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  1. McToast

    While I agree that beeing able to communicate in english is an important skill that should be practiced better in germany (we get german dubs for every ****; games, movies, interviews etc. -> no wonder why so many kids lack even basic english skills), your ignorance is stunning me. How many languages do you speak? English as the "worldlanguage" is a coincidence that shouldn't be taken for granted. To be fair I only rarely get bashed for grammar mistakes I make or for my "sh*tty german accent" :D by english native speakers, but there are some and they don't understand a single word when I start talking in german :). Guess I'm having the advantage there.

    I think I would have no trouble talking with Higby and dealing with his... let's call it humor. But doing so without warning and a camera in the face might even be a bit too much for me :).

    Grüße aus Deutschland,
    regards from Germany,
    the Toast
  2. Roarboar

    English isn't my native language at all, it's in fact my third language. So what was the point you were going to make? That germans have been burying their heads in sand for decades and lack proper education? Yeah i thought so, in that case, carry on.
  3. Hatamoto

    FF had Dust tactics for a while, something also potentially in direct competition with wh40k .. Planetside is not gothic future, its more along the lines of infinity design wise
  4. Eleo

    Yes, as expected the seed of your intolerance is nothing but your ignorance, and perhaps a bit of your over sized ego too.
  5. tproter

    Given the personalities of those gamers being interviewed by Higby, it's hard to imagine why they don't have girlfriends....

    On a serious note, Higby's a pretty good interviewer.