Hey ya dummies, start using slugs on your NC MAX

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Epic High Five, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Epic High Five

    Back me up on this Devrailis and all my slug brethren.

    Here is but a sampling of my 6 kdr rampage tonight (would be higher but I'm trying to learn to fly :( )


    The tale of a slug max, as it spawns at Hvar and ends up meeting its final fate at Saurva, dying from gunshots that didn't register until it was already being repaired.

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  2. DashRendar


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  3. Epic High Five

    You can tell from his sig that Dash is a man who knows his stuff re: NC MAX arm slug action
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  4. DashRendar

    Get mad. As eccentric as I am, I am honest. Not everything NC has is total complete inferior s***. I won't lie about the good things they have, what would I gain in doing that?
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  5. HooWoo

    404 error joke not found
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  6. HerpTheDerp


    A MAX, supported by engineers to repair and rearm it, kills a lot of infantry this evening.

    "We next to nothing about the situation, location, force composition or skill of the parties involved" says expert on the topic, Sen7ryGun84. "But we can say with a lot of certainty that this fact alone means that the entire NC faction is perfectly balanced."

    MORE AT 11. NOW: Is Gauss SAW worth it? Interview with Epic High Five: "I ran into a room spraying my SAW everywhere and killed a lot of dudes."
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  7. Pikachu

    MAX slugs have such an inconsistent damage falloff. Today i shot 4 slugs into a guy from like 20m range and he survives so I have to shhot him again with another 1-2 slugs. Other times they die as expected. For regular shotguns 3 slugs is enough for anything within 40m or so.
  8. IronPhalloi

    HEY KIDS You too can play NC max and sacrifice having shotguns for gimped mercies! Watch in amazement as you miss by a hair. Watch as other maxes do well at close and Mid!
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  9. Epic High Five

    I just said where it happened, a couple of hours ago during the primetime biolab alert on the NC's push from Hvar to Saurva. A lot of people who post here were involved in the same battles even!

    Also I didn't have any dedicated engie support until I hit Saurva West - I mostly just made sure I knew where ammo packs/terminals were and I generally run auto-repair.

    I also make no claim that this means that the NC are fine and balanced. You'll notice, in fact, that I made no assertion regarding overall balance at all, let's keep it that way eh? This is a thread about the NC MAX once it's properly invested in, not the tire fire it is before that point. Everybody already knows about that.

    Anyway you hate the SAW so you are just too crazy to believe when it comes to NC stuff
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  10. neoNEO

  11. Epic High Five

    The damage range is 500-320 (may be 360) at ??? ranges. Not much is known about slugs lol, I'd really appreciate it if a dev would hop over and show us some data on slugs so we know for sure about this stuff :pokes Luperza hint hint:

    Up close if you aim for the head, they're toast. They count as buckshot so they only get 1.5x headshot multiplier but that's more than enough. It takes some shots to kill from range, but you take a hell of a lot more than they do so you can just hammer away at them until you land that headshot and blow them up.

    Mostly though, it's learning to aim at moving targets at middle distance. Outside of kissing range, you should be waiting for you recoil to settle in between shots. The bullet velocity is really slow (except on the Mattocks) tho so you have to lead like you're Lashing.
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  12. DashRendar

    11,671 certs in my MAX, it's definitely pretty good once you get to endgame status. There is definitely a steeper cert curve for NC MAXes, but it's not as bad as people make it. The major problem is that the enemy MAXes get way more easy mode weaponry. The NC MAX plays as more of a skill vs result unit, high risk high reward. As such, the NC MAX takes more time to learn than other MAXes and that gives new players less incentive to play their MAX because they die miserably.

    The NC MAX with slugs, extended mags, and Aegis is more or less on equal footing as all other AI MAXes. Fractures and Comets, and whether or not you choose to admit it, Pounders, are a death sentence to a slug NC MAX. It's just a paradigm flip that trumps AI MAXes in general currently and isn't unique to NC MAXes, it's pretty unfair though that NC doesn't have an equivalent weaponry. The Ravens are pretty good at killing MAXes, but only after 40m or so, under that it's really hard to hit a strafing MAX or infantry. Falcons are too slow and unreliable relative to Fractures or Comets.
  13. Epic High Five

    I saw that video and have been REALLY tempted to try that out. Had just got exmags and slugs on my Hacksaws in anticipation of auraxing my Grinders (at a record pace) when I saw it. Does it work with 2 Hacksaws do you know?

    This is 100% the truth, except I'm a firm believer that a 4/5 Charge is 100x more useful than Aegis will ever be. It really depends on your playstyle tho
  14. neoNEO

    It works with 2 hacksaws too, but the trick is the Mattock and its long range capability. The Hacksaw is just there erase the recoil and improve the Mattock performance. Grinder + Hacksaw works too. The purpose of the Hacksaw is to assist the other shotgun(Grinder,Scat or Matt) by removing the recoil. This grants you control of the aim, predict where slugs can land and the best of all you can follow targets without having the aim shaking all time. 90% of the NC does not know this "exploit" but if they knew there wouldn't be so much complains about ZOE movement buff, im not saying ZOE is not easy mode (which is of course).
  15. Bape

    Dam it I was hoping you would forget to say #SLUGLYFE lmao I was about to say it :mad:.
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  16. Epic High Five

    I already auraxed both Mattock arms, hence why I'm using the Grinders :D It'll be nice having more reliable slugs with the hacksaws when I move onto them, though the real challenges of that reload and velocity remain

    You're more than welcome to join in on the call! You've rezzed my slug monster so many times you're an honorable member of the Brotherhood of the Slug at this point :)
  17. Bape

    Not gonna lie this **** made me laugh pretty hard lol.
  18. Bape

    Ah thanks :) some of our NC medics are ............. mentally challenge when it comes to dead maxes so I have to be that medic that makes all maxes happy.
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  19. DashRendar

    I think you will like the Hacksaw slugs. They're currently my favorite overall setup for AI work. The Saws don't have terrible velocity, Not as good as the Mattocks you've auraxed, but they're better than the Grinders at least. On top of that the starting accuracy is a little tighter too :)
  20. Epic High Five

    Well it's true and I did (many times)

    That sounds like it'll be great. Mostly I'm just looking forward to being able to walk up to a ZOE MAX and just magdump 20 slugs into it in about 2 seconds. And things it will allow me to do quickly to a room full of bad guys :eek: