Hey rampart projector's a piece of ***

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zoopshab, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Zoopshab

    I tested this today in the VR shooting my tank with rockets.

    Normal tank:
    Front: 725 dmg
    Side: 834 dmg

    Rampart projector on and shooting the shield:
    Front of the shield: 580 dmg
    Side of the shield: 834 dmg!!!

    I can't shoot my own shield from behind, but I heard it does the same damage as if you hit the rear of the tank.

    So it's just a bigger f-ing hitbox that glows!
  2. Liewec123

    I love the shield, but you need to know when to use it.
    Don't just use it out in the open, or on a cliff as if it was standard anchor
    When used correctly it is an incredibly strong tool

    My favourite use is covering sunderers in the sunderer garages,
    The shield stretches the full width of the garage keeping the sunderer nice and safe,
    And any vehicles that come to gank the sunderer are instead met with two barrels of justice!

    I also like using it to protect allied vehicles that are smoking and heading for cover but I know won't make it,
    They'll be your best friend forever :D

    And naturally it works great at bases like indar Comm Array when there is no cover for the sunderer,
    You can be the cover!
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  3. tommyrocket

    Should just be grateful they even fixed the bug where each rank of Rampart Projector only had a 10% damage reduction. I was the wheel that squeaked and got them to fix it, just so you know. Sure, it's possible there are more bugs with it, but at least ranking it up has correct values now. People were literally judging it as bad before, while they had absolutely no clue that it wasn't even working properly.

    But yeah, like Liewec said, it's great for tactical use and protecting teammates. I personally enjoy using it despite other people's opinions on it, which I happen to think most are just parroting without really attempting to use it right themselves. It's a fun, yet niche tool.
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  4. DemonicTreerat

    Trade you for Numbnutz reactor.
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  5. Liewec123

    Haha XD
    The NC main in me is screaming HELL YEAH! (It'd also fit the theme of NC and vanguard better than TR!)
    But I use my prowler way more so my TR is screaming EEW NO!

    I wouldn't be shocked if most players don't even know about Numbnutz, i've never seen any one use it, ever.
    (Because all it does is increase downtime to 20 seconds...yay!)
  6. Nehlis

    I'm pretty sure its blatantly NOT meant to protect from flanks. Its like anchor mode in general, know when to use it. The shield is one way, so you can protect allied infantry from the front, like engineers repairing your tank, or heavies with rockets. Hell it even covers enough area to protect some small vehicles (fury flash, harassers)
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