Hideous "NEW" Magrider look

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  1. Valkyr

    Please try again SOE, this looks like a Friday afternoon job done in MS Paint "fill area".

    The turquoise stripe looks out of place and ill fitting for the Vanu, plus that purple is close to blue and inconsistant with the rest of the VS colours.
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  2. Redzy

    I would make all units and vehicles in every faction neutral-coloured, as it was in the Alpha, with the current colour scheme available as a camo for everyone at BR1.

    That way, default camouflage would be actual camouflage and purchasing other camos would not change a thing in terms of enemy detection. That way it would not be P2W and yet camouflage will have a purpose instead of being hideously hindered by bright faction-specific colours.

    The baby blue you added to the NC infiltrator is absolutely astonishingly dreadful. You did not even get faction colours right when you gave those the moving lighthouse treatment.
  3. Ronin Oni

    We have glowing lights from thrusters we can't hide... hardly hard to see. Easier to see in distant shadows than even stock Van/Prowler

    This will make them even easier to spot...

    w/e, not like I use the Mag much anymore anyways. Lightning is better.
  4. Ryko Nailo

    So not to derail this but looks like Galaxy's got camo changed as well, -correction- the scythe was changed as well, its main body / engines are now faction color as well and there are more glowy bits to the under side. I'd post a screeny but for some reason I can't take screenshots from test, it just comes up pure black.

    As for Magrider, I don't mind it TOO much, though I find the purple to be rather... pale and it just doesn't match well. If it were more vivid so it atleast blended with faction camo I'd be okay with it but as is it just clashes with all camos. I also hate the whole 'worn and torn' look but I do love all the new scallopy bits.

    I absolutely despise the Carapace exterior cosmetics being turned to freaking gold though.
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  5. Enig

    I like it.
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  6. RemusVentanus

    Great... that thing is really hitting the live server... ******* clown car. Guess i will be tanking on my TR toon then. Dont worrie SOE i will not buy any other camo/armor mod so you can butcher stuff up again to make them useless/hideous.

    two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity... ******* clownrider...
  7. TRWolff1963

    This post started great. but then got really weird. ToS has nothing to do with the posters original statement other then he said he hopes soe would refund. What he talking about if you spend money to get a product. And you can't see the product AS advertised. even in the ToS that is a breach of contract. But, Again. That is NOT the question here and is relevant. Does the new tank look good? Does it make good use of the camouflage the client pays for? And if not, Is it worth putting in and risk using customer funding?

    So lets look. The design is very stylish. Though I would say the camouflage is under utilized in the over all design. If you use ww2 tanks and current tank designs as example. Does it match?
    both examples show a great deal more camouflage on the tanks.
    So we can take it that even in silly camouflage designs. max coverage is preferred over national colors. This has to be a subject of debate when the original designs where made.
    Most of the camouflage argument is really about foot solders. and how tricky it is to tell friend from foe in the battle. almost like in RL. Almost. we do have triangles over our heads.
    So lets go over the questions:
    1. is it pleasing to look at?
    I think so very dynamic.
    2. does it fit the norm of camouflage practices we know of?
    No not really. every pic I seen of RL and even world of tanks shows a higher level of camouflage use.
    3. Does it improve game play?
    I don't see how ether version really does. moving object tend to stand out. though in indar I have missed a few desert camouflaged tanks. And having the new design won't make it any more or less easier to tell who's tank it is.
    4. Will it add to sales of textures to the tank in this format?
    I don't think it will. the lower display might hinder sales unless threw a bundle deal. then won't make a big difference. At worse vehicles textures sales might drop some.

