Hidden Ridge Mining Revamp: Walls on Amerish

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  1. ColdCheezePizza

    Here's the problem I face, trying to get my friends back to PS2, I showed one of them this thread and he just lolz so hard and said that looks terrible glad I uninstalled that pos. This was someone who had over a 1k hours in the game who simply became disillusioned by all of the bad decisions that have taken place. The game desperately needs some fresh and creative ideas to wow players back, this cookie cutter esamir wall treatment to all of the bases is just not going to cut it with all of the next gen games coming out that offer immersion miles ahead then what the creative designers are doing here.
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  2. Phazaar

    Worst thing SOE has done in at least a week. Which puts it on a par with everything it's done in the last 9 months...
  3. Nogrim313

    okay so because you arent able to counter push (ie your waiting way too long before falling back) they should dumb the game down?

    games that have small short rounds that everyone starts on even footing exist go play one of those if that is the type of gameplay you want, shoe horning that b.s in to an open world is never going to work
  4. Nogrim313

    too many idiots who hide inside of spawn shields, add a max time you can be in the spawn room before it becomes a pain field.

    the reason this spawn room shelling works is that you idiots all hide in it and refuse to leave so there is nothing else around to draw their fire.

    SoE claimed that they would listen to players opinions, that was a bold faced lie and obviously will continue (ex. no deploy zones, dome shields, lattice)

    just add an in game auto aim upgrade already, i mean we might as well get it over with and dumb it down to these peoples level
  5. HMR85

    I don't have a issue with the walls. What is needed is catwalks along the walls of the base to allow the defenders a fighting chance at pushing back the attacking force. I am truly amazed they haven't figured that out by now after the positive feedback they have received form everybody about the Stronghold since tech test.

    I'm not going to get into the spawn points issue because I think it is apparent to everybody by now that it needs to be completely reworked from the ground up.
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  6. UberBonisseur

    The alternative is no walls AND no spam.

    It's not just a matter of base design. The profusion of vehicles and the constant spamming in every possible form strips the game of any strategic or tactical depth. Where the single tank of the map is a rare and very important asset in Battlefield, it's a common transport vehicle in Planetside.

    Spam isn't smart.
    Walls aren't smart.
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  7. Deadka7

    F**k walls. Killed Esamir, my used-to-be fav continent. I can understand walling a few bases like octogon and such, but Every Damn Base- even the small pointless ones. >_<

    If they want walls so damn much, there must be catwalks so you can do this,


    and it should only happen on a few bases not all of them. Following this, they should implement a system to break the walls or a new vehicle to breach the walls as per Medieval Warfare Castle Sieges.
  8. Ash87

    Walls are not the problem. The problem is that the walls that are being used in that image, are just partitions between points/people, and vehicles.

    We have already seen on Hossin and on Nexus, that small bases can be created with full walls like you see at the amp station, and those bases aren't unassailable or totally without reason. Designing the bases like an actual base would be designed is all that people are asking. A part of that, is to make walls that people need to bypass. With the new format that shows places as having underground tunnels this is even more possible than it was before, because all you need to do is make secret entrances with tunnels and shrubs. Also the walls proper need blinde spots and ways to bypass them that mean interacting with shields on the exterior so that you can gain access by means of carefully applying the right people in the right place.

    We Have Seen This On Hossin... Just partition walls are a step backwards in base design for SOE.
  9. Ash87

    Update: The walls aren't walls! The whole thing looks like a raised platform actually.


    And, i think I see something that resembles a ramp stairwell in a couple places, so there will be things below this place (The mine) and above there is the catwalk portion near spawn.
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  10. Turkeys!

    That doesn't look so bad. It looks more like an actual base with that setup.
  11. HadesR

    Looks like 50/50 to me ... Due to the raised platform the walls will not be as imposing for the defenders as those on Esamir but will still offer protection ..

    That's by looking at the lower two buildings which even though raised still partially sit below the " wall " line .
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  12. Ash87

    Well, except that courtyard behind the southmost building doesn't make any sense. I imagine that will be covered over as well, unless it is the entrance to the "mine"
  13. UberBonisseur

    Those still look like walls to me !

  14. Arclegger Level Designer

    Hey guys, thanks to everyone who gave some of the constructive criticism and positive feedback. Here is my final layout, I hope you will have fun playing it as much as I had building it. This base should play a lot like The Stronghold on Indar but with an added layer of having the mine.

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  15. Nocturnal7x

    Ok, that may work, although the spawn room location is less than idea with that rock formation behind it. As long as nothing is modeled after the bases on esamir. Those are really bad.
  16. Takoita

    Tunnels? Underground capture points? I am of half a mind that you are pulling our legs, mister :D
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  17. Liquid23

    10 pages of unneeded and ridiculous rage built on assumptions made off of an unfinished pic... lol

    final product looks nice tho... can't wait to shoot people in the face in it
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  18. Regpuppy

    Could we get a view from the base of the ramp leading to that sniper perch? I want to see how it looks around there.

    I like the base so far from the looks of it.
  19. Copasetic

    Looks great man, I'm glad to see some more underground stuff making it into the continents. Even if it does totally screw me over as a LA :)
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  20. x2cygnus

    Some questions & concerns:

    • This almost-empty courtyard on the right (wrt. first image), it could be made more useful somehow.
    • Walls on the right have no catwalk. That part of the base will play the same way as bases on Esamir.
    • The platform on the bottom-left with some boxes on it: Are you actually able to see outside (to the bottom-left direction) from there, or is the wall a bit higher? I hope the former is true.
    • Where is the entrance to the mine?
    • How many doors in the surrounding walls are there? I see two: The gate on the bottom-right and double-ramp on the bottom-left. We really, really need more entrances! I am sick of running in circles around some of Esamir bases.
    • Base esthetics: I think you need some completely new meshes, as opposed to reusing the same meshes over and over. At least change some textures on those meshes! At the moment, things are getting boring also because of the building blocks themselves, no matter in what fancy way you combine them.
    • Is it possible to add some green flora on the walls themselves? That could be a simple quick-fix to the boring gray walls as seen from outside, and make the base blend better into the environment.
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