[Vehicle] Hey TR. What if the Prowler looked more like this?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BluescalesNZ, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. MaxDamage

    Friends don't let friends drive stock.
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  2. TriumphantJelly

    VS MAX

    EDIT: 4 edits later and the link still won't work. Search tyranid haruspex.
  3. doombro

    Those guns aren't big enough for my tastes.

    And the prowler's aesthetic is the least of its worries.
  4. Alizona

    Speaking only for myself of course... as a Vanu, I happen to think the TR Prowler is the most intimidating vehicle in the game when I realizing I'm dealing with one (or more). I love the way it looks, while hating the fact that I have to look at it and deal with it!
  5. Tycoh

    You must be the type of person who gets easily intimidated by small growling bunnies.
  6. Jaedrik



    Maybe with the MBT update. I wonder when that's gonna happen.
  7. Outreach

    It should look something like this. Still keeps that sort of boxy theme to it, barrels are centered. Replace vulcan with fracture secondary. Switch vulcan to AI and make it sort of a tank version of the mcg.

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  8. Outreach

    are you trying to post a img? take the img tags out of the link and just put the link itself. might have to upload it to imgur if you weren't doing that.
  9. Auzor

    Why reinvent the wheel etc;
    Panther tank, WW2
    Russian WW2 tank, T-34

    T-55 tank

    Personal favorite:
    a "T-55" Prowler still has a rounded turret, a bigger turret I think, but smaller hull I think. (rounded turret: rounded edges are a "design aspect" of the TR)
    Basically, the TR mbt would be more compact; compensating for the lesser armor of the vanguard.
    The front plate is inclined, which is common among tanks to improve the armor strength, but I think we can agree it is quite a distinct look from either vanguard or magrider.

    The Abrams is quite a massive tank, compared to most earlier tanks..

    As for the double cannon: I think the prowler would be improved if, if it must have the double barrel cannon,
    the barrels would reload independently.
    Now, by all means, keep the current 0.5s delay,
    but 1s after the first shot is fired, it starts to reload. Even if the second shot isn't fired yet.

    Another option: in theory, the prowler has a DPS advantage over the vanguard.
    AP, max certed:
    NC: 2075, 3.5s reload.
    TR: 1s firing cycle, 2s reload. 2500 dmg.

    Giving the TR instead a 1-shot, at max rank 2.5s reload weapon would give, for the same theoretical DPS advantage:
    2083 dmg shells :confused:
    How about 1600 dmg, 2s reload. (so, starting out, 2.5s reload)

    Still a DPS advantage over the vanguard, still an advantage vs infantry, ..
    remove the stupid double barrel, party, go home.
  10. Cavadus

    I still want the Prowler we were supposed to get before launch:

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  11. JustBoo

    Triangles, vertices, polygons... performance.
  12. Metalsheep


    Why not just make it look like PS1s prowler?
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  13. m44v

    I don't like the turret of neither the prowler or vanguard, I would like them much more if they were symmetrical.
  14. CNR4806

    Meh, I'll be happy enough with something modest like the M61A5 from MS IGLOO:
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  15. uhlan

    They deliberately took out the realism or "grit" in order to appeal to certain types of gamers.

    The creator of the PS2 artwork that went unused discussed why he thought they did it at length through some posts on Deviant Art.

    In addition, the art we have now somewhat resembles PS1 despite the fact that computing technology has moved on by leaps and bounds.

    It's made to look like crap... and I say this with a straight face.
  16. Thornefear

    I say hell yes.
  17. Germaux

    When is see that picture it feels more like somthing for nc.
  18. IvanDrago

    How about something with similar to the AMX 50 or SK-105? Smooth out the hull and other hard edges and I think it would fit. Make it an autoloader instead of a twin barrel, or stick another gun on if you must.