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  1. moxman

    I haven't played in Years... Since 2013 what has changed since then?
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  2. Twin Suns

    Ain't nobody got time for a wall of text explaining it all to you. Read the updates.

  3. icufos

    I have all the time in the World.

    So here goes..
    1. Lag seems to be a thing of the past. Used to get real bad lag but no more...or very rarely.
    2. Bastions. Huge ships sent from hell that deliver death and destruction.
    Had a ride in one and huge fun, btw.
    3. Oh yes, erm, they upped to DX11.
    4. The DEVS have enlisted 'Wrel' whom I believe was a great youtube fan of the game. In my opinion a good move.
    6. I joined an 'outfit' which is feared. (1UPz) ...yes, I said F.E.A.R.E.D.:mad:
    7. A fair few new weapons etc. One big mungo tank.
    8. It's a much better game than when I signed up about 18 months ago.:)

    I did a fair few posts on my clansite here about Planetside 2 since starting playing....
    Basically charting my experiences with the game.
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  4. Liewec123

    a youtuber was hired and made lead developer.

    defensive sunderer placement was removed giving zergs easier wins,
    spawn system was changed to increase waiting and push you away from the fun fights,
    new outfit resources were added to encourage zerging and deter defending.

    nc max shotguns were made no better at cqc than TR and VS max weapons,
    nc max shotguns were also given 80% damage drop off by 20m, slugs removed.

    harasser buggies were buffed to require 2xc4 and more AP tank rounds than a lightning tank to destroy.

    liberators ability to oneshot ESFs with belly guns was re-enabled.

    orbital strike modules were added to utterly obliterate player-made bases,
    later they were allowed to be used to ruin lattice fights too!
    later "pocket OS" was added so you don't even need to build a module to ruin lattice fights, just right click the map!

    lifetime subs were sold, and the funds were used wisely ofrcourse!
    (on a battleroyal spin-off game that was dead on arrival)

    Bastions were added to allow outfits to go on thousand player killstreaks and ruin fights between the other two factions.

    NSO robots were added to the game as a subscription bonus, they were half finished and then abandoned.

    and a +BR 100 system was added allowing you to unlock "ASP" perks, more were promised but the system was abandoned.

    MBTs were given new abilities,
    VS were given their magburner by default, and also the ability to magburn sideways,
    TR were given the ability to lockdown by default increasing their velocity, and two new abilities Barrage and Rampart Shield,
    NC were given a Vanguard Shield nerf and also given an inferior version of auto repair called Nimitz Reactor.

    i'm sure there have been many more "fun" additions, but thats what i can think of, off the top of my head.
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  5. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Besides what's pretty much already been written...

    In terms of servers:
    Matherson and Waterson were merged to create Emerald.
    Cobalt and Ceres were merged as Cobalt.
    Woodman and Miller were merged as Miller.
    SolTec was created as a Tokyo-based server.
    Briggs was shut down and players were allowed to move either to Connery or SolTec.

    A 4th continent, Hossin, was added.

    Construction was added to the game and was changed a lot. Its current iteration along with Orbital Strikes and Bastions (plus its paper walls) make them unfun to build.

    New vehicles. ANT (for construction), Colossus (outfit resource-purchasable 5-person tank) and the Valkyrie, a flying transport.

    The game was moved to DX11 which mucked up a lot of stuff.

    A bunch of new infantry and vehicle weapons have been added.

    The game is no longer run by SOE. It's now developed by Rogue Planet Games and published by Daybreak Games Company.

    Some bases have been changed.

    Locking a continent no longer gives half off consumables, air, or vehicle resource costs.

    Air, infantry, and vehicle resources have been combined into a single currency called Nanites.

    There is a Sanctuary you can access from the warpgate. You can find an oftentimes barren wasteland, devoid of players, but 5 NPC vendors.

    Directives were added which allow you to work towards some pretty awful rewards (unless you play VS Heavy). Some are ok like the camos. They do give some kind of direction but that's it.

    You can reach BR 120 for some useless titles.

    At BR 100 you can pay 10k certs or if you have membership you can pay for it right away. ASP resets your BR to 1 but you keep everything you purchased. Every 25 ranks allows you a new ASP point which can be spent on unique perks like 30% off X vehicle or LMG's for Engineer.

    Memberships got changed to a single membership type - All Access.

    PlanetSide Arena was developed as a Battle Royale game and it was such a huge flop that it was cancelled pretty much immediately after release. All the content from the game was shifted over to PS2.

    If you pay for membership you can play as a 4th faction known as NS Operatives. You have to create a new character and whenever you join the server, you will join the least populated faction. Currently it has access only to a unique MAX unit, a type of Flash known as the Javelin, and a Sniper Rifle. You can't spawn MBT's or ESF's as an NSO and you use only NS weaponry.

    There's a lot more but I'm too tired to list them and others have/likely will anyway
  6. AlcyoneSerene

    I wouldn't say all content from the PS:Arena was added, but a lot of it has been, Bastions, Javelin, some cosmetics and sound effects, and I find Sanctuary was made with the same higher quality or more polished graphics as PS:A save for the cartoonish effect (thankfully omitted).

    That version of amerish was fun to fight on and had a lot that was unique. There was one capture the flag map too. Void grenades were interesting. The interior of the bastion was quite nice, especially the lighting which made PS2 really look more up to date. It was also not meant to be only Battle Royale but with the exception of larger team battles and CTF that's all they were able to beta test before server population was at absolute zero.

    I had a lot of fun in PS:Arena. Those open terrain infantry battles were really intense and refreshing to PS2, armor was only javelins or flash, harassers, and eventually vanguards. No cloakers, no air, only 3 classes all with jetpacks out of which the assault was still underpowered. Maybe something similar can be done with low pop as an alternative to Koltyr but separating server stats, though I fear bugs and lack of new content drawing away from the main game.
  7. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I meant all the content as in cosmetics and weapon reskins. I'm aware not every single detail of the game was ported to PS2. I should have been a little clearer.

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