience. :)
  8. Tuco

    “"If you had one and only one thing you could add to Planetside2 in the next 6 months, what would it be?"”

    Is this that corrupt a wish forum game?
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  9. TheFamilyGhost

    More content (fires, persisitent wrecks, weather, etc).

    Less tweaking to appease the forums in whatever crusade is popular.
  10. Hosp

  11. Vinakis

    The Twitter version perhaps.

    As for the question at hand, I would add a buff to developer interaction on the official forums. Otherwise all the other suggestions are just spitting in the wind. :(
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  12. Shinrah

    The amount of obvious cheaters I face is rather low, and rarely during normal playtimes. (On Miller)
    I´m not naive enough to think that there aren´t some players who use tuned hacks to improve their performance without raising red flags instantly. However, if one of these doesn´t repetedly kill you in a suspicious way you probably wont even notice him cheating. And if I don´t notice someone cheating, frankly I don´t care, why should I?
    Fighting cheaters and script kids is a constant battle with the large community of people who develop these tools, I imagine it´s not remotely easy even for a big company like SOE.
    So as long as I´m not constantly having the feeling I´m killed by cheaters I´m able to ignore the occasional obvious one that gets banned within days.

    So nope, not interested. I rather have them introduce new content like Hossin.
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  13. RogueVindicare

    They would need a system per continent, as well as a total server population system. Also need to make sure there is a minimum threshold before the limiting system kicks in. So if there's only 20 TR on Amerish and a VS platoon decides they want to go there, they shouldn't be locked out just because they would outpop the TR 2:1 with such limited numbers.

    Perhaps something like 2 Platoons (96 players) would be the "critical mass" value beyond which your empire can't bring anymore people to continent unless an enemy Empire has at least X people on cont themselves. Maybe 75% of current forces value, which would be 72 players (1.5 platoons) at base value? It needs to be something reasonable so as not to punish an Empire too badly for being over-popped, but at the same time provide some hope for the under-popped factions to fight back. 4:3 ratio seems pretty fair to me, and would definitely allow the less populated side to win if they had superior coordination.
  14. Earthman

    Binding an account to a unique identity (a credit card would do, but yes, the "OMG DONT RUIN FREE TO PLAY" people would scream if it was tied to one) would be a start. If an identity had to be verified for each new account, a banned person would have another, much larger hurdle before he could make his new account with his new MLGPRO characters o0o0o0O0oooooo and IIililiiiililiilil each time he's banned.
  15. TheMightyRed

    Myself and many of my outfit mates were killed by a wallhacker who was also aimbotting. Many people were talking about this hacker in region chat so apparently he wasn't even trying to hide his hacking. Many of us reported this hacker.
    The next day, myself and my outfit mates were defending a tower when one of us got killed by this same guy. We were shocked that he was still here after a day. The hacker proceeded to kill many people at this fight, including me, without even trying to hide the fact that he was hacking. Last time he killed me, he was BR 30 something.
    I am shocked that he was able to stay in game that long after so getting so much attention.
  16. sorryfr

    This is purely egoist:
    1 - ESF only map (no ground no AA) with mazes and moving environment. So that piloting skills actually make a difference other than who jumps who, and the boring reverse maneuvers.
    2 - VR AI duels with various difficulty level. Especially for tank/ESF training
    3 - the resources system.
    4 - New outfit strategic vehicles: moving vehicle spawn point, fying aircraft-carrier, lockon/radar disabling centers
  17. Earthman

    I left Connery for very similar reasons and very similar situations.

    I know it's across an ocean and a weird and slightly less crowded place, but you might find Ceres to be a bit more enjoyable, from my own personal experience.

    I hated starting over but it's amazing how much better I'm doing without all the mlgskill.exe scripts being bandied about on Connery and the wall of denial about it.
  18. Phazaar

    /Facepalm. Resource revamp, continental lattice, anything that will stop the game from dying.

    Hackers are just about the lowest possible priority. Or rather, they're not, they just don't need to receive any more priority than they currently have (which is enough that there are a few very obvious hackers from time to time and they almost never spoil the game experience for anyone... Meanwhile, the game being meaningless and repetitive spoils it for everyone...).
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  19. Piestro Community Relations

    While you are welcome to, you don't have to. This thread is included in our daily report.
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  20. blueangleofdeath

    I tweeted that I would add a motorcycle with an optional side car for a gunner to sit in. The unique ability with this vehicle is to allow the gunner to use there own weapons or weapons that are made to work on the side car. Keep in mind that if you wanted to go off roading or something you can remove the side car.