Here it is...the New & Improved Harasser!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MountainMan, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. Zazulio

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  2. LordMondando

    I'll speak to Deevee about getting you a physical copy.
  3. Zazulio

    The vulcans are nasty, but the Halberds were the real devil. What they lacked in straight up murder power they made up for by being able to attack at long range, where you couldn't do a single thing to fight back because the Harasser is so small and fast.

    Anybody arguing that the Harasser didn't need this rebalance is in a massive state of denial.
  4. Tuco

    Is the Harasser the answer to the multi-crew tank thing PS1 players were asking for? I was kinda expecting a tank not a buggy.

    One of the big things that was irritating about the BFR was that gunning gave y ou a headache cause you were bouncing around so much. Harasser is sorta like that, fast speed and all.
  5. deggy

    My issue is that in the process, SOE decided to break the MBT Halberd to fix the Harasser one.
  6. Flapatax

    Investing heavily into a clearly broken farm machine is your own fault.
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  7. kayben

    Because a single weapon should be the reason to ruin a whole vehicle, right? And a single weapon totally warrants the simultaneous nerf or armor, speed, repair speed, and all the other weapons' damage.

    Let's remove Prowlers from the game. They can use the Vulcan as well.

    Oh, by the way, Saron + AP ruins a Harasser from any angle and faster than a Vulcan Harasser could kill you too. Of course you'd have to watch your surroundings to see the Harasser approach from behind. Unacceptable!
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  8. deggy

    The vast majority of weapons that could be mounted to a Harasser were broken on that platform.
  9. TrainerS2

    Somwone broke my OP hareser i will cry all day!!
    I am so noob with balnce units i wona some OP ones :p
    What i will do now !!!!!
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  10. Zazulio

    How so? The MBT version was relatively unchanged-- will still one-shot infantry with a direct hit and does the same amount of damage to armor that it did before (the reduction from 1500 to 1000 damage is to compensate for resistance changes in the tanks). The only thing they did that will make it less effective is give it variable velocity (starts at 200m/s, accelerates over the next second. I agree that variable velocity is a hugely annoying mechanic to work with, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that this one change has "broken" the weapon.
  11. kayben

    There's a difference between balancing/adjusting something and nerfing something into uselessness in a single patch. That never went well in any game.

    Even if you think it's a good idea to do that, they should at least refund the certs. This is not a small balance adjustment.
  12. Brahma2

    200 certs says different.
  13. Zazulio

    Where are you getting the idea that it's now useless? It needs to move in closer to reach its full damage potential and it can't stick around as long, but so what? It's still a blazing fast vehicle that can repair on the move and has quite a bit of firepower. You can't out-tank a tank anymore, but you were never supposed to be able to do that.
  14. Zazulio

    Well, I guess we'll have to hope not, because they added to same mechanic to pretty much every one of the NC's AV weapons.
  15. Locke

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  16. kayben

    You never could out-tank a tank (as in "get hit and brush it off") because an MBT had more than twice the firepower AND armor. The only reason you're doing bad against Harassers is because you don't hit it. I personally don't have problems hitting Harassers with a Halberd, for example, I don't know why you have.

    Three hits and it's red and that's WITHOUT the MBT driver even shooting/hitting. In fact, the driver could even get out of the tank and repair while the gunner just shoots the Harasser. Meanwhile the Harasser needs to score eight hits against the MBT.

    Look, I'm not against balance changes at all. It's just too much at the same time. "It just needs to get closer, while being slower, causing less damage, taking more damage, and not being able repair nearly as well." How can you say "so what?" about the amount of changes? Seriously.
  17. Dark Pulse

    Because they changed how ZOE works.

    The Harrasser works the same as it did pre-OMFG2, it's just less good at surviving encounters it should not survive (like right next to a tank!) and it's not as lethal as it once was. How it works hasn't changed; how good it is at doing that has.

    End result: No refunds.
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  18. Zazulio

    GOOD. You shouldn't be soloing tanks. You shouldn't even be soloing Lightnings. The Harasser is supposed to be a light scout vehicle for anti-infantry work and armor harassment, not an unstoppable two-man murder machine. Now people actually have a real chance to fight back against it.
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  19. The Shermanator

    The state of the tank game will still be dismal after this patch. But a reduction to the effectiveness to the Harasser, even if it was a little overboard with regards to the back seat repair, will help vehicle play get one step closer to a semblance of balance.
  20. kayben

    Yep, a vehicle that costs the same and needs TWO people should absolutely not win against a vehicle that only needs ONE person. That's the spirit. Teamplay is annoying anyway.

    That doesn't sound too bad on paper, but scouting is unnecessary in this game and harassing doesn't get you ANY xp. What's the point then?

    "Oh look, I got exactly 0 xp in the last two hours, but at least the enemy armor column was slightly annoyed by my presence".
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