HESH Changes

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by LtBomber, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. LtBomber

    When the DEVs changed Magrider HE(SH), i suggested this change ("No 1HK, more splash), but in the context of asymetrical balance.

    Still nice to see that the team is doing something about often complained topics - and frightening at the same time.

    If you are an vet like i am, you clearly can see the direction the game has turned to: Earlier days, infantry was worth sh**, and it was still a good game and much more of combined arms. Splash damage in general has been tuned down by a lot, and vehicles got nerfed over and over. 9m Splash on dalton? The regin of LOLpods?

    Well in the end it is nice to see the game is processing, and most of the time, it comes out fine.

    Keep on working!

    PS: Pls no more "random chance implants", rng in the middle of a battle is pure cancer

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