Hidden Ridge Mining Revamp: Walls on Amerish

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  1. UberBonisseur

    They changed the "TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS" part, not the "Walls" part.

    THUS, it confirms, without the shadow of a doubt, that Amerish will have walls !
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  2. IamDH

    Which can only mean...


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  3. Vastly

    Defenders don't need to leave the base to defend it, they simply need to be able to leave the spawns and reach the capture points, something which vehicles could easily prevent when there are handy kill lanes with little cover situated between the two.
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  4. vincent-

    Than what's the problem of empty tanks either they are full or getting shot or waiting around being unproductive towards the fight 90% of the time.
  5. Zotamedu

    You mean like the octagon where you have exactly three places to leave the spawn which are easily camped by infantry. You leave at one of these three locations and the enemies have a lot more cover to hide behind as they camp. The walls only allow these three narrow chokepoint exits. The walls are great at locking the defenders in and turning the base into a barrel full of defending fish.
  6. axiom537

    I have been inspired by HadesR, So I thought I put some drawings down as well

    A. This is an elevated platform, that allows troops from the spawn room to easily gain the height advantage over the entire complex. In addition, they can use this platform to get onto the upper right ridge or attack troops and vehicles on the road.
    B. These are (3) Buildings provide not only cover from vehicles, but they also provide an area for infantry to fight. The first building to the right of the spawn room, contains the vehicle terminal, which allows vehicles to spawn into the open territory at the top of the image. Vehicle movement is indicated by the green arrows.

    C. This is a unique feature that allows the defenders to drive their vehicles up a ramp up onto a platform, which sits above a large one story enclosure, that should have multiple rooms and then down the ramp on the other side. This feature would give the defenders some protection when spawning their vehicles.

    There is another area to the far right where vehicles will be able to drive down the terrain ( which would be a one way passage, attackers will not be able to drive up the natural rock incline. This whole area provides cover for spawning vehicles and two exit points.

    The green Circles are trees. I would add trees to the court yard and on the far side of the vehicle ramp, this breaks up LOS and give infantry cover from air craft and each other as they work on capturing the point.

    Infantry movement options are shown as blue arrows. And all of the walls are topped with catwalks that encircle the entire complex and allows infantry to move from building to building, These cat walks also over look the Courtyard, which is filled with trees.
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  7. MajiinBuu

    If there's going to be walls all over Amerish, do it creatively.
    Like put a knee-high wall across the roads that only mags can cross because of hovering. I could imagine a TR zerg blitzing across Amerish when suddenly wall in the road
  8. Vastly

    Yes, like that, except I can kill infantry in less than a second with a standard gun. Killing a tank shelling from 150m away takes significantly more time and effort. It doesn't scale well for the defenders.
  9. -Synapse-

    The base isn't done yet, so I'll refrain from judging. The walls could just be the outline of the base, and the inside will be raised enough for defenders to run around safely.

    Go look at the bases on Hossin, or the Stronghold on Indar if you're wondering what I'm referring to.
  10. mina5

    i'm just going to put this here , i know im been bashing this game lately .
    but it hurts so much just to think the potential what Planet Side had ...

    Environment and bases don't have any "life" in them .
    not a single time i had feeling it im fighting in living and breathing world . bases look like no one has ever lived in there .
    there is nothing to indicate it there was someone living before TR,NC,VS combo arrived .

    lets think abut indar , most popular map in PS2 .

    half of the map used to be under water . hmm what comes in mind , what you could put to a map what is placed in dry sea ?
    how about some sort of dock next to (used to be shore now it's cliff) cliff ?
    how about some sort of oil rig turned into military stronghold?
    light houses turned into gun towers? ... near shore living settlement ?

    all those ideas would offer variety to the combat .little bit urban where tanks would not rule but not infantry or aircraft either .or those old oil rigs where tanks have no business to go at all . so only infantry and little air there support.
    but when in bottom of what used to be sea (now desert ) tanks rule .

    just use your imagination . what would place what used to be colony and suddenly war struck in there ,look like?

    and if everything was created and thinked further than one map and one side in mind all those props would be highly reusable .

    it hurts so much to think about what this game would have been , all the potential :(

    Edit : and don't indar have like huge meteor hole in middle of the map ? so that would have caused water to go away . so indar would have like some sort huge boats middle of desert hanging on cliffs .
    (and that boat prop would be reusable in amerish or esamir ... or even in hossin)



    look at what borderlands did to dry sea concept .... and many of the props are reusable in other maps .
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  11. NC_agent00kevin

    Stopping an attack means leaving the base. Because thats where the Sunderers are bud. And air can still lock bases down between CPs - easier than tanks. They can also retreat below the wall easier than finding a real source of cover.

    If you like walls just say so. I dont like walls and think they are a band aid for a different problem. I no longer play on Esamir because of them unless there is an alert. If walls make it to every continent, then Ill probably just pack up my wallet, BR 85, BR31, and BR15 toons and leave Planetside 2. Walla are cheap fixes for a semi-broken resource system and not so thoughtful and creative map design.
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  12. UberBonisseur

    Because they pick this "solution" over fixing tank spam.

    Treating the symptoms isn't going anywhere, and creates a two-fold problem with how stupidly powerful AV weapons can be.
  13. Konfuzfanten

    Your average infantry guy needs faster reactions, better aim and more situational awareness then top vehicle users in any 1vs1 fight. That you dont understand that doesnt surprise me.

    Its not World of Tanks, its PS2 - but with your stats i fully understand why you perfer your vehicles. Give the FPS part of the game a proper try, leave your magrider, do something useful other then zerg around in your crutch.

    I agree that walls are a poor bandaid for vehicle spam, but the alternative (no walls) is worse.

    Every PS2 base needs an area where infantry can fight and not get blown to kingdom come by vehicles when they leave the spawn. There is a good reason why the only bases ppl will defend are tower + biolap and to some extent techplants. At every other base a vehicle zerg can take the base with no problems.

    The devs made a huge mistake when they launched PS2 and every base could get hammered by vehicles, they are now trying to correct that problem. Its not like the current wall/base layout is the final base design. The devs are working on anti-air domes and battlements for the walls. Ofc the devs also needs to have a look at the Easmir base battle flow, currently there are too few entrances and the spawn can still be camped by infantry/air with minimal effort. larger bases, add an underground complex and more teleporters for the defenders.

    If you like combined arms gameplay then Easmir is the best continent, since you actually need committed infantry and vehicles to take a base if its defended - other wise you will never get the capture point.
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  14. Brahma2

    Ahahahahahaha. God I love it. Yeah, spraying down people with your Orion or SV-88... skill. Reaction time... classic.
  15. Zotamedu

    You know, it is very much possible to build a base where tanks can't directly shell the spawn without putting huge freaking walls all over the place that completely messes up the game for everyone. One little thing that I really miss on Wallamir now is the ability to put up a defensive Sunderer.
  16. Konfuzfanten

    So a BR 65 with around 500 kills as infantry, below average aim and spend 90% of your time in a harasser talks about skill? Hilarious

    Ohh i rarely use the SVA-88 and perfer to play TR for the Carv...
  17. Brahma2

  18. lothbrook

    Admitting your TR doesn't help your skill case, lol....
  19. HMR85

  20. deggy

    Aww, you're judging me by my stats. How cute.

    I can make assumptions about you, too. Judging by your obvious misunderstanding of how the game works, I can see why you'd prefer to fight on forums than actually talk about ideas, and I can see why you think any playstyle but your own is invalid.

    Feel free to respond when you've actually thought about the game as a whole, not just the bit of it you can see from behind your LMG.