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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by DrumsMcaw, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. DrumsMcaw

    What the Title says. I recently changed the settings but its not working. Once I hit warpgate, nothing loads. Sky above me and sky below. Nothing actually renders until I get within like 2 ft of it.

    This is what I got if anyone can spot a issue.


  2. user101

    Ultra is really only good for 4K monitors... !! Your just wasting CPU time if you don't have a 4 K monitor. If you don't have 16 GB of memory no matter what anyone says you get penalized in PS2. When I went from the 470 to a 970 1GB to 4 GB VIDEO what a difference in render distance. 4GB VRAM is a must and you can't run that on 32 bits no matter how hard you try.
  3. Magma52

    Eh? Who told you that? That's the first I have heard of this.

    Extra VRAM is nice, but this game does not need it...I don't know who told you this. My GTX 980 is an advantage on everything but the 4GB VRAM. It just isn't needed.
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  4. user101

    Dude - the DEV's told me this.. Ultra was designed for 4 K monitors... Ha, I have 1080P monitor and have run Ultra does it look better a little but nothing to write home about. Just a tiny teeny better. Smoke use to turn black in ultra for me... why do I need that.

    As far a Vram don't care what the dev's say at this point more Vram the better maybe it does not need it when optimized but for now that is not the case. The old 470 I had just flat ran out of memory with big explosions at 1.25 GB render distance just was not there. Don't know way... just could not see people. 970 solved that problem.

    If they put physX back in the game you will need the Vram... ! PhysX just sucks up vram...!
    you will suck up the whole 4GB with physX with PS2 I got it to run in the old days. Big PC crashes... in old days from Vram.
    Hit detection is still screwed up.. but hay you can have everything...

    PS2 is just a fraction of what it was in the old days... I had CPU screeming and Video card screaming in he old days...
    all the old beta testers know this... ! The is wissy PS2... now.
  5. user300115

    Delete the dot and all your problems will be gone :D

    So in short you say you don't need 4GB VRAM and there might be cases in the distant future where you need them.

    You also say that you got information from the developer while stating a little later that you don't trust on what the devs say regarding another issue invalidating the point made before because it solely based on the devs authority.
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  6. Gu7z


    If you truly want the game to look better at 1920x1080 you can turn render quality all the way up to 2.000000 i have mine set to 1.200000 most can't push past 1.400000. The sharpness and clearness is breath taking. IMO it makes the most difference.
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  7. Spiritualised

    Youve made my morning. I thought you had stopped making these comedy posts but it appears I was wrong. Well done, I havent laughed so hard at least since this post
  8. Magma52

    Sorry, but I still do not believe anything you are saying lol.
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  9. DrumsMcaw

    Well I just got it to work fine, I have neither of those things, so...
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  10. BlackDove

    Use the in game settings for ultra. Read this guide i wrote and configure drivers like it says. Your driver settings affect the look of the game as much as the in game settings do. Specifically the ambient occlusion and texture filtering.

    Make sure to only use driver level adaptive vsync, in game vsync and smoothing off.

    If youre using an HDMI or Display Port cable use DVI instead. If you cant then read this.