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  1. MarkAntony

    Remove thermal vision from the game. It only serves infantry farmers. It has no other use.(only nerf PPA and Banshee if this doesn't do the trick, which I think it will)
    Make maxes non-revivable. This will curb the stupid max spam.

    That's it for now. This would make the game way more enjoyable.

    EDIT: Actually there is one more thing. Increase HA rockets velocity and reduce the gravity. I could throw those rockets better than my launcher...
    And make the UBGL useful again. Just make it so it can only be rearmed from terminals. That'll make spamming it hard.
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  2. ISKNausicaa

    From an infil standpoint:

    Trap-M1: Increase the mag size by about 3, reduce recoil slightly on x2/x3, reduce recoil a reasonable amount on x1
    Amp: bump its magsize up/bump its damage up slightly, right now its a less accurate, less powerful repeater
    Phaseshift: give it the switch fire mode off the spiker pistol(as in your press a button to switch it from charge to semi), reduce its charge up time a bit.
    NC08 Mag-Scatter:right now this feels like a weaker shorter ranged version of the commissioner with less ammo, double mag size?
    Xbow: More ammo for basic bolts
    Decoy Nades: creates a hologram of the infil running off in one direction/better wider selection of weapon SFX and fire patterns etc
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  3. asmodraxus

    Rebalance the tanks (including the lightning) so that no one tank can ignore its gunner options as the main guns are so strong (cough prowler).
    Rebalance the tanks (and harassers) secondary's so no one empire has next to useless weapons nor is another empire forced to rely on the second gunner to make up for the drivers guns being so poor.

    Personally I would just swap the guns around on the tanks so driver gets the machine gun etc (the mag will need some serious work as the driver would be by design keep what was the "main gun" but it would need to be re done like the current secondary's, whilst a new main turret goes where the saron is) whilst the gunner gets the big gun (a bit like how the liberator works). Then make seat swapping take 2 seconds where you cannot do anything.

    Rebalance the pistols (one empire has good ones, another uses mainly NS).

    Battle rifles, scout rilfes and semi auto sniper rifles need a rethink (ie serious help).
    Trap and Phaseshift need help, the trap IS NOT a sniper rifle its a glorified scout rifle and the less said about the phaseshift...

    HA weapons
    LMG's a few tweaks here and there and they are all fine (including the op Orion (hint the following beat it in KPU and KPH; Anchor, EM1, Carv S, GD 22S, EM6, MSW-R), in fact its only the best of the starter guns.

    Lasher could do with some tweaking but not much

    Some support weapons like the thumper and Rocklet rifle could also fill the TR / NC whines/ complaints/ requests that they get something that does a similer job to the lasher.

    Anyone know what the VS empire trait actually is, other than mediocre pistols, no bullet drop and the slowest tank?

    Skyguard needs some help, maybe a coaxial machine gun for something to do when not looking at those nice empty skies when the skygods have noticed its ruining their farm.

    Max abilities
    Make shield better and tank more damage (possibly with 360 coverage).
    Give TR Overdrive and Lockdown (see ps1 overdrive max ability)
    Just rethink ZoE its currently useless and I think I have a single cert wasted in it for tier 1, as it stands its has only a single use to tell the enemy I wish to redeploy/die that much quicker. No improvement to TTK, no improved speed (not compared to charge, or even run mode).
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  4. Dualice

    The discontent stems from the other factions essentially getting TR weaponry (the Vanu are included with their Serpent). Imagine the general NC community reaction if the devs started giving everyone else carbines and ARs with a 200 damage model.
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  5. ChUnKiFieR

    I've never figured out why NC can't have automatic handguns like the TR & VS do.
  6. Brenold

    hey I use thermal for AV purposes too.
    They've already nerfed thermal and made the range really limited.. you can no longer leave it on because enemies will just pop out of thin air so you need to switch back and forth.
  7. Danath


    TR starter sniper rifle 99SV is NOT a sniper rifle. The KSR-35 is identical except for muzzle velocity and being able to use any optics! And apparently the Spectre is even worse :confused:
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  8. Nody

    Find one and I'll support it but if you got an issue with HA dumb fire missiles killing you then you probably have more pressing problems.

    Yes if you want to actually promote that AV/AI/AA has separate roles rather then the current "everything works against everything" approach.

    And that's a good thing because that require more dedicated AV from vehicles to protect infantry from other vehicles which is a good thing and if they don't then they can be farmed until they pull some. Specialization should be encouraged rather then the other way around.
  9. TriumphantJelly

    Don't buff the MCG unless you're going to buff the Lasher too: The MCG is arguably the best of the 3 ESHW, it does not need to be OP.
  10. Pelojian

    *improve fractures to be on par with other empire ranged AV options
    *increase tank survivability against Infantry.
    *reduce the effectiveness of battle sunderers weapons against heavy armor: furies/bulldogs.
    *reduce ammo capacity of aircraft weapons or remove ESF reload cycle continuing while other weapon is out.
    *reduce C4 damage against tanks from 80%/brick to 50%/brick.
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  11. Golconda

    Yes, it's arguable. And how would adding more bullets to the mag of a non-brrt'd mcg make the gun op?
  12. DFDelta

    Buff bullet-weapon accuracy (on all of them). Buff pelter damage. Nerf VLG reload cert, increase basic reload speed (reload speed fully certed should stay the same)
    Make logistics a passive.
    Slightly buff resistance against Lancer, Vortex and AV-grenades.

