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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Sponsors, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Hey guys!

    I have logged over 1.1k hours and I am just now dabbling into MAXes (and the forums hah). I'd love some help with my questions!

    I am curious as to which weapon combinations are preferential. From reading old threads, are dual blueshifts still the go-to weapon for most situations?

    A few days ago I saw an Aurax VS MAX in a bio farm wielding Cosmos/Blueshift and it got me thinking. That setup allows you to shoot indefinitely... Any good? Or did I miss the point of his setup?

    Apart from dual Bursters, how efficient is dual Vortex at taking down air? I noticed on VR it takes 2 double full-charges to take an ESF to critical health.

    Vortex or Comet? Both seem great in my opinion. Comets look more versatile as it has the indirect damage component to it, making it useful against infantry/MAXes.

    What are you guys using?
    Disengage + Heavyweight max rank for tons of pushbacks/crowd control?
    Old threads mention Target Focus to see how much health enemies have (helpful for melee kills).
    Numerically speaking, how much does a MAX actually have? Is Salvage worth it?

    Kinetic or Ordnance?
    I am currently using Ordnance r4 for the c4 dmg reduction, but I have a feeling Kinetic is preferred since eventually I should be aware of c4 fairies and simply avoid all explosive dmg?

    About to drop some major certs/ sub DBC on my MAX, so any information will help!


    TL; DR : I know nothing of VS MAX, drop some knowledge PLS.
  2. Ziggurat8

    I've unlocked and used them all. I find I do the best with dual quasars. They have great sustained fire with 167 damage 75 round magazines. Fast reloads and lots of spare ammo. They're decent mid range with a good starting COF and small bloom and they're deadly upclose with good headshot discipline. I really like the versatility and the damage per reload of the quaser more than the other guns. If you want accuracy and better range but smaller magazine with less damage go with the blueshifts. If you want super up close and personal with limited range take the nebula.

    The Cosmos are deceiving. They seem like a straight upgrade over the quasar but they have a worse starting COF. The quasars can fire 4 times before reaching the starting COF of the Cosmos. Outside of 15m it makes a difference.

    I prefer comets over the vortex. If you stagger your first shots you'll be firing while the other arm reloads. Makes tracking moving targets much easier as well as they do fantastic damage. Vortex are good for longer ranges or playing peak boo with cover. Can't say I've really ever tried to kill air with them honestly. Though I'm sure they're not terrible. I usually pull the weapon for the situation, if I need AA I just pull a burster.

    Kinetic is great, until you trip on a mine. AV mines will 1 shot you without flak or whatever it is. That's way more annoying than C4 imo if you're not using the implant to high light mines.

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