Higby on Live "hit registration issues"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torok, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Torok

    Matthew Higby@mhigby
    hey guys, we're aware of the periodic glitch with hit registration on live right now, working on a fix for it.
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  2. BigIronRanger

  3. z1967

  4. Torok

    It's a start, anything before they go close up for holydays is welcome :v
    But yes do spam them with proper tweets
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  6. JokeForgrim

    Thanks for the great Christmas present guys, You almost had a playable game for the holidays :D
  7. ChipMHazard

    Way to jump to conclusions. No, that's not all that they are going to fix. It's all that Higby mentioned in his tweet about the current issues regarding hit registration. Which makes sense since the tweet was about the current issues with hit registration.
  8. PhantomOfKrankor

    I'm happy that there is an acknowledgement that it is a real issue. I had seemly random periodic hit detection issues from release which contributed to me quitting for several months until coming back for last month's patch, which improved my enjoyment immensely and seemed to fix most of my issues. This patch's problems had a whole different feel to it and I'm glad they've recognized it as a problem and will wait patiently for a fix.
  9. faykid

    the bugged animations and the related hit registration bugs are the only thing i'm having problem with right now. as for alleged bugs like C4 and ESF resistance - well, i don't mind, even though i don't pilot or use C4 that much