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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scratchy, May 15, 2024.

  1. Scratchy

    Right now there is 2 NC hackers on Miller, CTUK and Ghosttrooper420. They are sittingin their sundies and emptying their clips in less then 1 second and reload just as fast.

    Now they players should be perma banned ofcourse, but their outfits should be punished to stripped from all resources and cant gain any resources for 1 week. The might stop some from hacking cause its a multi punishment and if outfits gets punished to they might have harder time recruiting.

    As for small outfits like mine (only me in it), how about we get some, bonuses from the bases we attack to not much maybe like 0.05 ticks per minute cause its really hard getting a base and get the ticks going unless its a fully open map and you manage to backhack and get it that way.

    I captured a base yesterday on oshur a conduit base, I ran all the flags and capped it, in the last 20 seconds a friendly came and got teh base cause he got 250 points while I got no points after all that work.
    So running the flag should give you more points so that you can get the base if youre alone doing it.

    And for last, Bring old style cyssor back. If its possible make it like planetside 1 and have it open 24 hours, and you can only make 1 char for that server. And have it like the old style where you have to use your cert points to be able to use vehicles and weapons. It will be fun to see players running for 10 minutes to get to a base and its done when they arrive
  2. ZORN777

    These are not cheaters, THIS IS A BUG
  3. Scratchy

    Even if its a bug tehy are using it to their advantage instead of not using it. In my eyes still a bannable offence they made alot of people ragequit. Ill say ban them for 2 month for using a bug instead of not using it to their advantage
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  4. Scratchy

    So in order to get that sundy you just upgrade point defence to max and then youre unbeatable, well I guess this is goodbuy to planetside this killed the game and made it hard to get bases
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  5. Herminator

    they should get banned for sure
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