Hi Im today's person looking for an outfit.

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by Shaneeequa, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Shaneeequa

    I'm BR41 currently and Im looking to find myself an outfit to play with, nothing too hardcore just casual with a semblance of planning and order hopefully. If anyone is looking for a soldier that will follow orders and try not to die let me know.

    My ingame name is same as the forums and I'm fairly well equipped as far as gear goes although Im mostly a jack of all trades at this point..
  2. Brasidas

    The Bastards will suit the bill. Headed by AceRimmer (said he was hassling you yesterday) we are a fairly relaxed, yet highly regimented and professional outfit so we may be what you are after. We generally run as mechanised infantry and focus on small unit tactics, though we do occasionally need a pilot or a tank here and there to break things up.

    Check out our website

    There are people on throughout the week but our main sessions are Fridays and Saturdays from 6:30pm PST, and we usually run a training of a Monday (also at 6:30pm PST).

    You can always come along to one of our sessions and see if we are the right fit, and this Saturday we are running a combined op with a number of other outfit so its a great time to sign up!

    Sergeant Brasidas

    Chief of Pressganging

    The Bastards

    That name makes me cringe I hope your NC so I can hunt you now.
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  4. kaptinkrunch88

    Just ignore Snafus. He fights bravely against any infantry from the safety of his cockpit at 300 meters. Corageously ingnoring SMG and pistol fire as he skillfully launches a swarm of rockets at his dangerous foes.
    All joking aside, this guy is damn good and the reason I have to have a Hawk Rocket Launcher.
    Check out The Unbalanced Breakfast (TUBB). We're casual most of the time. We run one op a week and we welcome every level and class. Find me in-game, kaptinkrunch88 or one of our other outfit leadrers, sulaco99, jagisama or Outspokenson. We'd be glad to take you for a test drive.
  5. Shaneeequa

    both outfits sound pretty good, It looks like Ill be joining the bastards for a test run on friday but Id be happy to join TUBB for tonight or tomorrow evening.

    And as for SNAFUS. Do you have something against a strong independent black woman who wants comrades?
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  6. kaptinkrunch88

    You go girl!
  7. HMR85

  8. kaptinkrunch88

    FYI. Both of the other outfits that have responded are well organised and highly skilled units. Both solid choices.
  9. Shaneeequa

    awesome! Im down to join anyone. Guess Ill see who's online :)
  10. Goiiath

    Ahhahahhahahaahahaha. You're in trouble now SNAFUS