Higby: Return of the Tankside

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  1. Jachim

    They can? Indar I agree could use some more base 'buffs', but on the three other continents they're practically immune to armor inside bases. If they leave and try to solo a tank then yes, the tank should win.

    Even with these buffs, they could still die to a single AV infantryman if they're bad and/or do not have a top gunner.
  2. MarvinGardens

    I can't even imagine how bad a tank driver would need to be to lose to a single AV infantry. Maybe if they're stuck on a rock? Or perhaps they get scared and drive off a cliff? Or they forgot they were a Heavy and accidentally shot their own tank with a rocket when they jump out to repair?
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  3. Konstantinn

    Are we playing the same game? I was talking about Planetside 2, the game these forums belong to. Which one were you talking about?
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  4. EliteEskimo

    HE/HEAT Spammer? Since I got my new computer a month ago I pull AP 90-95% of the time. Of course ignore that to make a Hyperbole argument against me. Clearly HE/HEAT Spammer Kill Board , but feel free to try and say otherwise.:rolleyes: I play on the front lines, seeking out Sunderers and blowing up anything that gets in my way. After I blow up the tanks/sunderers in the area I deal with infantry, which ironically enough are a bigger threat to me than the tanks are and are always way more numerous in a battle than tanks/Sunderers.

    When I see a Sunderer surrounded by infantry I shoot the Sunderer then go for the infantry, not the other way around. Make all the claims you like, but your claims of me being an HE/HEAT spammer are not valid as are those of me being a farmer. If you ask those in my outfit who gun with me on a regular basis or those who have gunned for me who aren't in my outfit in the past they'll tell you that I go for vehicles and Sunderers/tanks first, infantry second. I don't run at the first sign of danger, I'm typically within 100 meters of infantry to destroy battle critical Sunderers, danger is where I constantly go, it is where I'm having the most fun.

    Continuing forward GOKU doesn't go after HEAT/HE Prowlers, what a joke. GOKU Lancer Squads don't differentiate who they blow up when they're creating anti-vehicle dead zones for 500-600 meter ranges. There are times where there is a giant open field tank battle and GOKU will deploy to a hill or cliff outside the battle and instagib the opposing side without rendering regardless if the tanks are AP Tankers or not. Having played against GOKU from the beginning and having played on Mattherson since the day it launched I have a very long and detailed history of dealing with GOKU Lancer squads. They completely remove vehicles from the battle with non rendering lancer nests regardless of what those vehicles are doing ,Mustarde presented a recent video of such an event in this reddit thread which exposed the disgusting and cheap tactic of using non rendering lancer nests to literally instagib any vehicle in sight.

    Your bias is overwhelming toward infantry if you think HE/HEAT should be nerfed more to compensate for these upcoming buffs considering how garbage HE/HEAT has become. But you know I personally wouldn't be impacted by it since I use almost pure AP now, so it wouldn't bother me although at that point HE/HEAT would essentially be AP with a longer reload, less AV damage, and less velocity lol.

    Why even bring a Max into this, it weakens your argument. Maxes can be revived, while MBT's cannot, Maxes have hard counters to C4 via flak armor, MBT's do not. A Max can look directly up for a LA, a MBT cannot and their gunner cannot. A Max can shoot at essentially any angle a LA comes from, a MBT cannot. Maxes can change loadouts and be pulled at literally every base, MBT's cannot. Maxes don't require a tech plant to Spawn outside of the warpgate, MBT's do. MBT's are 2/2 teamplay vehices, a max is not. Every other counter to a MBT outside of C4/Tank mines do directional damage to a MBT, I believe C4 should also do directional damage. Hardly an outrageous request.

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  5. Hatesphere

    that reminds me of the one time I surprised a BR 10 Vangaurd on one of the bridges at the crown, pegged him with one rocker and he backed right of the bridge and exploded, good times.
  6. ColonelChingles

    Not to mention that GOKU will jump into TR-NC battles where the VS really have no business being present at all. It's just what GOKU does. GINYU FORCE RULES!

    In general if your argument has GOKU on your side, that should already be setting off all sorts of alarm bells. :p
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  7. Gibstormv2

    I don't get the C4 nerf. You can avoid it if you know what you are doing and having 5 people chase you with C4 is way better then having 5 more rpgs locked on to your tank.

    There is going to be way more RPGs pointed at tanks meaning they are going to be at the critical mass needed to pop tanks quickly alot more often

    I guess the really only want people to play HA.
  8. MrNature72

    God that was something.

    And then everyone realized they're actually doing a pretty brilliant system to make F2P profitable without ruining the gameplay or making it P2W.
  9. BlueSkies

    Ah don't worry, with the armor buff its going to take way more of everything to kill one tank.
  10. munglay

    In GOKU we have a simple philosophy: **** armor zergs. We'll teach you what happens when you spam tanks one flaming wreckage at a time.
  11. Juunro

    Makes me wonder then: during the height of the PPA magrider nonsense, were you guys TKing the huge magrider swarms with your non-rendering lancers, or were you playing alts to say, Raven the bejesus out of them? If not, you are hypocrites.
  12. Reclaimer77

    So you blow up "anything that gets in your way", but MBT's still need more buffs? Nice contradiction there.

    Even this statement is contradictory. If Infantry were the "bigger threat", you would prioritize them. How is ignoring your supposed "bigger threat" and dealing with it last good from a tactical standpoint?

    A true threat is something you cannot simply ignore and dispatch at will whenever is most convenient. If you got some mud on your boots once in a while and left the comfort of your tank, you would learn that real freaking quick in this game.

    You're just desperately saying anything you think makes sense to justify making your favorite thing overpowered.

    As far as your Max comparison....what a joke. First you people ignore balance and bring up Nanites cost. Then when someone uses Nanites costs, you're all about the balancing. Which is it?
  13. DeadlyPeanutt

    heck it's difficult now to C4 a tank as an LA. I'll just give up on it in the future as LA and engie. Also tank mines are worthless as they're clearly visible to anyone with the right implant.

    armor zergs here we come! more and more mindless zergs and less and less players who bother getting farmed.... mmmmm looking at other game choices
  14. DeadlyPeanutt

    that is truly laughable. how many times have i been farmed by air and tanks? you are certainly not playing the same game... and casual players will leave even faster now to games that have some sort of balance built in.
  15. radrussian2

    shouldnt this come AFTER THE RESOURCE SYSTEM?! the tank spam is already a huge problem and now they are more resilient? i cant do this anymore.
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  16. Juunro

    Have you? Getting killed on the open ground when running outside isn't getting farmed. There are maybe two bases left on Indar where you can get farmed by vehicles (air or ground) and then there's the constant stupidity that is Hossin's base design vs Air, which is best avoided by not playing on Hossin.

    Tank splash damage has been so nerfed that you have to almost if not directly hit someone to actually kill them, and if you are in a base that's surrounded by two dozen tanks spraying shells into one of the entrances, the answer isn't to keep running out those entrances and then crying about it on here, the answer is to go to the next base up the line and pull an AP Lightning or AP MBT (or better yet, do so with a couple of friends) and come in behind the farmers from the flank and kill them dead.
  17. BlueSkies

    Thats the scary thing. Think about how much TR harasser usage skyrocketed after the vulcan buff. We're going to be tripping over tanks when this goes live.

    ah yes.. the old "to defend a base, you must redeploy away from the base" ... whats the freakin point of the base then?

    Also, "use a tank to counter a tank" is again one of the dumbest things people have said in this thread. Yes, obviously a tank should counter a tank.. obvious idea is obvious. But Air and Infantry need VIABLE counters to ground vehicles since ground vehicles can counter infantry and air.
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  18. ltcol

    'experienced tanker' = a tanker who shells a base from a mile away. I'm personally not a fan of celebrating people who play at render distance.
  19. MajiinBuu

    Vehicles render up to 1000 meters, but the pure-AV weapons only reach 200 meters?
    300 meters would make a lot more sense, being infantry render at that distance.
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  20. Reclaimer77

    Seriously, I just don't understand. How bad do you have to be to get on these forums and claim vehicles are too soft, and you're consistently dying to one guy with AV or even a handful?

    Put some certs into your tank, get a freaking gunner, and be a good engineer. And stop thinking you can drive right through swarms of infantry and not suffer any consequences.