Help with Ambusher Jets build for TR

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Rendar, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Rendar

    I just started using Light Assault and already feel in love with the ambusher jets. But I cant for the life of me figure out what weapon is best for this. Right now Im getting most of my kills from C4 dropping.

    When I was using normal skirmisher jets I was using the T5 AMC carbine. However it was doing well in CQC. So I bought the blackjack shotgun thinking its high single shot DPS would work. But honestly, Im not sure if its lag or what but shotguns feel like pure RNG. There are times I will 1 shot kill a heavy at 8-9m, and other times where 3 hits pointblank on an infiltrator doesnt even take out his shields. I just really dont get it.

    So I was thinking of going for an SMG. I know SMG is usually not good for an LA since it doesn't get the smaller bloom when jet packing. However with ambusher jets your not really in the air that much. You just kinda of propel from spot to spot. Your not hovering and firing.

    But I dont know what SMG to get. Im not sure if I should stick to a TR SMG, or try out a NS one. I was thinking about the Tengu as its kind of a smg/shotgun hybrid and that might would great for in your face LA play style of ambusher jets.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Moz

    It seems that most people are using the jets in conjunction with the Ariel Combatant implant maxed out and some sort of close range weapon (SMG / Shotty).

    At the last rank the Implant resets your jets on a kill. This mean you can jump in "click clack POW" someone with your pump action and then jet right back out of there.

    THEN you add into the mix the max level Nightmare implant. Nightmare at the max level gives you a CLOAK (yes like the Infil) if you get a kill with any weapon inside 5m.

    So you jet in, get your shotty kill, this resets your jet AND makes you ******* cloak! Now you can jump round blasting people as a semi invisible light assault!!

    I would suggest some flash nades, quick det or normal up to you, Nanoweave Armour as you will mostly be taking small arms with this build.

    In terms of an SMG for this build (presuming you are TR) I would go with the Armistice for sure. The Hailstorm is a little meh..... The NS7 is a great SMG, however its not really designed to be used in this super close range IMO.

    EDIT: The Tengu could actually work quite well for this build. HOWEVER be aware the Tengu is VERY limited in terms of range, even more so than the other SMGs.
  3. Iridar51

    The main advantage of Ambusher Jets is speed. Nobody said you have to use a close quarters to take advantage of that. You can keep using the same T5 AMC, and jump into flanking positions behind cover and kill enemies from range.

    Carbines are the most powerful and versatile weapons available to LA, Ambushers don't change that. SMGs are pointless in the presence of Jaguar, which can do to the same thing better. Shotguns are overnerfed RNG weaksauce.
  4. Icehole1999

    I'd have to go with the Jaguar or even my fave the Cougar. Jump away and shoot, not towards and shoot. Keep the enemy at arms length and don't let them know you're their until you're shooting them in the back. Or the side. Of their head.

    Our faction favors medium to long range. Leaning more toward medium. Keep yourself there and you will do well. Leave the point blank **** to the HAs.
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  5. RockPlanetSide2

    As stated somewhere above, its the Jaguar, I would use the laser sight/silencer. There is no reason to use a shotgun or a SMG as a LA, especially with the LA cone of fire bonus with carbines. Jaguar is still good at medium range unlike the Lynx, and it kills almost as well CQC.

    I still don't think Arial combatant is worth it in the game. When Ambusher is maxed out, by the time you land, kill your enemy, you are 1-2 second away from being able to jump again. If there are a lot of enemies around they will kill you at that point regardless if you have Arial Combatant R5 or not. Sure I'm sure there is some kid out there with a Montage streak of him just hoping around killing dudes, but it's 1 in a million, rarely are people just unaware and lined up like dominoes.

    Regeneration and Safefall are 100% your best options. Safefall is just the best all around most useful implant, the amount of times where you can just jump off a mountain/cliff to escape death or land on somebody is just well worth it, and you remove any and all BS in the game with clipping damage etc. And later on at R5 when a harasser fails kill you with a run over and then hits a wall and you just C4 them and get in a good private message laugh... it is worth it. Plus its also invaluable for a MAX outside.

    Regeneration just removes the need for medkits and lets you use C4 with no downside.

    I would get typhoons for your Rocklet Rifle as well. just for Sundy Killing Power. Commissioner is still the best pistol in the game.
  6. Iridar51

    Eh, I'd recommend to stay away from Typhoons. They have significant downsides, and almost never makes a difference in terms of magazines-to-kill.
  7. RockPlanetSide2

    Never actually looked at the numbers I guess, just seems to work more often In my mind.

    What is the actual difference in damage between a full salvo of the regular rockets hitting a target versus a full salvo of typhoon?
  8. Iridar51

    Standard rocklets deal 125 damage, Typhoons deal 140. So it's 750 vs 840 - a 12% difference. Before CAI the difference was along the lines of ~33%, so it made more sense back then.

    However, Typhoons take longer to fire, so overall DPS difference is a bit lower. Not to mention other drawbacks, such as reduced range and lack of Flak damage.

    Typhoons deal up to 25 splash damage to infantry, but even then they are unable to kill a full health infantry with one salvo, dealing 990 damage.
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  9. badname123

    Use the OHK knife with ambushers.
  10. Clone117

    Longest ranged pump shotty and a maxed survivalist implant. This in and of itself makes the class stupid strong on ps4 atleast. With enough practice youll have entire squads of ppl struggling to kill you.
  11. Nehlis

    Shotguns and a good ranged pistol as a general rule. I'd suggest taking Med kits over C4 with ambushers specifically since you have less readiness with your engage/disengage. Don't forget if you hold down the jet key you will fly longer with ambushers than if you tap, even though it costs the same fuel. Arial combatant is fun to use with this combo, though probably not top tier overall. Safe fall is a must, since otherwise you will take fall damage from the acceleration.