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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DieHard2Live3, Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. DieHard2Live3

    Notice the massive drama about the new deathscreen. Don't lie to me. You did, and yet, this came along.

    However, I think this might fix it. It's stupidly simple, actually.

    Have the silencer hide you from even the deathscreen, unless you were spotted (Thanks, FateJH.)

    Not so hard, isn't it?
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  2. Kam8T88

    Actually by my count so far on the forums it's only about 5 people complaining, so...
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  3. OneRedBlock

    My entire outfit's pissed about it, but then again, we're about eight or so people, lol.
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  4. Vikingo

    That may be, however OPs suggestion was sound.
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  5. FateJH

    The silencer should hide you from showing on the death screen map anyway, unless someone within spot-range of the victim Q'ed you before you got the kill in. This all may also be tied to the Awareness Implant.

    The view rotation should only matter if you're in standing in plain sight already.
  6. PlatoonLeaderG

    Make it 6 with me now :D,its really stupid.Reward a guy who is dying is wrong,he need to learn2play by watching carefully and communicate with his team not point the enemy location /facepalm

    and yeah beware the lock on thread because they dont like negative feedback another /facepalm

    and i hope they dont ban me again
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  7. DieHard2Live3


    The silencer should hide you from the deathscreen map UNLESS you were spotted.
  8. libbmaster

    ... Isn't that how it already works?

    You only get "the line" If you were spotted before the kill.
  9. PlatoonLeaderG

    even without the line,you can know his position just with the cone and the gun he killed you.
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