    Battle Rifle and non-Vandal semi scouts could use some slight buffs, too.

    HEAT and HE are currently bad compared to AP cannons (HEAT more so then HE). I'd buff HEAT velocity to above AP levels so it becomes the easiest to hit with. That would emphasize its role as the "beginner" cannon for MBT and the cheapest purchase for Lightning.

    Slightly increase HE outer splash range (but keep the inner the size it is)

    Slightly nerf Raven missile agility and change the sound to something less obnoxious.

    Make Aegis give you a slight resistance to all splash regardless of direction as long as it is active. Hopefully that will offset the "splash goes trough shield" effect and make it more popular. IMO that is its biggest downside currently.

    A very slight CoF buff for Skyguards please. Very slight.

    Completely redesign Ranger:
    Large CoF, large magazine and very long reload with a RoF slightly lower then currently. Significantly buff damage so it outdamages Walker by a good margin at under 50m.
    That turns the Walker into med-high range precision weapons while the Ranger is for close range "oh-****" self defense.

    Current Ranger has two thirds the dps of the Walker on the Walkers minimum damage range (400m), in closer ranges the Walker is so much stronger then the Ranger that you'd need 3 of them to get the effect of a single Walker. (Values for ESF, on larger aircraft it is even more lopsided in favor of the Walker)
  13. Evoo

    Light Assaut:

    Don't nerf C4 , just make the jump jets loud as an infiltrator's cloak so tankers can hear them .You can hear bail assauts , but i can't hear the one sneaking smartly bt foot to ruin ur Heat farm,


    The biggest problem for me is that the bolt action silcencer is usless, i mean ok keep the drop but it doesnt actualy silence ur weapon it just changes the sound (Thecoolaidline tested it ) props to him. You can hear a silenced Basr from the same distance as unsilenced. Plus u can see the tracers too . Make silencers remove tracers and sound .

    Heavy Assaut

    Implement the railjack delay to the heavy shield (exept resist) make it so if you press the button 1.5 sec delay (average ttk) and then it turns on. No oh **** button when getting outsmarted (ganked) for me everything else is fine .

    Engy - Fine, maybe more weapons
    Medic - Fine ,maybe more weapons

    Maxes : Honestly i don't know how to balance them . Maybe make them after each resurect they loose 10 % of they'r hp (unrepairable) you guys can decide the % but i think 10 is fine, maybe less or more . As for weapons i can write an essay il leave it as it is .

    Flash needs a nerf , ai flashes are kd paddle. Impliment a 2,5 second delay to weapons after uncloak(a fighting chance ) for the targeted guy.

    Valkyrie nees a buff against infantry fire , it's too fragile. Composite armor should grant 80% infantry resistance. Av , lock ons should still hurt it bad.

    Tanks and tank main cannons are fine. Currently MTBs dont farm infantry it's the other way around. Maybe we need some ai secondary buffs.
    Sorry for my english , not my native language.
  14. Flamberge

    HA's Assault Rifles
    Engis LMGs
    Medics Carbines
    Infils can keep their stuff
    LAs carbines and maybe battle rifles
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  15. lothbrook

    Make it so only AV specific weapons like ESAV, Halberd, Hornets, and the dalton get rear damage bonus against tanks, make it so only dumbfires get the rear damage bonus and not the lock ons, limit all AV/AA from infantry to 300m except max Flak.

    Force ESFs into more defined roles, no more hornets doing enough splash to kill with a single reload, no more rocket pods taking half a tanks life, noseguns except for the A2G specific ones no longer damaging heavy armor, ect...

    Balance the HE shells on MBT between factions, right now the VG has it bad, same velocity, damage, splash radius longest reload for no apparent reason, i suppose it has the highest direct damage but who cares since all there rest still kill on a direct hit anyways, lol.

    Rebalance the prowler in someway so that its main gun doesn't allow it to basically be a big lightning where having a secondary gunner isn't such a big deal.

    Allow vehicles to swap loadouts, allow vehicles to mix performance options, why can't i have 2 racer and 1 rival, or 2 rival and 1 racer, why must i be ALL SPEED OR ALL TURNING?!
  16. Lagavulin

    Make rocket launchers unable to kill infantry in one shot, they're meant to be AV weapons but are used more as AI!

    I agree that MBT weapons should be swapped round so the driver gets the secondary. Vehicle spam needs curbing.

    Remove ability to hover from esf.
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  17. Lagavulin

    Also nerf c4.
  18. Cavadus

    Give all classes access to ARs and BRs.
  19. SpruceMoose

    bless you
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  20. OldMaster80

    Imho the problem with Max spam is not the Max itself. It The resources system that lets spam go on forever.