    And I did some checking. even though the ToS says you can't sue. you can still sue according to the supreme court of the US. This was part of bushes attempt to make it illegal to sue drug companies if they passe the FDA requirements. The supreme court ruled in the case of liable where blame or miss leading labeling of a product is indicated all parties have the right to receive legal compensation from the marketer and or advertisers of the product as well as and not limited to companies involved.
    In basic terms to the rule readers. the Law trumps all ToS in all games and all agreements every single time. The ToS for SOE is called a slap and has no legal bindings in the US court.

    that being said. it would be silly unless you spent like a few grand on these items to even think about doing so. and most likely the judge would throw it out lacking merit or wasting the courts time.

    but as I said. he was expressing frustration. at the design. Lets pretend to keep it real. And stop being rules masters. Do you like it yes or no? simple strait forward. try it.
    My verdict. I like it. waist camouflage. still looks cool.
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  8. TRWolff1963

  9. RobotNinja

    SOE's fArt department changed camo coverage for all vehicles in all factions. Now, every single faction's vehicle has ridiculously large amounts of faction color all over them. After SOE went ahead and sold everyone on camos and made a killing off everyone, then they decided for some reason to go ahead, change camo coverage, completely negate having camo at all and make everything look like crap.

    The worst victim of SOE's Art Department on what I can only guess was bring your daughter to work and let her do your job day, was giving the NC Infiltrator bright baby blue butt-less chaps and a bra.
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  10. Kugelfisch

    I absolutely hate hate HATE the new look!
    What did I get camo for when it barely covers anything? Camos are now useless as actual camo and as a style item!
    I want my SC back!
  11. SpaceKing

    Still fights like a magrider, so OK

    you're all acting as if they removed hover and added treads
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  12. Kugelfisch

    I wouldn't care if it wouldn't absolutely ruin the look of the camos. I didn't pay for the new look and certainly not for my camo getting applied on less than half the tank.

    If I get a new paintjob for my car, yet get only the hood and roof painted with the rest left unchanged but I paid for a full paintjob I don't just go "Oh well, at least it drives the same.".
    Weren't customization a thing and a mayor source of money for this game, I would be fine, too.
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  13. eldarfalcongravtank

    the thing that's bugging me most are the camo-uncovered parts on the tank, especially on the side. i tweeted TRay about this and he didnt comment on it yet


  14. VanuAreWeak&Inferior

    Probably been mentioned before, but needs to be said again; the new default Scythe purple is so bright and plain, it doesn't even look good.

    You can make it purple as much as you like, but don't make it look like a highschooler's first UV map.
  15. Nogrim313

    12 camo sets (weap,arm,veh), and i will never purchase another one again after seeing the changes on test. its unbelievable that they would do such a hack job on $5 a pop camo almost a year after release, this is a pretty major slap in the face to those of us who bought camo's during the first year.

    you guy make it pretty clear you don't want my money
  16. gigastar

    Seriously? Who the hell is going to mistake the silhouette of a Magrider among a lineup of other ground vehicles in this game?

    Regardless of its colour, the Mag is the only ground vehicle in the game that doesnt look like a box.
  17. Eugenitor

    Someone at SOE is convinced that console players are such a bunch of nooblet casuals that the only way to market things to them is to dumb everything down to fruit-flavored paste levels.

    Whether or not console players are paste eaters is best left to another thread, but if any console players managed to make their way to this thread despite all the shiny objects, they should know this: This is what SOE insulting you looks like. This is the art department's dumbing down the game even further to cater to what Higby and Smed think they can sell you.

    "Of course Magriders need all this faction stuff on them- without it, console players might think it's a TR or NC Magrider!"
  18. Nogrim313

    i was psyched for OMFG but now that so many of my purchased item have been being ****** around with im not sure i care
  19. Wezdor

    They need to revert this change or refund all cosmetics. I didn't spend most of my SC on the Magrider to have an ugly black piece of floating crap.

    What the hell happened anyway, did it fall into a pit of tar or something?
  20. squairs

    they actually went live with this. I cant believe it!
    Im seriously baffled. There I was believing they were just experimenting with a few looks (esp. since the common pool vehics look thee same)
    but they actually did it...