Hidden Ridge Mining Revamp: Walls on Amerish

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  1. Dingus148

    Not to mention the synergistic problem of poor base slash spawn design
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  2. LtSqueak

    Dear God no!!! They are killing this game with these hideous monstrosities. If they really feel that walls are necessary to stop tanks, then PLEASE don't do the same thing that was done on Esamir! Shorten the walls by about half and add some cat walks so they are actually useable by someone instead of just giant roadblocks with "Go f@*! yourself, tankers" graffitied on the side.
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  3. Nocturn0l

    Hell NO!

    Amerish is fine without ugly looking walls and imprisoned defenders!!!

    Add more trees or bushes if you feel the need to do something
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  4. Pirbi

    The only vehicle spam I see are harassers and they get past the walls. We need domes for tank battles, not for infantry. As it is now, two opposing tanks see each other and wave in sympathy. Then get blown up by all the lock-ons, C4, and AV. Tanks killing tanks? Who let them get that close to each other? Granted I'm NC and we have lard *** MBTs with weak AI. So it might be my perception.
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  5. SolLeks

    Well, they are officially separating this game into infantry, tank and air combat..... What happened to combined arms?

    This is still poor base design, Taking your old poorly designed bases and adding walls does not really do anything. I hate them on foot, I hate them when in a tank and I hate them from the air...

    Walls can be done right, but these ones are not. Catwalks with some kind of courtyard with an underground infantry spawn is the way to really fix the 'tank shelling infantry problem' granted I have never seen that as a problem because THAT IS WHAT TANKS DO, they kill infantry and other tanks! There are so many things wrong with the systems in place and their solution is walls.... I guess that is to be expected with all the other half baked 'fixes' they put into this game.

    Honestly, how much longer till they just delete tanks and air and be done with it?

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  6. RHINO_Mk.II

    Dear level design team:
    Walls must have two essential conditions in order to be more beneficial to defenders than the attacking vehicle zerg.
    1) Catwalks and access from the inside so that defenders can get up on the walls to engage enemies outside them.
    2) No terrain within infantry render distance of the base can be higher than the walls, or vehicles will simply shoot in regardless.
    If you cannot fulfill both these requirements for any particular base (likely most on amerish due the the heightmap) then please do not implement walls.
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  7. Patrician

    This is already available and in game; the area between bases is the province of vehicles. ground and air, and the area inside base perimeters should be the province of infantry.
    If this is not how things are blame the tankers/air-farmers; they need to stop padding their K/D stats with easy infantry kills and start using their armour for what it is designed for, anti-vehicular combat!!!
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  8. TheMercator

    The only wall on Amerish shall be the Bastion, that could need some more.
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  9. SolLeks

    funny thing is it is much more lucrative to pad your K/D on foot than in a tank or air. you will gain quite a few more certs as well.
  10. Takoita

    While I'm not quite as averse to the shown screenshot as some of the folks above me, I am too worried about what will happen to Amerish.

    My ******** about arbitrary kilometer long straight 'natural rock formation' that covers southern approach to a certain Tech Plant aside, I like how Amerish's terrain was done - it is much easier to traverse as infantry in most places when compared to Indar.

    But seeing as what they did to the Crown, I'm afraid for Ascent and other such places. Seriously, screw jumppads.
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  11. Pikachu

    I think most Indar bases has enough defense. This stuff is boring. :L
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  12. MFP_TK_01

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  13. nukularZ

    If bases were designed well, and lock-ons didn't exist, this could actually happen. But as of now, the entire continents are pretty much province of infantry. At least above 500m air can be alone.
  14. Redshift

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  15. teks

    Lol, they are so ugly too. Looks like an amateur map designer copy pasted the same wall tamplate over and over without bothering to match the ends at all.
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  16. treeHamster

    You guys keep asking for catwalks. Well how about you put one in, spend 4 minutes to run from the spawn ALL the way up to said catwalk, then some a-hole in an ESF flies by and pods you. Sorry, you just wasted 4 minutes of your life all for nothing.

    All you guys whining about walls, what would YOU do to solve the vehicle spam? They increased the resource cost for vehicles and all the tankers whined like little girls that didn't get their dessert. If they limited the number of tanks that could be instanced at any given time, then you'd have whine fights about noobs grabbing them and sitting them in the middle of nowhere to grieve, or on the other side, a bunch of tankers that NEVER left the tank and so other people wouldn't ever get the chance to use a tank.

    In reality, the only solution IS to separate vehicle and infantry combat at bases. If you wanna farm infantry, it will HAVE to be outside the base walls. And before you whine, there are PLENTY of foot zergs in this game.
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  17. DeadliestMoon

    Wrong, the wall keeps vehicles from shelling the outside of buildings helping make bases infantry only. While also helping with performance.
  18. Copasetic

    It's obviously just a rough layout of the base, not the final version. But this is what happens when developers share WIP screenshots with the community, people start assuming it's a finished product and critique it that way. Which is exactly why most devs don't bother.
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  19. Patrician

    Lockon launchers are as they are due to the way armour and air users farmed infantry at launch and just after; vehicle users only have themselves to blame for the introduction of lockon launchers.
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  20. Liquidrider

    I'd like to know why in the hell they are wasting time revamping current continents when they need to get new ones RELEASED!

    Esmier was a waste of time and now they are messing with Amerish? WHY!
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