Higby proposes a change to weapon medals from kill based to XP based

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by FnkyTwn, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. z1967

    This would be great. Assist weapons like the Lasher and most AA might be easier to auraxium with this change. Also makes kill steals less frustrating.
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  2. TheBlindFreak

    You'd think it would be that easy. The Force Recon directive has a headshots challenge. The game tracks headshots made for each weapon (can be seen on the player stats site). Headshots were not added retroactively for that directive.
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  3. pnkdth

    First off, what P2W path? Second, no, it wouldn't. All it would change is that membership/boosts would make it easier to get auraxium weapons(which aren't upgrades, in some cases, I'd even say downgrades). Indeed, would it be such a terrible shame to give incentives for people to pay for PS2?

    I mean, if everyone except me were given auraxium weapons today it would not make a difference. Mr Wallet Warrior would still be bad, still wouldn't have any advantage, and at the same time supported the game with his or her's money. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.
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  4. Onhil

    If this chnage happens and so people do not have to re auraxium weapons again they should make the auraxium the minimun amount of exp you could get for 1160 kills which i belive is around 150 exp for one kill or 174000 exp in total to get on one weapon.
    This will make sure that no one will have to re auraxium weapons and auraxiuming weapons will now go alot quicker then
  5. Onhil

    Higby said that it will only use the raw exp number so no boost will give extra progress
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  6. HadesR

    What they also should do is add " hit XP " to ground vehicles in the same way Air has it ..

    If they don't then items such as the Deci will still need a full AV kill or a lot of AI assists .

    And G2G locks on would pretty much be in the same boat as they are now
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  7. Thardus

    This. As a member, I agree it absolutely has to be based off raw XP.
  8. BlueSkies

    Hes talking about the raw XP...

    Even if it wasn't... P2W what? Directive score?
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  9. LuNaTIcFrEAk

    I will always say no to sweeping changes across the board, SOE has a history of swinging the pendulum way to far in one go rather than slowly testing incremental changes. Try it on some weapon classes first, launchers & explosives for example.

    For myself it will take some of the fun out of auraxiums, chasing down those last kills is a great thrill. Its like getting a battle rank from a room clearing charge to save a point vs getting it from an ammo box you forgot you dropped. One has you on the edge of your seat, the other is just meh.
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  10. MarkAntony

    How does this help paying players get an ingame advantage over you in a fight? Oh right, it doesn't.
    Seriously some people need to learn what pay to win means. I suggest you start with the word "win" in a dictionary...
    And other people have already suggested the obvious solution of basing it on the default XP gain without boosts etc.

    On Topic: This would be a great change for all the weapons where assists are usually more common than kills. flack AA and rocket launchers (basically most AV/AA stuff) come to mind.
  11. LT_Latency

    Stop changing how stats are tracked.

    There is not point in even having them if you are going to change how they work in major ways ever 6 months
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  12. Reclaimer77

    This is WAY too late in this games development cycle to make this big of a change. Just...no, no way.

    Just add a simple Assist Ribbon category for those who don't think kills should matter. Simple fix. Even better make entire Directives based on assists.

    The idea that people could earn directive weapons just from purposely getting assists, not kills, is pretty cheesy to be honest. Any noob can spray bullets around and hit multiple people a few times.

    This would lead to very lazy, unskilled, gameplay.
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  13. Pootisman

    Terrible idea. Currently its a challenge to get auraxium medals, a goal for players who dont care anymore about territory. This change will make medals meaningless. Every noob can shoot light armored vehicles or MAXes while they get repaired -> stat padder heaven.

    This change would also promote AOE weapon spam. Why bother with accurate aiming? Spam explosives and weapons like the Lasher all day and get tons of XP.
  14. Linedan

    Sounds great to me. Especially if they're going to base it off base xp and not boosted or member/subscriber bonuses. Although they'll have to be careful in setting the xp thresholds if they want the medals to be roughly as difficult as they are to obtain now.

    I think this would be awesome. The worst part about me wanting to get the Engineer Auraxium directive is figuring out how the hell to get 1160 kills with a MANA turret. AI MANA turrets are assist machines, at least when your aim is as marginal as mine is.
  15. WTSherman

    Huh? You don't gain EXP from shooting a vehicle or MAX while it gets repaired. AV weapons tend to generate a lot of assists, but you don't get an assist until the target dies. You also don't get vehicle kill EXP until, guess what, the vehicle dies.

    Besides, you can pad kills by killing someone while a medic revives them anyway. What's the difference?

    You also have to earn the EXP *with that weapon*. So maybe the Lasher will aurax a little faster, so what? You'll still have to aurax every other weapon separately.
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  16. Crator

    I like it! I was wondering how I would ever get some of these directives done when they are based on kills.
  17. Azareya

    I've got the feeling if they implement this it's gonna ruin directives, just no, horrible idea.
    There are many more important things that should be addressed, leave directives/medals as is, they're fine.

    When I see someone with kraken or aurax C4 I know he got the kills with it and it's nice, not he just spammed the weapons for assist XP.
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  18. FBVanu

    Well, finally, ... Higby must have been watching Wrel's videos...

    on the other hand, Higby, if you could just figure out how to spend some time on this forum,
    we could have told you this over a year ago.. oh, wait, we did.. but you don't read the forum?
    Please don't make it sound as if YOU or SOE came up with that idea, that would be cheesy.
    Give the credit to Wrel or others on this forum, or just thank your loyal players, ON THIS FORUM,
    for the great and brilliant idea.

    And if you have any other questions or ideas, why not post them on this forum.. this is, after all,
    the "Official Website".. is it not?

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  19. Regpuppy

    But that would mean that freshly revived/spawned players would count less towards a medal(less Xp), making it easier to pad/farm!!

    ... wait. :eek:
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  20. Pootisman

    Oh, i misread the first post then. I thought you will get medals just for doing damage.

    I still dont like the change though. It will dilute the Auraxium medals. Getting assists is pretty easy. Just spray and pray in big battles and you will get lots of assists. You dont need skill for that and consequnetly Auraxium medals will loose value. SOE already made territory completly useless by removing resource benefits, now the do the same with medals? Sometimes i think SOE WANTS to drive away players with stupid, unecessary changes.

    Just make a assist ribbon and maybe adjust the number of kills required for Auraxium medals, i.e. 1160 for primary weapons, 600 for secondaries.