Higby: Return of the Tankside

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  1. Shatters

    No. Just no. No single place in Hossin is safe for MBT's thanks to LA+C4. I agree that LA needs something, but C4 is simply not balanced (it has never been) and is extremly frustrating to both use and get killed by. I rather have them nerf C4 finally, so LA gets some more space for much deserved buffs.
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  2. Pikachu

  3. Blippy

    I would be fine with C4 doing directional damage, so two bricks in the rear will gib a tank, but anywhere else will just leave it just short of being on fire.

    It sounds like Higby is making it so that infantry can't solo kill a tank, which is fine for me.
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  4. BlueSkies


    Infantry are countered by armor and air
    Air is countered by infantry and armor (AP snipers, skyguards, dual walker sundies, etc)

    Any particular reason vehicles need to be special little snowflakes? Skill floor not low enough yet?
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  5. VonStalin

    just unlocked c4 arx.... oh man...... :/
    If this happens I might play less less and eventually stop, because this is big nerf for my favorite class.
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  6. MAXArmar

    I don't get the Vortex part. The "pushing out" part seems to suggest a buff (in the damage department), however, everyone knows Vortexes are effective way beyond that range (and by effective I truly mean effective).

    What I really would dislike if Vortexes would get a buff in the sense that their damage is increased but velocity is decreased. That would make them even a harder choice over the Comets for many people than they are now already. Currently, if you auraxium Vortexes, either arm, you will be around # 12 on the Dasanfall leaderboards. Auraxiuming the Comets will put you at around place 140 on their respective leaderboards.
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  7. KoS-1

    They better buff the damage output on the Halberd-H. Otherwise it will take a week to kill a ****.
  8. HadesR


    Buff Tweak the Enforcer , Saron , PPA and Marauder
    Increase Tank's survivability
    Nerf certain AV weapons

    I think Higby shouldn't be left alone to balance things while the rest of the team bug fix ..

    Should be doing one of the above at a time .. See how it goes and then if needed change a second .

    But I guess it's par for the course with Planetside Balancing .. Big broad game changing Sweeps, rather than small incremental tweaks ..

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  9. Pikachu

    Speaking of comets why don't they get their velocity restored? PU2 nerfed max velocity and added acceleration because ZOE gave them 2hk ability from 20m+. The infantry damage nerf if anything was the only nerf needed.
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  10. MrNature72

    WOOOO! Now I can actually pilot a tank, and feel like I'm piloting a tank!

    The only thing I'm not so sure about is the Raven nerf. Our thing as NC was being able to put the hurt at extreme ranges with the Raven. I'm actually okay with the Phoenix right now, however: Being able to hit tanks behind cover is still a HUGE advantage!
  11. Shatters

    Infantry are only countered by more infantry. Infantry have been the strongest of the 3 for a looong time now. They are the most mobile (redeploy, sunderer spawns), they got the most versatile load-outs (and can swap these without having to suicide) and are the only units that can actually take over capture points (which is more or less the objective for every base). It is about time that MBT's have some place where they actually dominate infantry
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  12. BlueSkies

    Are you sure you're playing the same game?
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  13. vanu123

    Whaaaaaa? Tanks actually becoming tanks and not rolling (or floating) pieces of paper? Insanity!!!! Oh the Humanity!!!
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  14. Xind

    *sigh* Nerf C4 fairies against their intended target, but leave the unparalled farming of infantry in play
    Then give tank more HP? Why? Tanks are plenty durable..if you want them to survive against Air more, nerf Air HP so they can't loiter around under fire as long. If Infantry AV is the problem, which in some ways it is, nerf the range or damage (which they started too).

    I really wish we had gotten a new lead dev by now.
  15. McToast

    *saves nanites for tanks*
  16. MAXArmar

    Not sure, wasn't around at the time so can't say I experienced the pre-nerf Comets. Tbh, the no-drop feat is enough to warrant a slower velocity speed. What I am afraid of though, is that Vortexes and Comets will start to be too much alike. No need for two high(er)-damage, slow(er) velocity, no drop AV weapons. Let the Vortex keep it's (albeit unpopular, seemingly) niche. Having said that, I always run around with Vortexes for both AV and anti-MAX duties.
  17. z1967

    At least we made it to 2015 :|

    And on the changes, why would you ever buff HE farm tankers? That's pretty much what a C4 nerf does, as I imagine most AV tankers don't get C4'ed unless they make someone mad (which is a personality issue, I don't think we should nerf C4 because someone needs an attitude adjustment). I don't see this as being a good change.

    Infantry AV needs to be cut down to 300m, which is about the sweet spot for it.

    I'm ok with a tank HP buff if C4 remains a 2HK. Anything else and we end up with some serious issues in tank v. infantry engagements.
  18. Leondre

    I rarely use any vehicles, but I cannot wait for this. Fantastic changes.
  19. FateJH

    Two C4 not destroying MBTs is going to be an interesting change. This might signal either a drought of Light Assaults or the start of Light Assaults working together with other classes to defeat vehicles with C4. Knowing how players react, most likely the former. It's still a dismal idea. if they wanted to give Vehicle drivers a token guesture, all they had to do was reduce individual C4 damage to tanks to 50%, thus preserving two for the kill but not invoking overkill.

    Lightnings sound like they might still be fair game, if "MBT" is to be taken exclusively from 'tank."
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  20. NoctD

    The world spins around and around in the balance cycles - each thing has its day in the spotlight. Welcome to OP tanks now.

    Just when I thought the game was getting to a pretty balanced state, they're going to throw the whole kitchen out and remodel.

    This coming from someone that plays mainly vehicles and has wanted the C4 nerf for a long time.

    P/S - What about Ravens? Umm, they're going to have 2.5x the range of the AV mana turret when everything else is getting reduced to 200m? :eek: