Help with engineer implants. What's best.

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  1. Commandoo

    So I play engineer mostly turret mana and either rocket turret or spitfire auto turret. Question is what implants should I get

    I focus mostly on mana turret and man that! Defending points and caps, and base repair. I run different loadouts from anti tank to anti troop but focus mainly on anti troop role with mana turret as my go to! I usually carry mana turret, flak armour and anti tank C4 or tank mines.

    I currently have robotics technician maxed but I don't know what else to get. I have put points into jockey upto level 3 and was thinking of maxing that out since I use mana turret a lot. I did put points into regen to level 3 also but I think there's more to life than just regen implant but being new to the game I thought it was worth. It's very cheap and gives okish Heath over time and since I used to Camp base caps with mana turret it was useful till I got robotics tech +5

    What do you guys run? Any advice and tips?

    I read robotics tech and jockey was very good together but have since been nerfed and no longer stack? I have 1000 implant points I saved up over the constant loss NC takes on Europe server. But I'm still going to use the damm mana turret and have fun playing engineer even if it's a constant loss 24/7

    Also is their a current up to date list of implants that are in game? I looked at YouTube videos and they are old (1 year plus) in some cases and it's meh because I can't see what implant they running and what it does etc.
  2. Savadrin

    I do mostly vehicle work, so Ammo Printer always. Safe Fall instead of printer if we are flying (meaning I'm gunning).

    On my TR I am fortunate enough to have CounterIntelligence, so that is always on, in every build. On NC/VS, I run AMMO and SWEEPER because I don't have CI.

    TBH the implants are more or less just little bonus nuggets. If you are playing Engi Infantry (which is a personal choice that I won't judge lol) you might get more benefit from other stuff, but who knows.

    This list from Iridar is probably the most current:
  3. TR5L4Y3R

    were would that patchnote of jockey and robotics nerf be?

    while using manaturrets jockey gives you extra shieldhealth were robotics technician gives you resistance that is said to stack with nanoweave armor
  4. Commandoo

    I heard they stacked so I started putting points into jockey but then heard they nerfed it, it was a Reddit post from a random google search. but they were both quite old if I remember so Im not to sure. Most implants have changed and the post are years old, I'm stilll quite new at less than a month of playing planetside so I find information on implants that have changed.?. I read the implants list and it aapears there isn't as many as I thought so adding it into jockey isn't a bad idea. Interesting that nano weave armour stacks, but most of the time I'm ducking my head from grenades and rockets while managing a mana turret. Does it give any explosive resistance? With nanoweave and robotics tech +5? Plus mana turret? I always use flak because explosive blow me up on mana turret.

    I'm guessing robotics tec and jockey to max wouldn't be a bad combo?
  5. TR5L4Y3R

    it seems to give a general damage resistance by itself, i do not know if it stacks with flakarmor

    i also wouldn´t trust reddidposts were no patch or ballancenotes are clearly shown or if the post is from a PS2 dev ...
  6. Commandoo

    Thanks I really to want clarify before I spend 900 implant points on my next upgrade to jockey. I'm going to get battle hardened upgraded to for the gun play. Might help me smash heads with my carbine while getting shot at. Mana turrets are situational and just throwing it down in the middle of a desert isn't good. I was thinking ocular shield for the concision and emp grenades but I don't see much of them if any. It's more grenade and rockets.
  7. Liewec123

    I'd also recommend NOT maxing jockey,
    R5 offers you the same shield bonus as R4, 250,
    R5 just has the niche that squad mates nearby in open top vehicles get 100 shield bonus...
    Only really worthwhile for valkyrie drivers who regularly have a full back of squadmates,
    even then i'd expect the squad mates to have their own r4 jockey instead for 250 shield bonus.
  8. Commandoo

    Ok thanks for that, I was a tad baffled by the level 5 since if I'm manning a mana turret then I don't really need to give squad mates in open top vehicles a bonus. I've been doing that flashbangs and stun grenades one but that's something I'll use very limited. I did come across bangs and flashes yesterday while defending but I have yet to have a big fight on ps4 server I'm on where people use them.
  9. Badman76

    my mana turret build is

    Warden, smoke grenade launcher, als
    Crossbow with recon darts and hs/nv (I use the glitch so you can have hs/nv on all the time)

    AI Mana turret
    Sticky grenades
    Grenade bandolier
    Restoration kits
    Jockey and Robotics Technician
  10. JobiWan

    I did some testing with robotech and jockey at max rank. You can survive a bolter headshot unless it's close range. You can tank a decimator hit to the face and you can survive one power knife swing.

    Definitely the way to go for a mana turret.

    For general combat, bionics and symbiote (with ASC) is an interesting choice for engi.
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  11. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I have 2 main loadouts I use for Engineer. Infantry support and Vehicle play for when I drive around.

    When supporting infantry, I use Advanced Shield Capacitor along with Battle Hardened and Survivalist. ASC stacks with Survivalist, couple that with the Engineers natural shield regen and shield down time is significantly less. Battle Hardened is great for reducing screen shake when being fired at and helps me aim when returning fire.

    I have had Robotics Tech with my spitfire as it has been useful, but have since switched it out out of preference.

    When driving vehicles, I always use the increased mine capacity (my friend and I do a lot of Sunderer kamikaze stuff so the extra mines let us deal with 4 Sunderers rather than 2.) and it's great for parking into lots of 2 and 3 along defencive areas to grab extra kills if we're not hunting Sunderers. Plus in a vehicle it's not needed to have ASC or anything else, since much of our time is spent in the vehicle. With this in mind, I also switch out my implants for Target Focus and Sweeper HUD as it means I'm able to see any mines before I drive over them, and the ability to see enemy health as to let me know whether or not to engage or back off from a fight.

    I'd also like to point out that you can place both a Spitfire AND a MANA AI/AV turret at the same time. This is a great way of protecting your flank a little better when you're manning your turrets alone. Not only is it good to do light damage to an enemy attacking, but serves other purposes such as intrusion detection and as an additional light cover to buy you some time to escape or get off your turret. Just make sure you're still situationally aware, because it won't detect cloaked infiltrators and if someone gets up and close to it, it's VERY easy to take out. Make sure to pay attention to whether or not you hear it firing, and its beeps. If it's not beeping anymore, you know it's been destroyed. Finally, if you're not aware of this already, enemy infiltrators can hack your Spitfire, but that can be easily solved by either destroying it, or simply placing a new one as it will remove the old, hacked turret.

    The best tip I can give you, is to ultimately find out what works for you. Our loadouts work for us because we tailor them to fit our playstyle, but what fits for us may not fit for you. Experiment a bit and see what you feel is a good choice.
  12. TR5L4Y3R

    i´m kinda thinking of combining
    advanced shield capacitor with bionics, jockey and auxilery shield for a bit of a combatengineer ...
    or maybe survavalist instead of jockey ...
  13. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I can't really comment on Bionics or Jockey as I never use them, but having maxed Survivalist and ASC for Engineer has been amazing for me in CQC. I can definitely see where Bionics would be even more useful due to the reduced shield delay and quicker recharge time. Just hope you don't get EMP'd!
  14. TR5L4Y3R

    eh even if emp´ed that´s still "only" 500 damage" and if emp doesn´t delay or disable the shieldregen than that health could be back up quickly .. or so i imagine .. .. well gotta get bionics first anyway ... ...
  15. Commandoo

    To fill you in on what's crack a lacking, because you are all dying to know. I went with with jockey level 4 and maxed technician. I was thinking when I'm not busy using mana turret I would choose the perk ocular shield or battle hardened. They are my go too I guess untill something better comes around. But looking at it non of the others seem worth for me, even the really rare ones are more for scout class. I highly dought that being spotted and having a chance to spot them back makes any difference.. who can't miss me, I glow like a chrismas tree anyways because my passive.
  16. Hegeteus

    I don't know what's best, but one funny and somewhat unknown trait about Assassin 5 is that it's bonus works with the spitfire. Meaning that your spitfire will spot enemies it damages, which is sometimes useful and not what your enemies might expect.
  17. Commandoo

    I've been just using battle hardened and that's it with robotics tech. I did see some mana turret action but we get over run and it's hard to use in the open playing NC. . Thanks for the help guys. :)
  18. Commandoo

    I'm going to post here again since I don't think starting a new topic is a great ideas. I've been trying out jockey and robotics but if you get Emp,ed you are dead 100% of the time, I just don't see any useful implants and have 2000+ to spend. I've just been using battle hardened in place of jockey but find it pretty worthless vs everything I face, since everything I face is heavy assault!! Heavy assault can run through my turret fire to cover and then heal himself.. I get kinda salty about heavy assaults everywhere that make playing engineer meaningless especially on this dead server.

    Why are the implants so dull? You have a limited amount but most are pretty worthless for engineer. robotics tech is good but jockey seem worthless. Jockey level 5 is just not needed to me at all. I guess I could swap that with emp defence? But then I'll just die without jockey?

    Also how does recycler work?
  19. Savadrin

    I literally put the link to Iridar's blog in my first response, it has everything you need to know about implants there.
  20. Gustavo M

    Engy main, here. Battle hardened/Athlete feels "just right" in most situations -- while (also) allowing me to do the "orion shuffle" much easier and faster compared to before.