Higby plans to focus on quality of life after GU09

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  1. Mastachief

    Track lock on projectiles and av turrets missiles on the minimap

    Nerf the fracture (a little)

    Nerf the AV turret range

    Make the harraser turrets more stable

    Make the harraser less likely to roll

    Buff the NC max shield as it bound to be a heap of **** on release.

    Nerf rocket pods harshly against infantry and improve esf survivability once they pass 100kph. This would server to remove the currently main role of esf which is to farm infantry and shift the focus to air to air and tanks.

    Buff tank armour again (the vanguard is still a giant heap of **** and the lightning is far far better).

    Fix the burster no damage bug as it really does end fights.

    Logoff timer or have it so if a person logs off their avatar stays active in game for 15second so they have a chance of dieing. (the original game had this)
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  2. PhilDun

    The bug with Nanoweave is huge and has yet to be even recongized by the devs. Currently, Nanoweave armor gives 2x as much HP as advertised. It's why Snipers can no longer one-hit-headshot players 100m away using even the most powerful sniper rifles.

    The defining feature of the Infiltrator class (sniping) is currently extremely broken, has been broken for months, and the devs won't even give us the courtesy of a response.
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  3. Tytos

    * delete the striker
    * nerf noobtu.. erm I mean shotguns by 50%

    and I'm happy.
  4. Hosp

    I'll agree with this list. If we have a GU dedicated to dealing with those issues, I'd be more than happy w/o receiving new content for a little while. Besides, it'll certainly help with player retention.
  5. Zipr

    Lets see, first off insure spawns, respawns, squad drops, beacon, etc. work as intended w/ no delays or spins. (maybe bring back the real instant action too) I believe its working better then in the past, but I cant help but think its broken (I don't like freeze's period)

    1) equip the harasser to make sound when reloading its gun (in the driver's seat) It might indeed work, but squad chat was working better LOL)

    2) allow armor to use all available eye-candy (if not gamebreaking) Its almost ironic to choose between comp armor or emblem. Id also enjoy seein my Sundy all tricked out

    3) Id also comment not to change squads/platoons in so far as available to join. Its possible that one squad may be "official" etc. It might be wise to add feature to see full and/or locked squads (w option to send msg to the squad leader ie. alerting them to the state or desire to join the squad) Basically enabling recruitment, and selecting friends/outfit appears to work (so don't break it) tbh a video that explains how to setup/change a squads recruitment may be helpful (friendly reminder when taking over position and/or changing Continents) Basically a window to see squads and their status (while in a Sq/Platoon) could help.

    4) tbh on a personal level, I do not like any idea of rewarding "camping" I do not believe it would be very fair to add something like a slow burn to Bio Labs w/o connected territory But attackers should get a healthy XP at that point in time

    5) Don't change alerts! Now if you do develop a good plan, schedule it for upon completion of a standard alert, as opposed to instead of: Im pretty sure Forum feedback will explain the need to implement it on a standard basis or not

    6) Add Friday and/or Saturday "Morning Ops" I enjoy watchin the clips, but it might be fun to take part in some way. Honestly Wednesday night hump day would be ideal, but some just cant do FNO..
  6. TheQuaint

    Tanks exploding when landing on a rock should be fixed IMO. Has been more than once where I drive my vanguard over a steep hill only to scrape a 0.5m tall rock laying on the opposite side and have my whole vanguard explode. :(
  7. Izriul

    yeah...let's give them a cookie for "focusing" (that doesn't imply FIXING or ever doing something about it) on something that should have been looked at before GU01, and not only that, should ******* be done REGARDLESS or everything else.
  8. TimeRabbit

  9. TheRealTripWire

  10. CptFirelord

    Only two things I disagree with here (lolpod nerf and Burster no damage bug due to it being too powerful already). But the rest is all great ideas, +1 for you good sir!
  11. CptFirelord

    Dear Higby,

    Fix the population imbalance.
    Nerf the damage of Bursters (a little, but enough so that one magazine of a dual burster doesn't completely shred an ESF)
    Fix glitches with damage.
    Make us able to pick our C4 back up off the ground.
  12. Rebelgb

    ^^^ Christ this. WTF is up with the terminal delay? I swear nothing is more frustrating! I know its a minor issue but damn does it piss me off....
  13. schwarzklang

    Quality of life request`?

    All i want is that soe gets the account wide unlocks right!!
  14. Liav

    My #1 Quality of Live request: Stop using ******* twitter to communicate with your playerbase. Thanks.
  15. Odan.be

    Fix, the server imbalances..., 4th empire switching etc ( 24h timer)
  16. Tormentos

    Good thing this isn't about happiness, but balance and bugfixing. :p
  17. SamStarfall

    - Buff VS a bit.
    - Fix infantry rendering distance. It's no fun to be shot down by invisible heavy/engineer AV turret.
    - Fix that "oh-darn-so-many-players-must-stop-rendering-things" bug.
  18. Andy79

  19. N0008918

    Make Tanks actually shot where aimed and not left or right from desired direction.
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  20. tigerchips

    Be nice if my bullets could actually hit people rather than the desync bug coming into effect after 10 minutes.
    I don't use Twitter, somebody pass this message on for me please.