Help me with this FPS Drops and CPU usage problem,please!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Nitish Sharma, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Nitish Sharma

    Intel i7 950 @ 3.5 Ghz
    GTX 660 OC Edition
    4GB DDR3 1600 Mhz
    X 58-Pro E Mobo(this makes my RAM work on 1333Mhz btw)
    5 TB of HDD which no one cares about

    So,I was using Windows 8,but yesterday I installed Win 7 as Rec Tracker wasn't working for me on 8 and 8 was using 1.4 GB of RAM on start up ,so I got Win 7 again,it was taking 700-900 MB on idle,thought that would be beneficial but it wasn't,I started getting lots of FPS drops,I only had 332.221 drivers installer at first,so I thought maybe it's not unstable for some reason as I was using 337.88 on Win 8,after an hour,I got 337.88,still getting drops,unparked my cores,still getting them,tried base clocks,still getting them.
    Btw,I installed all other components I needed(don't say I didn't have direct x now,coz the game wouldn't run without it) but I was getting them.
    So,I compared my CPU usage with previous recordings,it was 50+ nearly everytime in any fights on Win 8
    But now,it never goes beyond 14-17% ,played for 4 hours,few small peroids of time,even trying different settings.but I never could even reach my 60 fps cap anywhere,never went above 42/
    Also,I was running on Ultra before on 8 with shadows on Ultra,render dis 1000,Flora Off,all other things maxed, on resolution 1600x900,I changed model and effects to medium and shadows on OFF when I did some Shadow Play on Win 8 as well,but never went below 30 fps anywhere(I don't fight in zerg fights,max 100 people fights) so 30 fps was not too much for my specs.

    My CPU is fine,I tried CPU tests and compared on on my previous results and of the same CPU from other guys online in the benchmark lists,they're nearly equal,plus,when I ran them,CPU was does going 100% Usage with stayed 61% avg for the benchmark for 1,didn't note avgs on others.

    I also tried switching to 32 bit client(changing names after launching the launchpad thingy) still fps drops.
  2. BlackDove

    Hey lol. If you reinstalled windows it shouldnt be malware so it might be drivers.

    Did you install all the drivers on the motherboard disc? Install the .net framework 4.5 or whatever the latest is.

    Configure your Nvidia drivers like this:

    You should buy another 4GB of RAM too.

    And my guess as to the actual problem? You left smoothing ON. TURN THAT **** OFF! SMOOTHING DOES NOT WORK.

    Bet that fixes it. Use driver level adaptive vsync and turn vsync off in the game(causes the stutter).
  3. Nitish Sharma

    All drivers are latest,yes I did install all new version of .NET including 4.5.

    The game used my Global settings,which was same from my Win 8 settings,I even tried the doing the texture sampling thing to 1 and 2 and see how it goes,didn't go above 19% avg.

    I'm not buying more RAM since I'll be buying new PC setup after 2 months,I did fine even with DDR2 4GB @ 800 Mhz and dual core on my substitute PC.

    Smoothing is Off, always was,always will,no tick boxes are checked as well,the problem is the CPU USAGE here,it's just not using the CPU,yes I tried changing which Processor the game should use from Nvidia Control Panel,it was used on GPU,I tried to see if making it CPU would do anything good,it didn't,just can't figure out what the problem is.

    EDIT IN THE MAIN POST(3rd Line of 1st Para) I thought maybe it's not unstable for some reason as I was using 337.88
  4. BlackDove

    Maybe they broke the game again. Ill test it out tonight.

    Read that first.

    Check my update on page 2. If youre buying in two months DO NOT buy a Haswell or currently available GPU. Wait for Broadwell and 800 series GPUs(the real ones not the rebranded 700 series ones).

    About the same prices but much better performance. Definotely worth a few extra weeks.
  5. Nitish Sharma

    Yeah,I know,I got 660 this April only,will wait till December for new one for next year for GPU,btw I installed WIn 8 again,45-50 fps on ultra again,ftw!