Higby Pls Summary 7/23 (Directives, AI weapons, Alerts, Valkyrie)

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  1. Ronin Oni

    #4 water layer not applied.

    Also, doesn't Indar just drop off into nothing?
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  2. JP_Russell

    The auraxium armor looks so incredibly dorky. Something about the shape has a very "slacks-above-the-waistline-with-belt-and-suspenders" vibe to me. I am curious what the MAX ones look like, though.
  3. Iridar51

    So now we have Mag-Cutter, Mag-Shot, Mag-Rider and TRAC-Shot. Surely that won't cause any confusion in newbies :rolleyes:
    Edit: I wonder how we'll differentiate between GodSAW and GODSAW :)
    Edit 2: Wow, Valkyrie looks actually kinda nice.
  4. andy_m

    Looking at that spreadsheet, why would you fit a compensator to a BASR? Even with the SPB fitted, you can't get another shot off before the gun has settled from its recoil following the previous shot.

    Just wondering...


    From the SOE Weapons info

  5. CommanderShwan

    I wonder how many years it'll take Higby to get these in game?
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  6. Saviorself

    I feel like the Valk is going to be ESF food lol, seems under-armed for it's size and crew.
  7. GaBeRock

    It has some pretty powerful weaponry, and if you're coordinated enough the gunner/pilot setup allows you to be pretty accurate.
    It's main draw will doubtlessly be versatility, however, as the valk will likely be able to fill 2 roles with nearly every weapon.
  8. Tommyp2006

    It's to make it show up on the minimap from farther away, that's why they added the "150m" part. It's because it's supposed to be REALLY LOUD, so they make it show up on the minimap from farther away as a downside of it's extra velocity.
  9. Kunavi

    Alerts: Yeah, better than what we currently have.

    Valkyrie: Not so excited about it any more. Granted, they did NOT create more hype than it deserved, I just expected a more inspired design, better looking and without NS stealing TR weapons again to put on this thing.

    Quick Spawning: As long as it's not faster, I couldn't care less. If it was faster I'd definitely call this BS as an individual change.

    AI Secondary Changes: They're planning on doing incremental changes to the AI weapons. Brace! 1 miniscule value adjustment per month, ahead. #Balance

    - Marauder: Velocity increased from 150m/s to 175m/s : Why is this not a Banshee yet? Although now with the Valk weapons out I can guess it's because TR weapons will all belong to NS soon. Of all the things about the Marauder I like its projectiles' velocity, the trajectory was nothing I couldn't compensate for. You call this an improvement? It's nothing. As long as we have the Fury, the Marauder is completely meaningless.
    - PPA: Magazine size decreased from 50 to 20. Maximum ammo capacity decreased from 350 to 200. Magazine Capacity certification changed from 5/10/15/20 to 3/6/12/15 : That's all? A slap on the hand and letting them farm on? :S Mag size and total capacity reductions only hurt weapons similar to the BullDog, this thing will still be a Cert Generator.

    BD Changes: Damage decreased from 600 to 500. Radius changes are happening but he didn't specify. If I may speculate, they'll probably match the new HEAT/HE radius. Exactly how does this help? At first glance this looks like it will take the same amount of ammo to obliterate ground peasants... :p

    Edit: I forgot to mention what Higby showed off near the end. Turn your attention to this awesome guy's post below. Oh, more carrots on sticks! Under other circumstances I'd say YAYYY, or if I had just started playing, or looked forward to trying PS2 in a couple of months. Right now these "Soon" additions don't really matter to me.

    My Own Edit : They don't allow MAX on Valkyrie because Bursters, yet 2 guys with Lock On and AA potential for turret, are all OK? :p
  10. Kunavi

    Can I add something else too, about the continents' edges? I mean how they all drop into nothing... It always bugged me, how SOE did not put some fog there to maintain SOME immersion at least. You know, make us NOT feel like we're in a box? o_O How hard can that be?
  11. DJStacy

    Yeah please let us choose our own scopes on these weapons, They are a major part of an individuals play style. All the other attachments being locked is fine but the scopes being fixed is a step to far.
  12. DJStacy

    Is there a link to view the armour please, I couldn't find it.
  13. Valok

  14. andy_m

    Ah... Right, soz... I should have realised that. Thanks.
  15. x7xBillyDaKidx7x

    Air islands look fun to attack !!
  16. Pootisman

    Looks they they made the bug with floating bases and rocks a feature.

    Higby pls, why can these bases fly?
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  17. Hegeteus

    Does C85 spread change affect both Vanguard and Harasser version? Just curious, as it would be a major upgrade to harasser C85's spread(from 1.33 to 0.9).
  18. andy_m

    Those floating islands remind me, a bit, of Roger Dean artwork...
  19. uhlan

    I like the fact that they are adding "rewards" for in game accomplishments. Gives us something to do, but as expected, it still adds nothing to team play and focuses on the individual yet again.

    I guess nothing can be done about this trend since to change the direction would necessitate some serious game-play alterations.

    Most of this stuff is just a "piling on" for the MLG types.

    The Valkyrie is an airborne Harasser or "mini" Liberator. Yet another NS vanilla vehicle designed to dilute faction flavor even further.

    Expect to see it abused especially when the pop is low and against low certed players just like the vehicles mentioned. When the pop is high, expect to hear the "wailing" of the valkyrie pilots and crew as they get blown up by dumbfires. The devs have a little problem scaling their weapon systems and this will be no different.
  20. Champagon

    PPA nerf due specifically to forum whiners. That is possibly the most incredible nerf PS2 has ever seen. Screenshotting this one

    Forgot to mention that the other 2 weps got an outright buff: Now the PPA will for sure under perform the other factions...Can't wait for the spreadsheet data because that's all that matters right guys?...