Here's what I think the upcoming empire-specific pistols are going to be...

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  1. z1967

    What if the VS one started off with an Underboss level of damage shot, and eventually tapered off (per shot) to a guy sniping with the repeater?

    So, 334-250-200-167-143-125-112-100-91-84 would be continuous fire with each shot coming out faster than the next (decreasing damage, but increasing ROF and velocity). And to top it off, it could have a heat bar instead of an ammo clip.

    I think its cool.
  2. Vikarius

    meh screw more pistols.
    Id pay 2000 sc for a Sword that does more damage then a knife (and is equippable so no ICD) and does NOT take up primary weapon slot.
  3. Whatupwidat

    If the NC one is a "shotgun pistol" I'll ****...and I'm NC 0.o
  4. Ronin Oni

    When do you use a pistol in PS2?
    1. In a CQB fight, primary runs out of ammo, need finisher. In this case, you have no time to charge up. Useless
    2. You're a Stalker and pistol is your primary. You need to decloak before firing/charging. Useless
    3. You have a BASR and going into CQB. Here you may run around with pistol primary when in too short range... however you're probably still using cloak (making charge useless) or even if not, like all other charge ups, the 1 second max charge duration hold will still leave it useless.
    TR get an upgrade of their already superior default pistol.
    NC will get a bloody shotgun!!! Sure, it'll probably be like the weakest semi-auto with less rounds... BUT IT"S STILL A SIDEARM SHOTGUN.
    Perfect for Stalkers too! Both are!
    VS get a pile of dung that will only be useful if there are 5 people with it spamming charged shots at a door to less effect than a single Lasher which is already rare due to it's crazy situational use.
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  5. Ronin Oni

    I know mine will be.

    NS pistols ARE VS pistols.
  6. HadesR

    TR = Pistol fires ammo that complains about it's dmg
    NC = Pistol fires ammo that complains about its RoF
    VS = Pistol fires ammo that complains about EVERY bloody thing ...
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  7. ZenitHMaster

    Vs pistol seems nice. they just need to copy paste the plasma gun from redeclpise. it has rapid fire mode and a charged mode dealing explosive damage but a slow bullet velocity!
    see 0:27
  8. Outreach

    I'm willing to give the charge up pistol a chance. But so far they've shown that charge up usually comes with a price of the weapon it's on paying a hefty price in so many other stats that the weapon becomes complete crap. Which is mind boggling to me as even after charge up the muzzle velocity and damage are still lower than NC's and the rof is always lower than TR.

    The key to making the VS work is that the pistol has be able to hold it's own without the charge up mode. Once the pistol is decent and balance THEN you add the charge up mode to it. I'd like for the faction as a whole to lay off the damn complaining about it when we don't even have a working copy of it yet, this is a chance to get something nice but so far we seem set on the path of the Cerberus and terminus, where the devs will mess around with it like once and it'll be even worse than the first one, then they'll go quiet and on patch day it'll end up being a copy of a another empire's **** and we'll have been cheated again.

    We should embrace unique stuff, yes even charge up. The key is to make them stop short changing us by making the weapons pay hefty tolls for being unique.
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  9. Vikarius

    If its a charge up it better be like knife damage at the very least on a full charge with high round velocity
  10. Dasubur

    As a full time NC player I love this Idea.

    Though it would need some sort of balance to prevent enough spamming it to create the "WERE THE **** DO I GO TO NOT DIE?" situation
    I guess you could make it an anti infantry only weapon and have it do nothing at all against vehicles
  11. Epic High Five

    If I'm reading that right, are you proposing a sidearm that does 1606 damage per shot and has unlimited ammo?

    That'd be more powerful than even the 2nd gen pump actions by a solid 10%
  12. Epic High Five

    What was I thinking!

    :hits head with folding chair:

  13. Tentakewls

    I'm pretty sure I'll just be disappointed
  14. z1967

    Er, not quite. I didn't explain it very well (in hindsight), but basically what happens is that the first shot is 334 damage. The second is 250 damage but can be fired sooner than of the shot was a 334 shot. The next shot would be 200 dmg and so on and so forth. It wouldn't do 1606 dmg per shot but actually 1606 dmg per mag, emphasizing headshots as being rather important for the weapon. It's a concept that could do well or could fail by the same token.
  15. Kaiju Cage Match

    Rocket launcher that shoots shotguns or shotgun that shoots rocket launchers?
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  16. Dasubur

    No we need a gun turns people INTO SHOTGUNS, then they fire shotguns that shoot more shotguns, that shoot more shoguns that shoot shotguns and more shotguns and shotguns and shotguns shotguns shotgfunsshotgunsshotgunsshotgunshotgunsshotguns...
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  17. Ronin Oni

    Vortex/Lancer work with charge mechanic because it gives a unique edge, range, that can't be matched for AV... and only requires greater numbers to be effective.

    I can't see people trying to use a charge up pistol to snipe with :confused: oh, and just about any other ranged designed weapon would be superior for AI than a charge up pistol.
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  18. Dasubur

    What we really need is a gun that charges up fires a gun that also charges and fies another gun that chargesandchargesCHARGINCHARGINCHARGINGCHARGINGCHARGING
  19. Maljas23

    VS should just get a pistol with ricocheting rounds. Tapping the button fires it like a Beamer, but charging up would do more dmg and allow it to ricochet once or twice. Fits the VS theme of STRANGE.
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  20. Dasubur

    thats....thats pretty cool actually....why has this not been made yet?