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  1. Liberty

    Props to Higby for trying, its hard to get people excited when your prospects seemed to be generally terrified of human interaction.
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  2. ironeddie

    I'm not bored yet but I do worry the games on a slow final march to the grave at to young an age. I'm hopeful I'm wrong & I'll continue to play. What I won't do is put in any money until I see the games fortunes improve.
  3. PWGuy93

    Gamers that have been around can appreciate the need for better hardware and games that require them.
    I miss when games defined the hardware, hopefully that's making a come back and along with it better machines, to that point I hear Samsung already has DDR4 memory in the pipeline, Intel has figured out how to help you overclock their SSDs and PCI E 3.1 will push 20gbs.
  4. Hatamoto

    The game is mostly cpu bound, as you well know
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  5. jihon83

    It's an interesting idea, though I'll have to agree with the others in noting that it may not actually draw a broader audience. Board games are becoming bigger, but it's still an industry where selling out a print run of 5,000 games is considered a "hit". Still, I think it'd be pretty interesting to see what came out, just because Fantasy Flight can do some amazing things with properties, from Starcraft to Gears of War.
  6. Hatamoto

    Or we keep on handing out pen swag on conventions and hope for the best :p
  7. Lazaruz

    Times are tight dude, pen swag is all that we could afford!
  8. jihon83

    Well, that's the whole point of a convention, though. You simply want to get your name in people's minds, and even a pen can do that, if it also comes with thoughts of, "oh yeah, that game looked kind of interesting." That may be especially true with a game like Planetside2 where you can't rely on sales, you just have to make a big enough impact to hope a person tries it when they get back home...and hope their computer can run it, heh.

    Board game tie-ins seem a bit much for that role. If anything, they seem appropriate for a "win more" aspect, like with the Bioshock Infinite boardgame, where you have merchandise for people who already love the original. But on their own, they may not be the best publicity, both because they tend to demand some familiarity and, honestly, they are way too expensive to be distributed as liberally.
  9. Hatamoto

    I just comment based on what i see is happening in the board/wargame industry today ... its merging with computer entertainment more and more, it gives people the chance to explore a brand in more than one way. Whatever the case, i think SOE has not done all they could have done for advertising and promoting this game, slightly better than PS1 but still no cigarr
  10. Ganelon

    It'd be in direct competition with WH40k.
  11. Rockit

    And even that is pushing it. They really should consider pencils or perhaps a small piece of chalk until things improve.
  12. Crashsplash

    Is that thing still around? It's gain a couple of extra panels since I last saw it.

    It's very true though.
  13. Andy04

    Hey I'm subscribed to the game and I am a daily player, where is my free t-shirt\dog-tag :(

    Lolz at the lacy of real interest for planetside 2 :)
  14. Crashsplash

    I wouldn't worry tbh.

    Back in 2005 I used to worry that PS1 would die before I got to CR5. I eventually got 2 CR5 chars and a CR4 and I played up to July 2012 and even on the low pop months there were enough people to have interesting fights and to have fun.
  15. Roarboar

    Well those morons need to be faced with their ******ation sooner or later. Being unable to speak English nowadays, is the same as being unable to perform simple math, quite frankly I'm amazed these people still exist.
  16. jihon83

    There's a pretty distinct difference between being able to speak a language, and being able to respond to an interview on the spot. That said, it's nice to see that "English first" histrionics are international.
  17. Akaan

    Ah Germans. Such enthusiastic people. ;)
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  18. ironeddie

    I'm not to worried but I'll be happier when this optimisations been done & we've had some new content. Soe seem to me to be the sort crazy enough to pull the plug on a game if it was becoming to much trouble or not earning its keep.
  19. Eleo

    Holy **** you're sweating tolerance itself, tell us about how fluent you are in german and others european languages.
  20. LordMondando