Here's the rumble seat, incase you haven't seen it yet.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by StormStrafe, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Nintyuk

    The infiltrator should get a sword that he can use for back-stabs. It could either block him from using another weapon type while equipped or reduce his shield capability.
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  2. PaladinZERO

    I think that decal comes with the cert.
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  3. PaladinZERO

    OK infs, time to have some fun.

    Get the stealth module, put a non-inf on the back, enter stealth, and see people spam hacker when a non-inf is magically flying around the countryside. :)
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  4. StormStrafe

    Now we have to wait until next week for the rumble seat. It's like looking forward to Christmas but it keeps getting pushed back. :(
  5. Suroped

    VS had some kind of katana or eastern sword as upgrade for melee.
  6. StormStrafe

    Wait, in PlanetSide 1 they had that? I can't find anything about that, haha.

    I wonder how hard it's gonna be to keep the new Empire Specific AV Launcher for the TR on target for its lock-on tracking while on the move. From what I read, it will be lock-on yet not fire-and-forget which sounds like it'll still be much more accurate and easy to use than the AV MANA Turret.
  7. StormStrafe

    By the way, here's the Flash C-4 Cliff Diving Sundy Hunting Tactic (FCCDSHT) that I previously talked about in this thread. My buddie just now uploaded his recording of the tactic to youtube so I'm finally able to add it here now.

    It has the benefit of coming from an unexpected and undefended direction. High-risk, high-reward.

    This will be twice the fun with rumble seats, just make sure you both get out in time and then try to clean up the infantry together and/or try to finish off a Sunderer that has maxed out MineGuard. I might have been able to save him if we had rumble seats at the time!

    I always like to put my Sundy in the same spot as the TR had, so I keep telling him "It's underneath the bridge where I put it. Underneath the bridge where I put it." when it looked to me like he might not know where the enemy Sundy is that we told him was down there.

    I was also overly excited about it, as you can probably tell from hearing me haha.
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  8. Whateverworks

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that upon seeing a swarm of friendly Flashes running across the desert plains. =)
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  9. StormStrafe

    I have to agree with many who've posted about how effective the camera guided empire specific anti-vehicle launcher for the NC is going to be with the rumble seat and well-coordinated teamwork.

    The main disadvantage for a camera guided launcher is the fact that the operator is a sitting duck while the missile is in the air; the rumble seat with a mindful driver will eleviate the sitting duck factor to a great extent.

    An engineer flash driver can scout the outskirts of a battle from a distance and spot favorable targets with the "Q" key and then turn enough so that the rumble seated heavy assault can confirm that he's got eyes on the target and then launch the camera guided missile without the driver ever having to stop or slow down.

    While the missile is in the air, the driver is free to move to a relatively safe location and either stay on the move to avoid potential enemy fire or take cover to stop and put down an ammo pack for the heavy assault. If your firing position is located by the enemy, the flash driver can relocate to a safer area utilizing the speed and mobility of the flash.

    This is all happening while the heavy assault continues to guide missiles onto the target. Once the target is destroyed, the driver scouts out another one.

    Again, the key here is maintaining distance, using cover, and staying on the move. A bad flash driver will simply make you "XP on wheels."

    I plan to fully test this out and already have the Station Cash waiting for this launcher to be released. I will report back my findings if there is expressed interest in me doing so.
  10. StormStrafe

    Alright, I'll keep it to myself then. :(
  11. Nintyuk

    Were just waiting with baited breath for this patch.
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  12. HMR85

    I really cannot wait for this patch to get in. The changes to the flash are really going to be a game changer. So many possibilities have been opened up with is new addition. I really am glad I put a ton of certs into my flash already. :D
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  13. BengalTiger

    An HA with a hand held SAM will make up for the MAX.

    Skyguards will once again be completely useless.
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  14. StormStrafe

    Indeed. Considering that vastly more people have acquired either the Annihilators or Anti-Air Lock-On Launchers than Skyguards, I do suspect that many (if not most) armor columns will indeed be accompanied by rumble seated heavies with those launchers.

    I also suspect that the armor columns will accidentally crush a lot more of their AA support now.

    As it right now though, seeing a flash while in an ESF or Liberator usually means a free kill, so it will be interesting to see it all in action. A horde of AA-Flashes will be something to watch out for as a pilot, that is without doubt.

    Speaking of the Skyguard, I happen to be tempted by the following YouTube video to acquire the Skyguard and add thermal optics to it purely for Anti-Infantry purposes (I didn't make the video, that's not me, I'd be much more polite):

    Yet every shred of common sense within me tells me not to haha.
  15. Being@RT

    I say give the skyguard more downwards elevation (instead of the 'none' it has now) and remove the HE cannon as no vehicle needs two anti-infantry specialised weapons ;D
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  16. StormStrafe

    Haha, I'd buy the Skyguard in a heartbeat with that change. Great point, really. You single-handedly convinced me not to get it; I dislike certain tank models in World of Tanks that have a lack of gun-depression so I know I won't like the Skyguard with that in mind. Thank you.

    Looks like I'll be sticking to a rumble seat with my AA-launcher for guarding the sky... if the patch ever comes out that is haha.

    I feel like a kid during a road-trip who keeps asking, "Are we there yet?"
  17. Haba

    What the Flash really needs is a lance. No, not Lancer. A lance.
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  18. StormStrafe

    Haha. Just like with the sword, name your price for the lance, SOE. Name. Your. Price.

    Why do archaic weapons in a futuristic game appeal to me so much? They just sound like so much fun; I must be sick. Still though, name your price haha.
  19. BengalTiger

    It does mow infantry down like that, but once the range gets beyond 50 meters or so, the accuracy becomes lacking.

    As an AA weapon it suffers from the same problems- low accuracy and high damage fall off means it'll only splash planes easily if they crash into it.
    Range is something the AA missile Flashes will have, so they'll give more of an area defense rather than point defense like the SG does.

    I also recommend using the dual Burster against infantry. Results may vary, but with an engy nearby it is possible to be a walking tank.

    The SG has some 5 deg depression now, it was fixed a patch or two ago.

    Not enough to aim down a hill, but just enough to make crouching an ineffective tactic against it.
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  20. Being@RT

    I wonder about the AA-lockon Flash rumble seat.. I imagine trying to keep a target in the lock area to be pretty darn difficult while the Flash is moving (with some very flat terrains the exception, but the Flash itself is very vulnerable there).

    Probably more effective for two heavies to pull two flashes and just dismount when they need to fire.

    And thanks for info on the skyguard downwards elevation bit =)
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