Higby Pls Summary 7/23 (Directives, AI weapons, Alerts, Valkyrie)

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  1. Wargrim


    Quick respawn on last used? Super useful!
    Quick respawn on nearest? Meh at best. You move around on the field, sundies deploy, undeploy and explode...
  2. LT_Latency

    Are the directives Retroactive??

    I already have all these weapons Auraxiumed
  3. Hegeteus

    That's not what he meant. OP refers to maximum damage instead of minimum damage, so it makes it look like they "increased" the maximum damage to 100 which would be smaller than current one.
  4. Ivke

    Funniest thing I read in months, I'll give you my upgraded Canister and 5000 certs for your nerfed PPA.
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  5. JP_Russell

    VS HA armor shows up just after 30:45, TR HA armor just after 33:05.
  6. Ronin Oni

    I didn't even notice the typo...

    I just knew it was a change to min damage and read it as such lol
  7. Ronin Oni

    sundie exploding/undeploying is probably half the reason they went how they did...

    if last spawn was a sundy not there anymore...

    Also, farming sundies is going to be hilariously good certs now with enemies respawning every 3 seconds to die again :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Considering how many Auraxiums I need to earn for these new guns.....
  8. eldarfalcongravtank

    FINALLY A CITY MAP![IMG] i still hope that they do streets and get rid of the whole desert though. i'd finally love real urban combat in PS2
  9. Lamat

    The GODSAW has an image of Jesus with 2 shotguns engraved on it. Let him without sin kick the first a$$.
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  10. Pikachu

    Those things are nothing but early prototypes, for battle islands. They will not be used until far in the future he said. Which would be at least a year from now.