Hidden Ridge Mining Revamp: Walls on Amerish

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by UberBonisseur, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. UberBonisseur


    Oh boy here we go again.

    I would have thought the abundance of mountains, the narrow roads, the ambush points would all be enough to contain vehicles on Amerish without revamping murdering the most underrated, and actually the best continent in PS2. Have you not noticed that the overall opinion on walls is negative ?

    And it's fair to say that if a base is surrounded by 30 tanks, it'd be a better solution to adress tank spam rather than adding walls all around to make it vehicle-proof. Especially when the playerbase agrees that Anti vehicle weapons are currently too strong; yet our only answer against the huge blobs of tanks.

    It would really be nice to see how the lattice system plays out with only vanilla bases and no-deploy zones as a complement BEFORE changing anything.

    Of course some bases like shadespire farms aren't really the best places to play in, or maybe there's a lack of access to Raven Landing/The Ascent but those are details and 90% of Amerish is just good in its current form.

    Expect jump pads, walls and dome shields to be a priority in base design for the next few months.

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  2. Stromberg

    and how the mountains and ambush points help me when I was pushed back to the spawn room and now tanks camping it? yes yes, redploy one bse back, sure, too bad same story happens there 5 minutes later.
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  3. Konfuzfanten

    So...you drive up on a hill and keep shelling the enemy spawn like a pro.

    Or even better, get your lib or ESF and just spam away.

    Walls and domes are need on all continents. This is an combined arms game, not a vehicle sim.
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  4. vincent-

    You can't find the correct solution to vehicle spam but the walls help. What we need though is artillery and a galaxy that payload drops explosives onto an area, the stupid will be weeded out better that way and than the real tanks can be fought with tactics.

    But that's my opinion and all I don't hate the walls but would like it better if their were catwalks to get a chance to fire back at things.
  5. Zotamedu

    For the love of god no! Please leave the stupid walls and lettuce away from Amerish. Or if you have to implement the stupid lettuce system, please do not destroy all the bases with pointless walls like you did on Esamir. That ruined the game for both vehicles and infantry. All bases are now cluster ***** and death traps. No one benefited from the walls. It was a bad idea. A very bad idea. You turned all the fights into a freaking bio lab grind but this ones can often be spammed by vehicles as well. We don't want walls, we want good base designs. Vehicles spam is not that big of an issue on Amerish. We already have the mountains to fix that.
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  6. HMR85

    I'm not mad. They just need to put some catwalks on those walls now. Can't wait for the revamped Amerish.
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  7. Dingus148

    Walls aren't the problem. Walls without catwalks and some form of limited vehicle access are the problem. Why do they refuse to learn from The Stronghold? That base is how to do walls RIGHT. Those up/down sheets just segregate the battle, and actually work against the defenders. Give them catwalks, and the battle can be fought AROUND the facility, with the infantry-only, room-to-room battle as the final stages. Up until then, everybody gets to party.
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  8. K2k4

    I dunno if that's a good idea SOE. Amerish is sort of the eye candy continent.. These walls don't look too good... My vote is to strap a lattice on it and leave the bases as they are.
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  9. FocusLight

    What I want to see more than mere walls are DEFENSIBLE WALLS.

    As they stand now the walls on Esamir are nothing but prison pens herding the infantry in, tanks are pushed out but air can come over the walls an rain down fire with impunity, then retreat, repair any damage and repeat. Amerish is a Air-infested hell-hole as a consequence of all the mountains, every evening and night you see the same lol-podding people going about popping any minor battles going about. If we added cat-walks to walls high enough that you can fire over them if you stand up but be covered if you crouched down, tanks could still kill you when you stand up, but you would not be helpless to defend the base when they surround it. It would be possible to see and possibly deal with air from a somewhat elevated position. LA's would be useful for wall-breaching and clearing work, not just an alternative way to get over as opposed to going around. The walls could still be hit with strafing runs from aircraft attacking in conjecture with armor and infantry support.

    In short - by all means add walls to lighten the rendering load on our systems, but please for the love of fun add cat-walks to them and make them somewhat useful for a defending force, even an attacking force that has taken them. Right now, their only purpose is to pen in anyone inside the base for little practical reason other than denying armor and making the air work somewhat simpler.
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  10. ArmedGoose

    Why the hell not. VS does not have numbers to play anywhere but Indar anyway.
    Go ahead and transform another continent into a wall graveyard. See if I care.
  11. Aegie

    Gigantic maps, the biggest in any FPS, distilled down into more-or-less identical meat grinders smaller than most FPS arena shooters.
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  12. UberBonisseur

    They don't.
    The zerg is just parked outside and eventually disappears because of timers it's ashamed of those ugly walls and just want to go home.

    If they want to imitate PS1, at least give us the catwalks and courtyard
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  13. FIN Faravid

    I ******* hate these walls... Make dozens of catwalks, HUGE catwalks from one mountain to another, make hills that only infantry can climb etc etc. It makes destryoing tanks very very easy, but does not limit use of tanks.
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  14. The Shermanator

    It's like Sony is actively telling tankers to go screw themselves.
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  15. Mustarde

    Amerish is one of the least friendly vehicle continents in the game. I completely agree with the OP - we don't need to butcher the bases and throw walls everywhere. If you are getting farmed by vehicles on amerish, you're doing something wrong.
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  16. iMartyr

    The walls fit pretty well with the general atmosphere of Esamir, NOT Amerish... it looks terrible on Amerish.
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  17. Mastachief

    I love walls just add the dome shields too and it will be perfect. Properly defendable bases semi immune to vehicle spam is the only way to secure the longevity of the game.
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  18. Dingus148

    But the walls pictured (and used on Esamir) are a terrible way to attempt to fix the problem. Apart from the problem that is the base design itself, there needs to be some kind of interaction. An area of vehicle control, an area of infantry control, and a few hundred meters of grey area. Neither should be invulnerable in their zone, but rather the odds should be heavily stacked in their favour.
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  19. Aegie

    Walls just funnel activity in a way that makes everything a lot more predictable and boring.

    What exactly is the point of giant maps and large group combat if everyone is funneled through a handful of small passageways into an area smaller than most arena FPS maps?
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  20. EliteEskimo

    Even if you consider putting these ugly walls up everywhere at the end of the day SOE this is still only addressing a symptom of vehicle spam, and not actually addressing the problem of getting rid of vehicle spam itself.
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