[Suggestion] @Higby; Every single bases need a Spawn control unit generator.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Daedrick, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Daedrick

    No exception.

    Its a simple yet effective way to solve the spawn camping until we or you guys find a more refined or elegant solution.
  2. maxkeiser

  3. Fab

    It was tried, and abandonned for a reason. Unless maybe you place the gen very close from the spawn point, like 2 meters away.
  4. Badname3073

    ya, all yo base are belong to us
  5. Daedrick

    Really? I wasn't there during that phase, must have been relatively early. Why has it been abandonned? Was spawn camping as bad as it is now? Im really curious as to what happenned with it, the more details the better, thank you mate.
  6. Evilsooty

    Agreed. This was the way it worked in Beta and it was much better instead of being able to endlessly spawn in a base and the attacking team having to spawncamp.
  7. Schpam

    No one garrisons an empty base. So no defender patrols the ramparts hoping and waiting for an enemy to try and capture it. Defenders are off someplace else, like defending something already under attack . It isn't until an enemy "rings the doorbell" that anyone will consider spawning into the zone to stop them. That usually means the enemy has crossed through the normal defense perimeter and is capping the objective, which in turn flashes the map grid to let defenders know it's time to defend.

    The problem with an SCU is the same problem that exists with the shield wall generators... they are always undefended, they'd be the first target of an enemy and thus are usually blown up before any defender realizes that the base is under attack. Unfortunately in the case of an SCU, that would mean that there is no way to spawn in defenders to start a defense of the base now. The battle is over before it begins. Until we motivate players to defend a base BEFORE it's under attack.... this idea of having SCU's would only make things worse.

    And attacking empty bases is already a pandemic problem as it is.
  8. Nonesuch

    Spawn camping isn't a problem, if you're getting spawn camped then you have lost and you should move on.
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  9. Evilsooty

    I suppose the problem is that there are no front lines as such as everyone is running around in a zerg leaving empty bases behind them for the enemy zerg to cap.
  10. Daedrick

    EXACTLY, how broken is that? The base is considered under attack when the invaders have ALREADY BREACHED THE DEFENSES (or absences of defenses) AND ON THE POINT, they already got rid of the exterior defense such as the one you can find at an AMP station.

    Most of the time its a lone wolf dude that his trying to flip a base by himself, a couple of friendly spawn there, get rid of him and repair the defense then deploy on the zerg(where there is actual action).

    Why spawn on a base that his already lost and most likely spawn camped, that is, if there is more than that lone new player?
  11. Fab

    Consequence was : before doing anything else, go for the gen, then cap was very easy. It was even more broken than now. no battle for smaller bases, backhack was awfull. It was taken away after less than a week. they kept it only for big bases, because the sattelites prevent the defenders from having no spawn point even in case of early spawn gen destruction.
  12. Trinith

    Sorry if I'm missing the point here, but what is the problem with spawn camping? I'm not trying to say you're wrong, just trying to understand.

    To my understanding, this was working appropriately. The correct strategy for the attackers is to cut off the defender's troop supply, which means to get between the spawn and the objectives. If they push the attack effectively enough (or get their early), they can camp the spawn and prevent defenders from being able to counter-attack until the base flips. Attackers need a Sundy to have a spawn point, defenders have this same option. If they have failed the defense and are now getting spawn camped, should they not pull back, spawn their own Sundy, and roll back to push them out?

    To me, spawn camping always seemed the result of failing the defense, at which point you simply stop spawning there and come back from a different, adjacent point. Is there something else happening here?
  13. ImGladUmad

    I remember this in beta.

    I just went to the generator...Destroy it.

    They couldn't spawn anymore and I took over the base.

    I think is horrible solution...Spawn camping sucks but this is worst
  14. bPostal

    So now it's 'go straight to the spawn room, cap is very easy. Functionally there's little difference and It'd save time on the part of the defending empire who wouldn't have to pull out their hair trying to identify the bases that are/are not overrun.
    Bring the SCUs back or move the ******* spawn rooms into something besides a shack.