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  1. Takoita

    I think everybody should have a copy of that pic and post it every once in a while until the issues outlined in it are finally addressed.
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  2. GhostAvatar

    Its more constructive than 99% of the other threads created around here. In fact it is probably the most constructive thread on the first page at present. At least it is giving solutions to the problem, instead of the normal forumside QQ.
  3. Koldorn

    I remember Sweetberrypunch.

    RIP in peace.
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  4. LordTankT9

    I actually reply to people if they ask where are we going: "Next stop - HELL".

    But I think we won't even get beards as cosmetics....

    It will be my best day in this game if they even do half of mentioned changes to Galaxy.
  5. Tuco

    I have no idea what this is about, but this is why I love these forums.
  6. PurpleBeefer

    I will say goodbye to my lib if these things were to happen for the gal.
  7. Iridar51

    Pretty much all of this was addressed already, I don't understand why you brought it up. Mobile repair/rearm platform would be nice, but gal certainly doesn't need more firepower, it's just too beefy.
  8. AdmiralArcher

    didnt someone make a video out of this?

    Nevermind, i found it

    my 3rd favorite Planetsid 2 youtuber had it on his channel (he banned me from twitch chat because of some dick in chat)
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  9. Goldmonk

    If anything let the passengers shoot their regular primary weapons out a side door. I doesn't add much firepower, but it gives them a way to contribute instead of sitting in their seats like a bunch of pansies, waiting for the pilot to ram the sky whale into a building. Yes, a few may die from flak splash, but its a risk just like everything else in the game. Their weapon choice will be limited to their primaries, so HAs won't pull out their rocket launchers. Also, no MAXs. Seriously, four sets of dual Bursters would be hell for the noble sky warrior race. There would be four side door slots, two on each side in the front and rear. The gunners are visible to any enemy in the vicinity and are treated like normal infantry on the ground. Meaning if a excellent sniper gets his sites on your floating hippopotamus, then your gunners can be picked off. If they are killed, a teammate can take the open door or it can stay empty. Its just a suggestion added to another, but give it a thought.
  10. Darkwulf

    Love the ideas, and totally agree with them. The devs make me sick with the direction they are taking this game. Sony has learned nothing about their past and ruining games.
  11. Flamberge

    I want that pic read by Morgan Freeman now.
  12. DatVanuMan

    That was insanely BEAUTIFUL.
    But then again, I HATE GALAXIES:eek:
    Let them have NERFS:cool:
  13. Maelthra

    I can agree with vehicle ammo dispenser for the Galaxy, but a repair module is already giving me nightmares. I'm imagining a handful Galaxies with repair and Bulldogs, practically invincible and farming infantry. And if not Galaxies delivering the ownage, you can just throw a few Liberators hovering near them.
  14. daniel696

    Totally agree.
  15. Cyrek

    Gud 1 OP, Im'a humor.
  16. Pikachu

  17. Eyeklops

    That pic makes me lol every time it comes around. I agree with everything except increased Dakka, Bulldogs are already too strong. If anything, remove the Bulldog and give it more armor.
  18. ZeroErrorz

  19. JudgeNu

    You can get INSIDE a Galaxy?
    I thought (1/12) was a rating.

    (That's sarcasm for those of you in Rio Linda)
  20. Kunavi

    Still missing : Destination Markers, Take Off Display, Supply Drops. The rest I really don't agree with while others have been implemented.

    Special mention : NO RESUPPLY/REPAIR mid air for Gals please, Libs and ESF and other Gals are already high on Auto Repair(NERF!!! Or make the other options VIABLE) and Fire Suppression(NERF!!! Or make the other options VIABLE) and recently we all had to admit their Ammo was way much. And Battle Gals broke PS2 more than any iteration of the Liberator. And AA is still so weak you're better off playing ReDeploySide2.