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  1. Gobbu

    I play a stalker infiltrator. I really like it.

    But when I am trying to take a base and the other guys show up with machine guns I can't seem to kill them even if I get the jump on them.

    Any advice?
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  2. blackboemmel

    Are you really jumping "them" together or one after the other? And: What pistol are you using?
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  3. Gobbu

    I have tries starter TR pistol, emissary, blackhand, and underboss.
  4. 0fly0

    3 close range and one long range pistol.
    With the blackhand stay at range and wait for shooting or stationnary players and aim for the head, take 2 hs and you have to wait 0.5s before the second shot, it's probably the best gun for long range stalker.

    For close range try with the underboss or commi, emissary take more time to kill and give more chance to your ennemy

    The best strat for a stalker is to have the good timing, don't just get next to someone and shoot, you really need good aim, instead wait until your target is distracted (following another player, shooting another, not moving, standing on terminal...)
    That's the first step, second one and also crucial, you have to always start by shooting the head, you're cloack, use your advantage and take time to aim perfectly.

    Use those two tips correctly and even ha won't stand a chance, stalker players need to be patient and always be aware of their surrounding.
  5. Badman76

    When i read this it sounds like you alone are trying to take a base from a couple of HA's.

    I doubt this would end well for you unless the HA's are incompetent.
  6. blackboemmel

    The TR starting pistol is very powerful at close range, only a MAX should survive if you jump an enemy from the back with it.
    The Underboss is also OK at close ranges, but you get punished for missing shots.
    The Blackhand is great at long ranges, but bad at close ranges. If you're using this weapon your enemies should only see you with a red outline or you'll die.
    The Emissary was the weapon i thought you'd use when you described your problem. It has a very long time to kill and gives your enemies the opportunity to shoot back and survive.
  7. Scroffel5

    If multiple people are showing up, thats your issue. You may get 3 shots on a guy and only need a 4th, but each of them have already shot you twice, so thats a problem. As a stalker, take people on in a 1v1 situation. Make sure to only attack when you know you are going to win or when you absolutely have to.
  8. DarkStarAnubis

    Choose how you want to engage:

    1. Long Range: The Blackhand. You need an headshot and a bodyshot to kill. Go ADS and get the headshot first. If you miss disappear, retreat and look for another opportunity later. Do NOT remain exchanging shots with an alerted enemy, unless you are super good you'll die to any decent automatic weapon (LMG, Carbine, AR).

    2. Short range: The Repeater. Get close and unload your pistol HIP firing. Keep spamming the trigger, the Repeater has been made for that :) . Buy the silencer so you won't appear on the minimap. After the kill vacate the area and then rinse and repeat.

    Engage one enemy at a time, you are not equipped to deal with multiple enemies. Certify your stalker to carry mines and drop them in good spots (angles, over surfaces, etc...) to get extra kills. I like a lot to capture a control point or terminal and leave a mine on the terminal (the enemy arrives, look around the terminal and on the floor, sees nothing, approaches the terminal and gets killed).
  9. Zizoubaba

    I'm an absolute stalker noob I never evre play it for very long (usually just to hack a terminal), but I noticed that no one mentioned, or at least I didn't see it, some very important advice (imo) !

    If you're up close, don't forget to use your knife! I don't mean as a main weapon, more like a finisher, its really fast, and if you know when to use it (just takes a bit of practice), you can shoot a bit and knife in a very short time, usually not one shotting the enemy, but killing them really fast.

    ALso, you might want to rebind the key for quick-knife to something "fast" (I have it on A) so you can use it instantly.

    good luck!
  10. Eternaloptimist

    The NS Pilot deals a ton of damage at close/medium range but it has a small mag (IIRC you can get extended mag attachment though - and a suppressor). I have been stalking with it and I like it, although I would not say it is the answer to all problems such as you describe
  11. Demigan

    The best strategy for a Stalker infil:

    Step 1: walk to the nearest terminal.
    Step 2: select any other class than Stalker. Switch to hunter coak for example.

    The Stalker is a unique class within a class. It sacrifices its primary for good reasons and you have to make full use of the Stalker's ability. Unfortunately many players go too far with that.

    If someone enters the room many stalkers will sit there waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. But if they get discovered they are often dead before they know it simply because they try to remain still and hope the enemy doesnt notice them as they pass by.
    A better strategy is to be more aggressive. If someone looks like he might discover you, you take one moment to aim and then just go for it! The TR repeater acts like a pocket shotgun but more accurate, if you surprise someone with it you should get a kill a lot of the time.

    Another thing to consider: guaranteed kills should be avoided, and the Stalker does not generate guaranteed kills often which is good. You shouldnt automatically win when you ambush with a class that can literally ambush with every attack. If you lose to a primary weapon user... so what? You'll get him next time.

    But my joke at the beginning stands. Stalker cloak isnt for beginners. Using other cloaks first is extremely important in learning how and where to move. Many stalkers act like they are invisible rather than well cloaked. This causes their demise. Learning how to be stealthy as a hunter cloaker, or better yet as an LA that cant sit out in open view, is essential for everything else you want to do in the game.

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